New K&M M17S556 Bullpup

New from Ken McAlister is an all metal version of their modernized Bushmaster M17S bullpup rifle. Surely even the most avowed bullpup-hater must admit that this is one sleek, good-looking design. Oleg reports at All Outdoors …

This year, Ken’s company K&M Arms is offering M17S556, an all new rifle with a metal lower. It’s distinguished from the old conversions by the greatly improved trigger, reduced weight, smoothed forms and charging handle relocated from the top of the receiver to the left side. QD sockets for the sling, built-in recoil pad and AR15-compatible pistol grip add to the appeal.

Steve Johnson

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  • floppyscience

    Neat, I like it.

    Can’t wait for people to start complaining about the price.

    Edit: found the price, it’s $1800. No surprises there.

    • Ans

      It’s like any new design can’t possibly be under $1500.
      While having a more acceptable price would actually allow new designs to have a chance to gain market traction.

      • MPAR.

        • Ergo

          Isn’t a new design. It’s just a Leader t2 with a rail and q/c

          • Yep. But it is cheap, effective, and very good for the money.

          • Ergo

            i wonder if the ak pistol brace would fit on the mpar556 pistol

          • You could make one work/fit I am sure.

    • mig1nc

      Well that sucks, there is zero reason to buy this thing with the Tavor being had for roughly the same price (give or take).

      • Vitor

        It comes with a much, much better trigger than the Tavor. 4 pounds range, to get a trigger like that in the Tavor you would need to spend about 350 dollars. If a much better trigger out of the box is not a decent reason, I dont know what it could be.

        • Alberto Paulsen

          Not trying to beat the around the Bush Crashtser M17S. But I don’t buy guns from people that have been to Mars and had their eyeballs not totally exploderised, and lived to tell the story, and then copy a crappy weapon, and utilize extruded aluminum, and used, and too many times. SIKE , this is the best rifle ever known to human kind. But that trigger tho whooo wee.

          • wangchung

            ^ the picture makes the funny

  • rockstarartist

    Can someone comment on dropping the magazine? It does not look like an ergonomic placement and motion minimizing placement for the magazine release button. But I am no expert, no warrior, no officer of the law, and have never owned a bullpup…. and worse yet, I am just a civilian. So, my inquiry may be outright dumb.

    • Zachary marrs

      Im sorry, but bullpup and ergonomics have never really gone together. If you want fast mag changes and customization, get an ar

      • iksnilol

        Not that slow. Just practice.

        I find it unfair to compare mag change speed between a rifle you are experienced with (AR) and one you just picked up (bullpups).

        • Cymond

          Yes, but in this case, it uses a standard AR-15 magazine catch & release. The button is on the right side, so it will be hard to reach with the left hand. At least the magazine release is ambidextrous (in the center) on the Tavor and AUG.
          Maybe one of the aftermarket ambidextrous AR-15 magazine releases will work on the M17s556.

          • mig1nc

            I’ve recently read (on the internet, so it must be the truth) about some people doing bullpup reloads with their strong hand. I think in this case that would be the best way. You could reach back with your right hand, grab the magazine, hit the mag release with your right hand thumb and tug out the mag. Alternately you could maybe reach back for the mag traditionally with your left hand and beer-can grab the mag and extend up your left hand trigger finger to hit the mag release. I just don’t know, I’d need to hold this thing and try it out to see what the deal is here.

          • sianmink

            The review on alloutdoor shows a left side view, and an ambi mag release lever is clearly visible.

          • Rusty Shackleford

            It looks like it uses a low profile gas block and a TNW piston kit.

  • azqb

    I got to see one of these at a gun show last week here in AZ. Very nice, amazing trigger for a bullpup and no heavier than a polymer bullpup. ~$1800 from what I remember. Plans for other calibers are supposedly in the works.

  • Lance

    NAW!!! I like a semi auto L-85A1 pls pls pls

    • Anonymoose

      Why would you want the A1 version?

      • HKGuns

        HK fixed those in roughly 1996…..way to stay up on things sport.

        • Anonymoose

          You’re thinking of the A2 models. Lance said he wanted an A1. The A1 is still in use in Brazil, Sierra Leone, and a couple other places, iirc.

          • Anonymoose

            And in space. 😛

    • LD

      Aren’t you the same guy who keeps posting, “Yawn, another bullpup?”

      • LCON

        Who are you and What did you do to Lance?… On second thought… Never mind Carry on.

