Google Glass-style Tracking Point Shotview

TrackingPoint is developing a Google Glass-style wearable technology to enable shooting around corners …

From the press release …

TrackingPoint, the worldwide leader in advanced firearms technology, has released a video from their Labs department that demonstrates the use of wearable technology along with a Precision Guided Firearm (PGF). PGF technology makes use of a bevy of sensors to make highly accurate ballistic calculations, taking into account wind, elevation, pressure, and more in real time. TrackingPoint’s PGFs enable shooters to lock on and accurately hit moving targets at up to 1200 yards. The video showcases the companies R&D testing of their ShotView streaming app for mobile devices, paired with consumer wearable technology.

When paired with wearable technology, PGFs can provide unprecedented benefits to shooters, such as the ability to shoot around corners, from behind low walls, and from other positions that provide exceptional cover. Without PGF technology, such positions would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to fire from.

The video demonstrates how wearable technology could enhance a shooter’s ability to engage targets on the battlefield. Similar to a fighter jet’s head’s-up display (HUD), the wearable PGF technology provides the shooter with visual aids to improve the aiming and shooting process. TrackingPoint’s ShotView system can be used to stream video to smartphones or tablets. With wearable technology, the ShotView system could be even more tightly integrated into the shooting experience.

Through the PGF’s ShotView video stream on the HUD, the shooter can easily see such important variables as range to target, shot angle, rifle cant, compass direction, battery life, and zoom setting, all without looking away or diverting their attention. Clearly, the advent of wearable technology has unlocked the potential for firearms to be used in all new ways.


Steve Johnson

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  • cutamerc

    Finally, a use for Google Glass to be exited about.

    • iksnilol

      Agreed. Would be even better if you could show trajectory with it, as in visualize the arc of the bullet that it would travel.

      Would probably require a helmet and be much heavier.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      I know of 2 different companies that have been working on the same concept as this. The question is: will they sell to us lowly civilians?

      • Randy Waters

        Yes, they sell to civilians.

  • yj

    shark jumped

  • SafeArmsReview

    TrackingPoint has come up with some amazing tech – My daughter and I was invited to a special demo shoot of the TP PGF version and it rocked. Nothing like getting a 1st round hit at 1,000 yards on a totally unfamiliar gun with only 2.5 minutes of instruction! Yes it is that awesome. Here is the video of that demo shoot…

    While this tech is awesome I still hold to knowing the fundamentals of shooting – always gotta have a back up plan. With that said the learning curve is lessened dramatically and makes our forces more efficient on the battlefield in less amount of time. It is definitely a force multiplier.

    My daughter and I loved it – now the long gun version base price is about 25G and not something I will purchase any time soon (unless I hit the quick pick on the lotto) but getting the chance to shoot the TP PGF was awesome. Of course with advancements in technology, the price will come down and other companies will offer similar products, you can count on that.

    BTW a little bird told me that TP is working on a 3,000 yard version – yes 3,000 yards (1.704 miles). Imagine getting a first round hit at that distance! Most military snipers at 1,000 yards have a 15-20% 1st round hit rate then the following shots got up to 80%+. With TP 1st round hits are almost guaranteed. Anyway I look forward to more stuff from TP.

    Strike Fast, Hit Hard, Put ’em Down & Reload ™


  • Nicholas C

    I had a customer walk in with Google Glass. He was kind enough to let me try it. I cheeked an AR while recording video. I was curious what kind of POV, the Google Glass could provide for long gun shooting. It was not good. The angle of the camera looks down and off to the right of the rifle. Not straight and forward.

    However I think Google Glass could be good for DOPE information on the fly as well.

    • David

      It seems then that smart contact lenses are the way to go. They would eliminate the ergonomic issues of wearable equipment.

      • Nicholas C

        Is that even possible? Just look at how much equipment there is for Google glass. The ear piece has a huge bulge that houses the computer and battery.

        • David

          I don’t know why not. Have a computer the size of a phone on your belt, connect it wireless with the contact lens.

          Sure, takes development time and money, but I think it would be a natural progression from glasses, just like regular contact lenses were.

          • David

            One more thing:

            And these videos are a year and two years old. It shouldn’t be out of reach, technologically, or developmentally, for anyone who wants to implement a reticule or HUD on a flexible contact lens.

      • tt_ttf

        Sorry but science fiction at this point

        Aside from the resolution, video pipeline and power supply issues, your eyes CANNOT focus on something that close

        Also given this is a worn device it would also need FDA testing, approval etc etc

        I am in the HMD business – Google Glass is nothing new and is in fact very low res – QVGA and only 10deg FOV – its a devkit and very little more than that aimed at consumers.

        LAN/Mounted/NETT Warrior and programs such as french FELIN are way above google glass already.

        The “corner” image being shown as the glass image is not even close to what it would look like.

        • RawDawg

          You don’t need to focus on anything if the lens is beaming the image straight to your brain through your optical pathways.

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    Some hypothetical questions:

    How long would a Google Glass-esque device would survive in combat? I’m assuming it’ll be beefier in the future?

    How many guys would be issued this in a squad?

    Will it fit over birth control glasses?

    If it can communicate with mobile devices, how can it defend against being hacked?

    • MrNeb

      current Glass is still beta hardware, wrapping it into something sturdy is easy.

      how many soldiers are issued helmets and boots, the primary function of the device may not be the same for everyone but the core tech is no less useful than a radio.

      why bother fitting it over them, just include it in the glasses.

      how would this be different from any other com device? the protocol used is what makes it secure….or not.

      • Paladin

        Google Glass is actually now officially available to the public, as such I presume it’s out of beta, though they haven’t exactly publicized the launch.

  • SP mclaughlin

    It would be cool as hell if Watch_Dogs had Tracking Point style weapons tech.

    • RawDawg

      I believe this was a topic on reality, not a fictionalized waste of time.

      • SP mclaughlin

        Thanks for the constructive criticism, I’ll be sure to think of it next time I comment!

  • ABeiruty

    Yeah, my recommendations are being implemented!


  • Ogremensch

    I knew the Land Warrior system was just an eventuality. Next stop, OICW!!! (that doesnt weight the better part of 30lbs)

  • The Hun

    I’ll file BS next to “we’ll all be flying hovering cars in a few years”

  • Jonathan Wright

    next step…a turret mounted M2 with tracking point optics being fed to and controlled by an oculus rift.

  • gunslinger

    the future is here

  • Someone

    These guys have already been doing this without the need for expensive technology:

  • DJ Bill Gates

    or you could do what we’ve been doing for 10+ years…. Trackingpoint is a overpriced joke.