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Glock crap

Gun Websites has quite the collection of Glock materials and propaganda. Most of it was collected free at tradeshows. I have some of them like the cup, stress ball, pen and keychain. I like the little 1/3 scale model and the bladetech keychain holster.

Glock crap 2

Nicholas C

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  • Nicks87

    Careful with those key chains, you dont want one to go off in your pocket. We all know how dangerous Glocks can be.

    • echelon

      I would bet real money that if you had one of those on your keychain and you went through TSA at the airport they would confiscate it.

      • Nicks87

        Not only that but they would start hyperventilating and running around in circles, you would get “detained” and the airport would be shutdown for 5 hours.

  • gunslinger

    are these actually licensed by glock? like..letting others use their image?

  • Guest

    You’re missing the Glock stress ball from 2014 SHOT!