Sisk STAR Rifle Stocks Now Available for Left-Hand Remington 700 Long-Actions

Sisk Guns of Dayton Texas has released their latest modular component in the STAR (Sisk Tactical Adaptive Rifle) Stock. I personally went hands-on at NRA 2014 and walked away impressed with the modularity and ease of manipulation.

Pardon the grainy photo. This was all Sisk had available for publishing.

Pardon the grainy photo. This was all Sisk had available for publishing.

My personal kudos on the presser. I laughed out loud on the candor and snarkiness. (We read a lot of these things, and they are usually prim-n-proper “Marketing-speak”)

Sisk Rifles now offers the STARĀ® (Sisk Tactical Adaptive Rifle) stock for left-handed shooters in Remington 700 long actions (and all their clones). Lefties, you may be only 10% of the population, but you still need a rifle stock. Righties? Have you ever watched a leftie work a ‘normal’ action? Rifle maker, Charlie Sisk, thinks that’s barbaric-making them do that–and too slow. So he has adapted his already very adaptable STARĀ® rifle stock to accommodate this neglected bunch of guys! All it takes is 2 screws, to fit your favorite old-or brand new-Rem 700 action (and all of its clones) into the best fitting stock you’ll ever have.

Complete STAR stocks are available for order at $1,395. Complete customized rifles are also available for $6,495 and are built-to order.

Nathan S.

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  • Julio

    It’s always good to see companies come out with products that recognise the potential value of the L/H market. Statistics vary, and there are degrees of left-handedness too, but for any L/H shooter the sense of exclusion and discrimination in cases where manufacturers simply ignore them, or charge them an extra percentage for the privilege of buying a L/H product, is 100% real and inevitably a source of grievance. So a Sisk long-action STAR is a welcome step forward, and hopefully a short/action will follow. It’s a pity you couldn’t find an actual picture of a L/H rifle and stock to illustrate the piece with, however!

    • gunslinger

      LH is about 10% of the population (per google) sometimes it doesn’t make sense to develop for the market. what’s the RoI?

      but for LH people (my wife included) always nice to see someone take the risk.

      • dominant left-handed sure, but there are those who are right-handed and shoot left because of eye dominance (and vice versa). I’m not sure the statistics on that though.

        As for shooting demographics, I’m fine with most right hand oriented guns, but certain things are very inconvenient to shoot cross-handed, with bolt-action rifles being foremost among them.

  • As a lefty (both hand and eye), I’ve often been frustrated by the lack of options for bolt-action rifles and accessories for left-hand shooters. This is highly welcomed in my mind.