Blind Veteran Hunts Using TrackingPoint Rifle

In the below video a Marine veteran who was blinded by an IED goes hunting at a game ranch with the TrackingPoint rifle. A spotter, using an iPad connected to the rifle, helps him align the shots.


Steve Johnson

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  • clinton notestine


    • Apparently it works! Good for him that he’s determined enough to try.

    • gb7

      not weird, awesome. this is a young man who has sacrificed so much and still has a positive attitude about his life ahead. we should all take note. I’m personally glad that the technology exists to let those with lesser abilities be able to enjoy firearms and hunting.

  • Rokurota

    Everyone wrings their hands over our veterans, but when something positive like this comes along, people deride it as “cheating.” To a person, the critics all have full use of their hands and eyes. This Marine got hit by three IEDs while the rest of us were sitting comfortably at home and he’s not asking for pity or a parade — just the chance to get outdoors and enjoy the same challenges as the rest of us. I wasn’t sure about Tracking Point’s uses, but this is as good a use as any. Bravo, Marine!

    • guest

      I am glad for a disabled man… or anyone with a disability for that matter, to feel a sense of worth, belonging, and simply “joi de vivre” instead of feeling as an outcast with no hope. But beyond that humanistic aspect which is applicable to all people and not just that specific individual, there is the unavoidable truth that he and his colleagues were the tools of a war on a country where everyone was as you say were “sitting comfortably in their homes”, and he was amongst those who brought them war based on false pretences, which spiralled that country into first a rebellion then civil war, and nowadays an invasion by an enemy who is just plain cruel and inhumane in every way. I know in your head there is not much room for such thought as it is already filled with star-spangled banners, bald eagles and what not, but for every one of people like Michael Jernigan there are at least a thousand dead Iraqis from all walks of life who died horribly, more to be born *into* that war zone, and you don’t and probably never will give a **** about them.

      • Josh Baker

        Hell no i dont give a damn about any of them, i only care about the American populace, and the freedom of its populace. If you care more about another countries people more than the men and women that give their lives and bodies so you can write this bull crap, go live there, but that’s right you would never do that. Go serve, show respect for the people that do serve so you can keep your freedom, shut up or go over there and give a damn about them.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      Well said! With the right assistance and guidance, a “blind” shooter is no more hazardous than a fully-sighted one.

  • Phil Hsueh

    Sounds like there’s potential from Tracking Point to make a special visually impaired/blind version of their system. Instead of the light up reticles like their normal system they should make it where it gives an audio cue to the shooter instead, sort of like the radar missile lock tones you hear in the movies; a series a beeps with the speed of the beeps decreasing as the weapon moves away from the target and increasing in speed to continuous tone as it gets closer and once it’s locked on. This would still necessitate a spotter but it would mean that all the spotter has to do is align the weapon to where it’s pointing more or less at the target but it let’s the shooter do the rest.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      I think you meant the actual audible missile lock-on tones used in real-life air-to-air combat situations, not just the simulations used in cinematic representations thereof.

  • Tony

    Nothing about this is good. Blind people shouldn’t be using firearms. Just like they shouldn’t drive. This is common sense. Just wait until the Left gets ahold of this nonsense. Bad judgement, author.

    • Anon

      I’ll never understand why there’s a group always worrying about what the left thinks about us. That’s as practical as wondering if the flavor of your own meat has offended that shark having you for dinner.

  • hurrdurr

    It’d make just as much sense to have the blind guy shoot blanks while his buddy goes hunting.

  • ColaBox

    They better have given that hero the gun afterwards. The rifle may be a kick in the balls to all of the people who put blood sweat and tears into marksmanship training, but if it helps him do what he loves then im all for it.

  • Secundius

    Where do you hide for a blind person with a gun.