Sig Enhances Commemorative Engraving Program

Platinum - P226

Sig’s ever popular commemorative engraving program is being enhanced with a some new levels and minimum orders.  Now available will be four different levels of engraving called standard, silver, gold and platinum.  The gold and platinum levels are only available for pistols, with the platinum level requiring a minimum purchase of 100 units.  Here are some examples of each of the levels, and the press release from Sig with more information and eligibility requirements.

Gold - 1911

Gold Level Engraving – 1911

Silver - SIGM400

Silver Level Engraving – M400

Standard - P250

Standard Level Engraving- P250

Standard - SP2022

Standard level Engraving – SP2022

The SIG SAUER® Commemorative Engraving Program allows qualified units, departments, or organizations to proudly display past or current service, membership, pride or achievements with a customized firearm.

Eligible participants work with SIG SAUER to design commemorative handguns and rifles as well as receive discounted pricing, with minimum orders as low as 25 handguns or 15 rifles.

To be eligible to order commemorative engraved SIG SAUER firearms, participants must belong to one of the following groups or organizations:

  • Active or Retired Law Enforcement Officers with official agency credentials
  • First Responders
  • Active Duty and Retired Military of any rank with Military ID
  • Active Reservists and National Guard of any rank with Military ID
  • Correction Officers, including Parole and Probation Officers
  • State Licensed Armed Security Officers and Licensed Security Companies
  • Court Judges, District Attorneys, and Deputy District Attorneys
  • State, County, and City Officials with official agency credentials or official documentation
  • NRA Certified Firearms Instructors
  • Credentialed Nuclear Security Officers
  • Other approved organizations (i.e. Corporate groups, shooting clubs, etc)

Perfect for unit deployments, marking milestones, or simply as a team-building tool, commemorative firearms are lifelong gifts. Four levels of customization are available.


–       Pistol – One insignia on top of slide, one line of common text on the slide

–       Rifle – One insignia and one line of common text on the magwell


–       Pistol – One insignia on top of slide, one line of common text and one personalized line

–       Rifle – One insignia and one line of personalized text

Gold (pistols only)

–       Engraved with selective gold plating, floral pattern scroll work, two insignias on top of slide, one line of common text and one line of personalized text

Platinum (pistols only, 100-unit minimum order)

–       Engraved with selective gold plating, high luster titanium bonded finishes, patterned scroll work, engraved Hogue® grips, two insignias on top of slide, three lines of text

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Sam Cadle

Sam Cadle is a prior service member from the US Coast Guard, and has extensive firearms training from the military. He spent many years working counter narcotics in Central America and working maritime law enforcement and anti-terrorism stateside. He has also written articles as guest writer that are published on The Truth About Guns, and other firearms related blogs. He is currently a successful writer for, specializing in gun rights and politics in Washington State, as well as across the United States. His passions are long range precision shooting, coyote hunting and keeping up with the firearms community.

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