Man from U.N.C.L.E. Gun posted about the popularity of James Bond helped to create the TV show, Man from U.N.C.L.E.. The propmasters used a Walther P-38 and tricked it out.


The popularity of this show inspired the Transformers character Megatron. However before Transformers was created in America, it existed in Japan just as a toy by Takara (makers of Transformer toys now). There was no cartoon.



The toy actually shot out plastic bullets. However when the toy came to the US in the 80s, the US nixed that feature.


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  • Azril @ Alex Vostox

    Woah, that ‘toys’ is very look-alike with the real Walther P38. I wonder the reaction of 7 Eleven cashier at that time when they see a child openly waving and carrying this ‘toys’…

    • TimothyT

      Most people in Japan would assume it was a toy gun since not much of the population is armed.

      • Sulaco

        Replica guns are illegal in Japan so you go to jail in any case with the P38 toy in hand.

        • TimothyT

          Replica guns are illegal in Japan??? The airsoft capital of the world?

          This very website has often featured the many blank firing replicas that are popular in Japan.

          Why do you think that replica guns are illegal in Japan?

          • Sulaco

            Talked with an English teacher that came back who’s a gunny. Its funny, at least until recently they made all the big 1000cc + bikes but it was illegal to own one in Japan. Maybe the same for replica guns? Same in England I am told…

          • LCON

            Replica guns are illegal in the PRC, model guns and air soft are perfectly legal in the nation of Japan. Real guns are not.

          • Porty1119

            Not completely illegal. I’ve heard of folks having shotguns and rifles in the more rural parts of Japan.

          • jcitizen

            Mostly sportsmen clubs, according to my buddies from Nippon.

          • Airsoft is pretty popular in the UK.

          • Josh

            Replica guns are legal in England

          • Kanger

            Japan makes some of the best replica and airsoft guns:


            I’ve been to Tokyo many times and you can find gun models even in cheap good stores like Don Quijote.

          • knirirr

            It is still possible to possess handguns in the UK, but their use is very restricted indeed. The easiest to get hold of are cap & ball revolvers, which may be kept at home (in a safe) and used for target shooting. Handguns which use metallic cartridges (with the exception of those for which the ammunition is obsolete and no longer available) are so tightly restricted as to be essentially unavailable.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Back in the day, realistic toy guns weren’t much of a issue

    • SM

      Back in the day, common sense was much more wide spread.

      • Pete Sheppard

        Got that right! 🙂

  • Zachary marrs

    My dad has a collection of p38s, so I always have to keep myself from referring to them as megatron

  • Cameron Bissell

    yep i just yelled “it’s Megatron!” sitting in the break room.

  • LCON

    “Decepticons ATTACK!!”

  • mechamaster

    Imagine modern M9 transform into megatron.. Ah, nevermind.

    • LCON

      Smith and Wesson model 500 magnum with magnified optic that’s my modern magatron a handgun that actually could kill a autobot

  • Sulaco

    God I loved that show as a kid. Had the MFU pistol and shoulder holster in the briefcase (cap gun) for Christmas one year. That P38 was all it took to fight evil in the world, that and a partner like Illia Kurocian (sp? the blond guy now on NCIS)…and Russian too.

  • LCON

    yah know just a thought that popped in my head… Happens form time to time.occasionally they are worth something most of the time they just Die killed by some evil child with a sharp pointy stick.
    The Gun form The TV show The Man form Uncle, Was really ahead of it’s time. Compare it to the Modern FNP45/FNX45 Tac you have a Semiauto combat pistol with a extended magazine a barrel threaded for a suppressor that mounts a optical gun sight. it even has a telescopic stock like the Roni carbine system.

  • BryanS

    And every time I see that gun, I think of the Naked Gun movie with OJ Simpson…. (dont try and google that phrase, not at work)

  • Cahal
    My favourite gun as a child in the mid sixties. Even fired the little plastic bullets from a spring loaded magazine