Beretta’s Purple Pistol

neos pistol

Beretta and Davidson’s teamed up to offer a purple and black U22 Neos pistol.  The gun, sold exclusively through Davidson’s dealers, features a purple finish on the top rail and purple inserts in the polymer grip.

The .22 LR gun has a 4.5″ barrel, adjustable sights and an ambidextrous magazine release.  Two 10-round magazines are included with each pistol.  The unloaded weight is 31.7 ounces.

Richard Johnson

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  • Zachary marrs

    Ive been thinking about getting another .22, but then I walk through the ammo isle and the desire goes away 🙁

  • Matt

    Neos pistols do not have ambi mag releases.

    • KevinW

      Yep, that’s a goof on my part. Should have read ‘ambi-safety’. Thank you sir…

      Davidson’s, Inc.

  • J.T.

    I have a neos. Decent little gun. Stock sights kinda suck though, I have a RDS on mine to make up for it.

    • TFB Reader

      I sold mine a while ago to help finance another gun and have regretted it ever since. I used a RDS also, but a company named EWK Arms has since come out with a fiber optic front sight that I would try if I still had the gun.

    • Blake

      Put a thin line of white nail polish around the rear sight (so that it looks like a Glock sight), & either put a white dot of it on the factory front sight or get a fibre optic replacement.

      also polishing the trigger components helps get rid of the “grittyness” of the trigger feel

  • Anon. E Maus

    Why haven’t I seen these in Sci-Fi flicks yet?

  • strongarm

    Hey, I can see a “Hi-Standart Duramatic” over there.

  • Blake

    Cute, but the whole reason I got a Neos was for the longer 6″ bbl (longer sight radius + more velocity). If the discontinued 8″ target model had been available Id’ve snapped it up.

  • Psylant

    I have one of these in neon green, picked it up at a Cabelas. It’s amazingly accurate, a bit heavy, and like everyone says, the sights are not amazing (though good enough for plinking cans at 50 yards once you get used to them, just have to walk yourself in) I also don’t love the safety which pokes down into my hand when active. I suppose this effectively lets me know the safety is on but- still don’t like it.


    Where’s the water reservoir?


  • Andrew Hobby

    How about they get on with producing some of the damned NEOS carbine kits already??

    What did they do, make 12 of them and then call it a day?