    • n0truscotsman

      Im going to tell you something that will break your heart, just like a best friend telling you that the punk rock chick you are buying drinks for is just playing you. You will hate me now, but appreciate my boldness in the future because it will save you a lot of drama and heartbreak:

      The L85A1 is one of the worst modern rifles ever fielded in recent memory. You have to be a masochist in the most elephantine proportions, or a utter mental incompetent, to ever want one of those things. From someone that has trained with one extensively, I will try my damndest to warn and forewarn you now, while you have the chance to walk away with your dignity and spirit intact.

  • Panzer-Knacker

    Hopefully they fixed the heating problems the old M17S had. I remember buying one in the 90s and the thing shot great but after 30 rounds it was so hot you couldn’t pick the thing up.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    For the price, why not go with the Tavor or wait for the Desert Tech MDR or Kel-Tec M43/RDB?

    • Dukke1ine

      Kel-Tec… Tupperware piece of shit.

      Tavor… Seems good, when installing the timney trigger pack.

      Desert Tech… If they manage to do properly what they have promised, this WILL be the best bullpup out there!

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Tavor is heavy…. Yea yea, I know 5 people are about to come running to claim how well balanced it is, etc etc

        • LD

          8 lb is the magic number for all the mainstream bullpups – AUG, FS2000, Tavor, SA80, hell, even the FAMAS.

      • RocketScientist

        Oh wow, I didn’t realize the M43/RDB was even in production yet, much less out in the world for evaluation and such. Since it sounds like you’ve shot/handled one I’d love to hear some details about how it shoots, handles etc. Sounds like you didn’t like it much, but details would still be interesting. Thanks!

        • Dukke1ine

          Talking stricty from hearsay. I would only own a Kel-Tec if I were given one. Horrendous customer support, their entire productline seems to have a rather large fault-percentage comparing to others. Not to mention they look like actual tupperware… I´ll admit I like the Kel-Tec brass ejection though…

          Speaking of Trigger-pull, I have (at least dryfired) a DT SRSa1, and if the trigger on the MDR is even close, the other two don´t stand a chance. Not to mention DTs caliber change-solution. 4-position gas port, AR-mag release, likely extreme accuracy…

          2015 will be exciting for sure!

          • RocketScientist

            Oh so you’ve never even owned a Kel-Tec, but you know they are all pieces of crap with terrible customer support? That’s an impressive ability. I don’t have that ability so I’m forced to base my opinions on fact and empirical evidence, I can assure its very limiting. For example the Kel Tec products I own have all performed flawlessly. And when I lost a part while disassembling my SU-16C past the point where they tell you to stop (some semi-amateur gunsmithing), their customer service was able to immediately diagnose the problem, and even sent me a replacement part, with a backup spare just in case. I’ve had gun companies with GREAT customer service tell me pound sand because the damage or problem was of my own causing and not their responsibility. See, if I had your superpower of omniscience, I would have known that despite all this, apparently my guns are worthless tupperware paces of shit from a company with terrible customer support. I really appreciate you correcting my misconceptions.

          • Dukke1ine

            You are most welcome.

          • LD

            There is no pink elephant in the room.

          • Cymond

            My wife’s P32 is pure factory stock, and we’ve put about 300 rounds through it (I know 300 is not much, but 32ACP is uncommon and not cheap). It had a light primer strike once. It’s far from perfect but I’m reasonably confident that it’s functional.

          • HKGuns


          • Dukke1ine

            Fascinating contribution.

      • echelon

        This early comparison is highly biased towards the Tavor but if you actually do the math and consider all of the controls and how the rifle ejects, etc. The RDB is clearly the better weapon system.

        • Ian Thorne

          In that comparison under sights the tavor has them and the kel-tec has none, yet that is somehow a draw? Because not having any sights, and having sights are the same right? I mean, who wants sights anyway? After that I knew nothing in the article was to be trusted.

          • echelon

            I don’t see it as a negative. Most of the time any built in BUIS just get ridiculed for being weak and flimsy. They could include an aftermarket set of Magpul MBUS or something but again some people don’t like those at all. So keep the cost of the gun down and spend the extra dough on whatever optic or sights you want.

            Also note that the RDB is in preproduction at this point so the retail version may end up with a set of sights in the box, guess we’ll see.

  • Nate

    I got to shoot this rifle at our local range. A guy just had it transferred to him and he very graciously let me put some rounds through it. I am a southpaw, and just shot it right-handed to eliminate any issues with brass to the face (I do not know if there would have been or not). The one thing I remembered was the trigger. It is without question the best stock trigger I’ve felt in a bullpup. I haven’t shot a ton of them, but between this, the Tavor, the Kel-Tec, and the FS2000, this rifle beat them all. After shooting it, I still wouldn’t spend the money on one myself, but I’m sure there will be interest from others.

