X-Carrier Tactical Shield/Body Armor

Thanks to Everyday, No Days Off for posting this gem.

Lahner Products, a German company, has made a ballistic shield that can transform.  It’s a shield for a single person. It has a slight gimmick but as you keep watching it makes more sense when it turns into body armor. You can even split the system and give one of the ballistic shields to your buddy.

xcarrier 2

xcarrier 3

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  • Zachary marrs

    Oh… those Germans

  • Tom

    If I had to have dramatic eyebrows, it would be those eyebrows.

  • Mystick

    That thing looks heavy as hell…. more so than a common rigid ballistic shield.

    • Matrix3692

      the video states that the system weights at 5kg, a single XL-size ESAPI plate already weights at 3.25kg. so i would think it weights rather reasonable.

      • Joshua

        Yeah, but this won’t stop anything beyond a handgun round. At least an ESAPI will stop most any round.

        • Matrix3692

          Well, maybe someone would develop one with removable inserts like the rumored XSAPI plates. which is suppose to be lighter than the old ESAPI and yet offered better protection?

          • They appear to have pockets for shooter’s cut ESAPI plates. The POLIZEI patch is attached to one.

        • S O

          Almost no policemen use any vests more powerful than NIJ IIIA.
          The product shown here is obviously meant for patrols, a vest/shield stored in the trunk. It’s not for bomb squad or SEK.

  • wetcorps

    I want one of these on each of my windows so I can deploy bulletproof curtains by pulling the strings.

  • Vhyrus

    If that actually stops a bullet without getting ripped clean out of your hands, I will eat my keyboard.

    • I was thinking the same thing… Part of the reason kevlar works is because there is something with mass (your body) which gives it rigidity and something to flex against.

      • Danny

        I maybe wrong, but I don’t think that ballistic shield is using kevlar as a main protection source. The outline of the compartments suggest that it is using a steel or ceramic plate to stop bullets.

        • Steel would be very very heavy. Ceramic maybe—I’m inclined to go with Kevlar considering the price.

          • S O

            The relative stiffness also leaves room for Dyneema.

        • Even so, imagine how much a steel plate target flops around when you shoot it. Same premise. Without something heavy to spread the force over, it’s going to flip out of the users hands.

          • Argus

            That’s really not how physics works. The force against the target will be less than the force of the bullet leaving the barrel. This is why people don’t hollywood back flip when they get shot. There’s no magic amplification of force. If you can hold a pistol and fire it, the force on of the bullet on the x-carrier will be no greater. It’s not going to knock the thing out of your hands if you expect it to be hit.

          • davethegreat

            I wish more people would grasp this simple concept.

            I can withstand the force from a .300 Win Mag, provided the force is spread out across the surface area of the buttplate. When that force is funneled into a circle .3 inches wide, I can not.

            Same amount of force, different amount of surface area.

          • Argus

            Which is exactly what ballistic protection does, it’s spreads the force across a larger area. That’s not to say that a .300wm shot won’t cause injury, even when stopped by ballistic protection. Then again, take that buttplate and put it against your ribs and fire. You’ll end up with broken ribs.

    • DelQ

      You’d have to be one stout SOB to keep holding onto that, and not have a shattered forearm if a 12 ga slug hits that puppy with your arm behind it…

      • Tothe

        That is going a bit beyond its intended scope of primarily stopping pistol rounds.

        • DelQ

          And that’s great IF one can predict how a specific confrontation is going to unfold. I suppose in Europe they are depending quite a bit on their socialist gun laws that deny the average citizen from owning firearms with the power of a 12 gauge – or an AR, AK etc..However, terrorists, hardcore criminals and psychopaths have shown utter contempt and disregard for those laws. That shield/vest may be fine for European police whose confrontations involve lightly armed individuals – but I wouldn’t advise providing those to US street cops in the “hope” that it would provide adequate protection – only to face the (in the words of Gomer Pyle) – Surprise, Surprise, Surprise – bad guy just whipped out a Remington 870 loaded with 00 Buck or 1 oz Saboted slugs from his trunk or back seat of his car…just saying..

  • Bill

    There’ve been similar concepts floated in the States. I didn’t do the conversion, but it has to be lighter than a conventional shield. One things for certain, we don’t let people beat us with sticks or poke at us with knives without a little more dynamic response.

    • Gallan

      Seriously though, German cops shoot ALOT less people than U.S cops, we’re talking 20 times less people. U.S should learn from them.

      • Every situation is different and we are a larger country with a lot greater population. I don’t think has anything to do with tactics.

        • The Forty ‘Twa

          Having trained with German cops and a number of US agencies there is a definite difference in culture and in tactics. I would question whether anybody who says otherwise has experience of working with police in both countries. I appreciate you are also an experienced police officer but I’d be interested to know what experience, if any, you have working with police in Germany. One of the real differences in tactics which jumps out at me is the use of warning shots in Germany which is something I never really came across in the US and which I find hard to justify in a policing environment.

          I wouldn’t say any one approach is better or worse than the other but there are significant differences between German and American society and the police in both countries are influenced by those differences. The tactics used in the two countries reflect the society that is served and the risk faced. Horses for courses.

          • Chiam Goldstein

            The difference is that one country is full of niggers.

          • Carl Smith

            The 1960s called, they want their racism back. Unless you mean to say Nigerians, in which case, you weren’t being racist, you’re just really bad at geography. Please allow me to assist you with the below image.

