Krebs Custom Ambi Enhanced AK Safety

AK accessory and parts maker Krebs Custom released a pretty neat ambidextrous safety selector they’ve dubbed the Mk VII Ambi Enhanced Safety. It gives both left and right-handed shooters the ability to use the safety. Right-handed shooters can utilize the safety with their index finger and lefties can with their thumb. The safety will work with AKs with both stamped and machined receivers. It retails for $65 and requires no mods to your rifle. For more info check them out at



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  • John

    Looks like a great [and practical] add-on to the AK.

    We as western shooters are used to charging handles on the left side, thumb/finger accessible safeties, button type magazine releases, etc. However, I think there is value in understanding Russian methodology and how they handle the limitations of the AK ergonomics. Interesting to say the least

    • Gallan

      The second video, really makes sense for a conscript army.

      A conscript army would not have been encouraged to hold the gun at rest by it’s grip, nor carry a round in the chamber. The Ak safety difficulty in actuation was all intentional.

  • El Duderino

    Hmm might get me into the AK game…I shoot lefty and the ergonomics (except for the charging handle) are crap for a left handed shooter.

    • Vhyrus

      Other than the charging handle? The AK only has 4 operating levers: The charging handle, the safety, the trigger, and the mag release. The trigger and mag release are ambi, and the charging handle is perfect for left handers. This safety makes it the ultimate left hand rifle.

  • Vhyrus

    … My AK just became my favorite gun.

  • 1leggeddog

    dang! It’s incredible how such a small, simple peice of metal can make such a big difference!

  • Dublin AK Systems introduced their Bump Safe with a video 3 years ago. The current version looks essentially identical to the Krebs safety. However, they (Dublin) seem to have great difficulty actually producing anything.

  • Burst

    While I’m skeptical of add-ons to good guns, they knocked it out of the park here.

    11/10 would buy several.