    • echelon

      The RDB that is forthcoming will be the first truly ambidextrous bullpup in a usable caliber. Wait for that. It’s supposed to have a really good trigger too. It is KelTec so you may disqualify it on that fact alone, but as far as the design goes it’s superior to this, the Tavor or anything else bullpup on the market.

      This early comparison is highly biased to the Tavor (of course) but by the merits actually listed by the author the RDB is clearly the better gun. If KelTec can produce enough of ’em at a competitive price it should be the hands down bullpup to beat.

      • Daisuke0222

        I’d love one of those (Tavor or RDB) but alas they will likely not be available for sale in my state of residence (Northeast, Liberal/Progressive state gov’t that is hostile to those of us who buy rifles for other uses than hunting). May have to make a trip to a state that has more respect for individual rights. I think I’d give the edge to the RDB since I like the ambi bottom ejection, but as others have stated we’ll have to see how production goes.

  • Mark N.

    I think that if you want a rifle for home defense, it is hard to beat a bullpup design. In 300 blk. But I don’t think I’ll see one of these in California for, among other reasons, a too short OAL.

    • Cymond

      OAL is easily resolved with a dummy suppressor or really long flash hider. The magazine release looks like a standard AR-15 part, so a standard bullet button should work to make the magazine non-removable*.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        It’s a bullpup. That should practical meet the definition of California’s laws that it’s for the most part non-removable already 😉

      • FourString

        Yeah, and starting with the 18 inch barrel for the Tavor helps too

  • Cymond

    They lost the opportunity to score some extra tactical/tacticool points by using KeyMod or M-Lok slots.
    Personally, I’d like to see a slightly longer forearm. That looks a bit cramped to me.

  • Gallan

    Not good enough. Requires adjustable stock ala VHS-2. But keep it up, perhaps the U.S military is waiting for a U.S design to tick all the boxes, hard to believe they’d adopt a foreign made rifle design as their standard rifle.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      The US military will NEVER go with a bullpup. Never ever.

      • LCON

        Ahhh M25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement system.

        • Hyok Kim

          I thought we’re talking about battle carbines, not grenade launchers. They have different functions. One doesn’t use grenade launchers the way one would use a battle carbine.

  • Vitor

    Hey Steve, how could you forgot to tell that this gun has a 4-3.5 pounds trigger out of the box? That is quite a feat for a bullpup.

    Some reviews and testing of the gun can be found here

  • Nathanael S.

    Once bullpups become as ubiquitous as ARs, maybe we’ll get a few ‘budget’ ones that the rest of us can afford. I’m getting sick and tired of guns these days being made for the rich…or those willing to go into debt over them.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    I love how EVERYTHING about that picture above, reminds of BUSHMASTER M17S. Steve, the Oleg’s other picture would have been a better choice imo 🙂

    Not that it’s “better”, just that I think it’s closer to the audience that would be interested in a new production M17S. The aviators and drop leg holster crowd.

    • Hyok Kim

      Yes, that original Bushmaster, anyway, bullpup basically a one trick pony. Besides busmaster is a hobby gun.

  • Michael

    How about a conversion kit to make an AR15, Mini 14 or AK into a bullpup?

    • Cymond

      There are several kits for AKs and 1 junk kit for the Mini-14. The AR-15 would need to be modified heavily due to the long buffer tube, and at that point, it’s arguable whether or not it’s still an AR-15 or some weird descendent.

  • AR-PRO

    I like it, it looks decent and if it’s reliable and I can shoot it right out of the box-without having to change out a really Crappy trigger- than I’m in! With any luck the company will return to earth and adjust the price to where it’s actually affordable to the average shooter.

  • Dawghowse

    Another Bullpup for right hand shooters. No thanks.

  • drew

    Look I have a bushmaster bullpup also an AUG and I love them both although I did a little trigger work too the bushmaster …I’ve no doubt with all metal parts it’ll work just fine …and kel/Tec every one I have several and all have never failed too function or fire for the price u can’t beat them I’ve got Sig 556s 516s 716etc I know quality n keltec is all machined n very lite good for backup guns forsure n I love my pmr 16 n my pmr30 flawless shooting from both a little more kick than a Sig 556 but it weighs 3x as much too as far as new stuff don’t know just going on experience some people are scared of any polymer guns I love them …ie ..Glock America’s favorite handgun