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  • Topo Solitario

    From the video, it looks like they’re using low power ammunition, the gun seems to have a pretty soft recoil. Anyway… it is unsafe as hell!! how many times the AK aims the head of the vest wearer while preparing the shot with NO finger-out-of-the-trigger discipline at all?

  • mike

    What a bunch of unprofessional idiots. Who are these guys?

    • SP mclaughlin

      Well, the same ones that ran a cruise ship aground, I suppose.
      Come to think of it, they should use that disgrace of a captain as an armor tester.

      • Dfyg

        And the only engineers in America are the ones who were responsible for the shuttle Challenger??

        Grow up.

        In the adult world; people who actually produce results don’t have need to put down others.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Perhaps a panel could be used with a cutout that exposes ONLY the vest to test shots, but protects the rest of the victi–er, volunteer’s–body. Still not SAFE, but safer.

  • SAR

    Besides the horrible muzzle discipline you have to give him credit for standing behind his product! Not sure how long that will be…


  • John

    Wasn’t this the norm for Richard Davis, before police departments regularly issued vests, Davis travelled around the country shooting himself in front of officers to convince them it of the wonder armor

    • Avery

      Davis also largely diffused the impact by wearing multiple phone books or catalogs under the vest.

      There’s a video out there where Davis shoots himself with a .44 Magnum and later puts multiple rounds from a FAL into a Class IV vest worn by a host. Neither are remotely impaired by the tests, but the impact from the Magnum sure kicks out those catalogs from under his vest.

  • guest

    I don’t know if it’s a roumor or fact, but I heard in “ye olden times” bridge architects stood beneath their bridges the first time they were put to use. Stupid perhaps, but that breeds a certain respect, honor and honesty with which work has to be done.
    Today that is pretty hard to come by.

    • iksnilol

      Agreed. Don’t understand the problem with it, isn’t a vest like that suppossed to stop bullets? Then what is wrong with being shot while wearing one?

      Most people nowadays have no pride in their work.

      • Steve Truffer

        The fact that the shooter had his finger on the trigger and the muzzle pointed at the tester’s head whenever he wasn’t shooting the vest.

        • juan

          I agree! That idiot didnt take his finger out of the trigger guard or use the safety while sweeping his face. What idiots!!!! Seriously, that makes me sick.

          BTW, idk what kind of armor that is, but sometimes if the bullet strikes the same exact place, it can go through(many factors at work here though).

          What idiots….

      • The problem with it is there is always damage to the person being shot wearing a vest. You should see some of the huge bruises and fairly deep trauma to the person wearing the vest.

        • Bp. David

          Maybe the vest manufacturer provided a very low charged bullet with which to test it! That’s what Dingy Harry Reid would have his Gov’t contractor brother do.

        • mrt

          I am no expert on armor plates but isn’t it pretty standard that after the first impact, the plates ability to stop a second impact is severely degraded?
          Even if these plates are supposed to be some revolutionary new armor, shooting half a dozen handgun rounds into it and then following up with an AK variant rifle round in the same area of the plate, seems insanely dangerous.

          Is it me or does this room/test area/range and the ppl look familiar? As in that this is not the first video proving the ability of this product by means of human test subjects?.

    • guest

      Still happens today. It’s one of those shouldn’t-do-it-but-whos-arguing-with-him traditions.

      It’s not just confidence in the (over-)design. If a bridge or any major construction goes ‘up’ and promptly falls down, the engineers responsible are looking at end of a career it usually takes half to three-quarters of a lifetime to perfect.

      Being seen as that confident is a plus.

  • Fruitbat44

    Well it does demonstrate confidence in the product! Also it is an important factor in body armour that while stopping penetration is important, the effects on the wearer are equally important, but more difficult to calculate. I suspect there is a more scientific way of measuring this though than, “Right guys just keep an eye on Benito for a couple of days to see if he falls down from internal injuries!”

  • bbmg

    What bullets are they using? Do the cartridges have a full load?

  • Fiveseven

    Heaven is where the police are British, the mechanics are German, the chefs are French, the lovers are Italian, and it’s all organized by the Swiss.

    Hell is where the police are German, the mechanics are French, the chefs are British, the lovers are Swiss, and it’s all organized by the Italians.

    • LOL—

    • Callum King-Underwood

      oh come on, the british chefs aren’t that bad (looks at british cuisine), ok, maybe they are.

      German police may be more effective than british though. No sidearms and apparently both CCTV and GPS tracking are not evidence for theft.

    • Edohiguma

      You mean the same British police that was completely helpless in dealing with the Second Blitz just a few years ago?

      Heck, German police is even more castrated today than the British.

      • Cynic

        You mean the police that stopped the second bombing rounded up about 15 people and broke a ring of mosques breeding hate?

        As for British food most of the horror stories are bullshit. British culture and food and language borrow from the immigrant population and build a beautiful mutt culture. In the middle ages the french sent chefs to England to the court to learn how to cook meat well how to produce some of the amazing showpiece dishes preserving boar. Roasting braising grilling smoking.

        Modern British food is amazing just look at the number of starred restaurants and the difference in celebrity chef quality. We have Ramsey the ex footballer turned brash confident foul mouthed chef, Blumenthal the man who uses chemistry to create art., Floyd the man whose shows were a blend of history social discussion politics and boozing. Michael Roux Jr son of one of THE best chefs in the world and what have…..

        Oh that’s right Guy Fieri the man who thinks a southern bbq and traditional sushi fusion id a wonderful idea and markets a knife brand called well….


        • Claudio

          Ok, there are great British chefs, but the average level of English cuisine is not comparable to that of Italy or France.

          • Cynic

            Ok so explain why there have been more Michelin star awards in the uk than pretty much anywhere else in the last five years, the fastest new head chef winning a strong is British. British chefs winning back to back stars at different establishments…

            Oh and if you want challenges from history look back at the birth of British cuisine, the middle ages cooking at court. Where did the french send chefs to train??? Where did they send them to learn the art of cooking g meat with skill and elan??? That’s it the British Court.

          • Claudio

            Michelin stars indicate the haute cuisine, that few, super expensive restaurants in the world, I was talking about what people commonly eat, the small Italian trattorias, the popular cooking.

            Gavius ​​Marcus Apicius, Roman gastronome, who lived before the conquest of Britain, in the collection of recipes from the “De re coquinaria” shows the sophistication of the cuisine of ancient Rome and from here comes the Italian cuisine. and let’s not forget that the Romans brought the cultivation of the vine in Britain.

  • Zachary marrs

    *bullet resistant, unless that vest can stop a .50 caliber api round

  • Jeff Suever

    Before PETA we would have been able to conduct these types of tests on animals,

  • Bp. David

    Not to fear–Krispy Kreme has arrived in Italy, so this Gestapo agent has lots of padding. Don’t call 911–Call the donut shop!

  • BryanS

    Looks to be a low power (training?) round, or at least the round is not getting to speed from a shorter barrel at that close of a range. Also, you can hear him work the action to load a new round each time. While there may have been a mag in there, I think they only had one round at a time in the rifle.

  • that guy

    ….and then there are russians, shooting at each other during traning.

  • Claudio

    However, this guy must have great confidence in the quality control of the company!