            As you can see these two countries aren’t even on the same continent. And now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

          • Carl Smith


          • The Forty ‘Twa

            People from Niger aren’t known as Nigerians. People from Nigeria are known as Nigerians. Nigeriens are from Niger. Confusing eh?

            I only know this because I (briefly) worked in Niger and made the same mistake you did as was very abruptly corrected by a particularly angry Nigerien.

          • Argus

            Well, Germany is full of Turks and that’s been a challenge for country. Now with Romanians and Bulgarians freely moving through Europe there is a mass migration of Roma squatters fanning out across the continent.

          • Morgan

            “Man, this internet thing is great. Get to say what I want and not get laid out on my ass. Of course, when I’m in the street I’m real quiet. I don’t look anyone in the eyes. Because truly, I hate myself and I blame everyone else for my failures to the point where I am an angry individual. But I’m an utter coward and will never confront someone like this about their race. I own a gun, but it’s mainly to overcome the wild inadequacies I see when I look in the mirror. I masquerade as someone that upholds the constitution through my expression of the 2nd amendment but really I couldn’t give a rats ass about another man’s right to dignity. The only thing self evident to me is that I’ll hijack any conversation to get my racism validated.” – Chiam Goldstein, 2014

      • Argus

        In 2011, German police fired 85 shots in the line of duty.
        49 were warnings shots, 36 were aimed at criminal suspects, 15 people were injured, and 6 were killed

        Der Spiegel and RT.com have both reported this.

        • Bill

          Did they report on where those 49 warning shots landed?

          As pointed out, there can be huge cultural differences in how police function.The stats are long buried, but if you compare British and American cops, the Brits do a lot more fighting, they get more physical resistance from unarmed suspects and hence have to deal with that with less lethal force, while we do more shooting confronting armed suspects, and less fighting. Then there are countries where the police rarely shoot anyone, like Japan, and other countries where everybody gets lit up.

  • derfelcadarn

    If one is called to an active shooter situation why would it need to be compact ? Any amour would do. Unless one were to walk around with this continually this seems a waste of effort.

    • Zachary marrs

      So it takes less time to put on? Speed can be crucial. Police response times usually run 10 minutes+

      • 15 minutes for Sandy Hook Elementary

        • Aaron E

          That is not correct, but was initially reported by media sources like CNN – most likely due to highly ineffective bystander statements.

          The first officer arrived 2 minutes and 41 seconds after the first 911 call. Police entered the school less than 6 minutes after the 911 call, only delayed because they addressed a possible “threat” outside of the school who turned out to be a parent.

          The murderer killed himself 1 minute and 10 seconds after the first police officer arrived at the school, a time that probably would not have changed much even if the first officer went directly into the school upon arrival.

  • What if criminals find out that you can stab people in places *other* than the plate carrier?

    • Aaron E

      True, but that’s always been a concern with standard Kevlar vests which do not provide protection from knife attacks. At least a plate would stop a knife to the vitals.

      • seans

        Modern soft armor is capable of both ballistic and stab protection. Been that way for well over a decade now, probably longer.

  • tomaso

    i think this is a great idea…first to a question about it getting ripped out of ones hands..is related to angle and force/energy ..just like why getting shot dosnt throw you feet in the air…this also great for covering a victim to extract. unfortunately the system has to be a bullet catcher to protect others from ricochets …meaning added weight,and losses of defence against blunt force..ie; not as easy to deflect energy.

  • The Hun

    The krauts will have to make them wider for the fat-assed US LE donut inhalers.

  • Phil Hsueh

    Interesting idea, would have been nice if they actually shot at it to show how well it actually stops a round and rigged to simulate someone holding it to demonstrate whether it does or does not flip when hit.

    One potential flaw that I noticed is in where the two parts join, that might be a weak point if hit by a round and certainly a weak spot against a blade. If there’s little to no overlap then a blade can slip in between the two parts potentially gut the wearer/bearer.

  • Tothe

    It strikes me as an ideal emergency kit or BOB option. Compact, sufficient to give some protection from pistols and knives, quick to deploy, and the sharing option all look good. The question: Does it really deliver?

  • smartacus

    reminds me of the “kids in a blanket” idea


    Gentlemen, thank you all of you for your feedback and comments. Being heavily involved in its development, maybe I can point out a few things on the X-Carrier. It has in fact originally been developed to be used in active shooter situations. There is an ongoing paradigm shift here in Germany in terms of what we can put into the hands of the first responding officers. Over the development, the X-Carrier turned out to see much more diverse useage, such as PSD work, covert operations, SWAT units and more. Of course this product has been testes and certified by the official testing institute of the German Police in Mellrichstadt. So we we do have certifications in cut-/stab performance, ballistics, and blunt force trauma. By design ist is mostly soft/ semi hard, as to be able to flex enough. But it will NOT flex by the impact of bullets! As well as it will not be ripped out of your hand by that. It covers most typical handgun calibers, but it can be leveled up with plates. Units have it in testing right now, using it as very easy to handle shields, putting it into car doors, having it as a emergency plate carrier/ vest for plain clothes duty, for personal protective details et all…. And no, it will not be destroyed by blunt force trauma. And yes, I make funny faces sometimes 😉 Nothing I can do about it 😉 You all have great day and stay safe. Florian

  • mzungu

    Is it me, or did they hired short guys to make the shield look bigger?