North American Arms .380 ACP and .32 NAA Guardian Pistol Review

Pat Cascio at AllOutdoor reviews the North American Arms Guardian Pistol chambered in .380 ACP and .32 NAA

Either Guardian retails for $449.00 dollars. That’s not cheap, but we are talking almost custom-quality little pocket rockets. These are really sweet shooters, to be sure. If I had my druthers, I’d druther carry a larger caliber handguns as my main gun. However, given the advances in modern ammunition these days and the high-quality of the NAA Guardians, I wouldn’t feel too under armed if I had one of these power houses in my right front pocket.

I have always liked the look of the North American Arms’ compact pistols.

Steve Johnson

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  • Sulaco

    I fired one of the first .32 NAA pistols (the bottle necked cartridge from .380 down to .32) and got about 3 foot groups at 25 ft. Hope the newer ones are better….

  • Fred Johnson

    These guns can be pretty to look at, and might be considered “sweet shooters” in the looks department. However, I’ve always thought of a sweet shooter as something smooth to use and easy to shoot accurately.

    My NAA Guardian in .32 ACP is no sweet shooter. The blowback operation might as well be a recoil magnifier and the super shallow rifling in such a short barrel doesn’t stabilize the bullet.

    As nice as the stainless steel machining looks, an LCP or other Kel-Tec type pocket clone is a much sweeter shooter. Both in felt recoil and in accuracy.

    Yet, the NAA is a good enough belly gun. It has double strike capability and will do what a gun of its size is built to do. That is hit something of a reasonable size that is really close to you.

  • derfelcadarn

    .380 power house, not likely. The best that can be said of the round is that it is better than a pointy stick. any gun is better than no gun, i have no doubt as to the quality of NAA products.

  • havanja

    The .32 may be a wonderful piece and great concept but most of will never know. You can’t find the ammo.