Recover Beretta BC2 Grip and Rail Adaptor


Recover Tactical is working on their new Beretta BC2 grip and rail adapters. Just like with their CC3 1911 Grip, it allows users to add a rail system for their Beretta 92 series pistols that didn’t come with a rail. Final details and pricing is not know as of yet however, but Recover is aiming at releasing their new Beretta BC2 grip and rail adapters this year.

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  • Tash

    I think it would be kind of nifty to have a mag well integrated on that grip. Speed/tact reloads are little more challenging on the Beretta as opposed to other brands. This could greatly improve that.

  • Zachary marrs

    Dont some 92’s have integral rails?

    • Phil Hsueh

      Yes, this is for the older models that don’t have them. For instance, I have a Glock 22 and Sig P220, both of which do not have rails although current generations of both almost certainly do.

    • Cymond

      The only ones with rails are the A1 models, which are relatively uncommon. Beretta sold them without rails for decades, so there’s probably a huge potential market for a rail adapter (and previous add-on adapters have been either expensive or junk). Even today, non-rail models probably outsell the railed models, simply due to cost and availability.

    • MrApple

      Yes but older models don’t.

  • Jonathan

    Looks like it makes it quite wide, unfortunate for people like me with smaller hands.

    • Recover Tactical

      Actually keeps the same profile as standard grips

      • robert

        in the area around the take-down lever, the difference in the two pictures?

        • Cymond

          Yes, there is extra width along the frame, but the grips are the same width as Beretta standard grips. So yeah, it won’t fit previous holsters, but it won’t be any larger in your hands.

      • Mark

        So you’re saying it’s still too wide for his hands.

    • Risky

      Beretta 92’s have never fit small-hander’s well except with Trausch grips.

      • Frank

        You know I have small hands and I never had issues with the size of the Beretta. It’s bigger than say a glock, but it feels a lot better because of the rounded shape. Never had trigger reach issues or any of that either.

    • snmp

      If you want slimer grip take Trausch Grip (TJ92) for 92F & 92G.

  • John B

    Lipstick and nail polish are totaly wasted on a pig.

    • BOB

      you make Jesus sad

      • MrApple

        Jesus would carry a Glock anyway.

        • Hywelbane

          Agreed. Like when Indiana Jones figured the cup of Christ was the homeliest cup out of the lot, such is the Glock among other pistols of its like.

  • Lance

    Looks fun for those who cant buy a M-9A1.

    • Cymond

      Yeah, no M9A1 or 92A1 in California. It’s also good for anyone who already owns an older 92/96 series pistol but wants a rail.
      It is a rare thing indeed when I agree with Lance.

      • Sam Schifo

        I didn’t know the A1 series was banned in California. Why is it banned and the older versions legal?

        • Chase Buchanan

          Because there is a list of handguns that are allowed to be sold at retail in California, and the process to get on or stay on the list is somewhat arbitrary.

        • Cymond

          Chase is right, and I want to add that the A1 variants are not illegal to possess in CA, assuming you can acquire them legally. There are several exceptions to the handgun roster, such as gifts from your out-of-state parents or from your children. And of course, CA has a 10-round capacity limit, unless you personally possessed the full-cap magazine in CA before the ban date.
          The ‘Roster’ is even more ridiculous, though. You can buy a Gen 3 Glock but not a Gen 4. You can buy an FNP-9 but not an FNX-9. Worse, you can only buy a Walther P1 if it was imported by P.W.Arms. And perhaps the most ridiculous of all, any kind of ‘special edition’ of a handgun is also out, such as engraved models or even just a different color.

  • Sable

    Let me know when they start offering them for CZ75’s and Compacts. Although admittedly these grips look amazing.

  • Philip Drye

    Looks much better than the 1911 version.

  • Dracon1201

    That is really good looking!

  • robert

    Anyone notice, in the area around the take-down lever, the difference in the two pictures?

    • Recover Tactical

      The final version will look more different than the one as well. These photos are pre-production demos that are not final.

  • Yojimbo556

    I bought one without a rail on purpose.

    • Alan Diskus

      You are a special person

      • Yojimbo556

        Why? Because I feel that not everything needs a light, “lazor” or bayonet? Special because i want to shoot it and enjoy it at the range?

        • hydepark

          Same here. John McClane never needed a rail for his Beretta.

          • Yojimbo556

            exactly. I learned to shoot with it and then there is that John McClain/Chow Yun Fat/Boondock Saints cool factor of a Beretta 92 without a rial.

        • billyoblivion

          If it’s not for self defense in the home, then a light is of much less import.

  • ClintTorres

    Soon as one is made for the Sig P228, I’m buyin’ one.


    It does give it a more modern look, although I can safely say that nothing beats the Samurai Edge.

  • CaptainSlaughterboard

    Reminds me Crysis3’s Hammer II.
    Yeah this is what we call Hardcore Sci-Fi…love it.
    (But unfortunately, looks designer of this product is Israeli man and the game is made in Germany…)

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    I honestly think this is one of the best firearm accessories on the market, period. The 1911 and Beretta 92 are two of the most common handguns in the world, yet the majority of them are missing accessory rails. A picatinny rail is a must for any full-size handgun, especially if it’s a service weapon. Aside from that, I think it looks pretty badass, especially OD Green on a black Beretta.

    • Dr. Daniel Jackson

      Rails on handguns are over rated imo,in most handgun designs with rails the rails can slow down your draw a bit,especially if wear a shoulder holster.
      Also rails make any handgun look uglier,I’d rather spend my money on a set of night sights than attachments for a handgun rail,I don’t think it is a good idea to have a laser or flash light on a home defense pistol as both can give you position away,instead i’ll stick to my compact nvg’s.

      • BattleshipGrey

        I thought Glocks were ugly UNTIL they added the rails 🙂

  • Rusty Shackleford

    If they are showing it with a TLR2, does it mean it’s going to be sturdy enough to hold a zero-at least at home defense distances?

    • Recover Tactical

      Of course, we have no problems on our 1911 grip and rail and that is with a .45, there will be no issues keeping nice and stable on the 9mm

  • Marty Ewer

    I think the samples look great. Really updates the look of the venerable 92.

  • WV Cycling

    I love the look of these, but IMO it is a look and not touch type thing. For some, it may e more than a novelty, but it is a darn cool novelty.

  • MrApple

    I might have to pick up one for a 92FS and then decide if it would be worth it for a 1911.

  • Dire Wolf

    Meh, Beretta has rail options in the 92 flavor….M9A1, 92A1, 90-Two, heck even the discontinued Vertec (they are still findable)….if you want a Beretta with a rail get one of those. This thing makes a Beretta look like a Glock….not for me.

    • Adam D

      hmmmm, spend hundreds $$$$ on a new gun or $50 for a solid rail that looks great. I think I know which direction I am going, and it isn’t the hundreds $$$$

  • Travis

    I could see these being a hit in the film industry as they gives everyday pistols a certain futuristic look for those “30 years in the future” type movies.