Nikon M-300 BLK Rifle Scope

Nikon M-300 BLK

Nikon announced the company is now selling a 1.5-6x 32 scope with a 30mm main tube that is specially designed for the 300 BLK cartridge.  The M-300 BLK scope uses the Nikon BDC SuperSub illuminated reticle.  Illumination is adjustable with 32 levels of intensity.  The reticle is marked in 50 yard increments (hashes) and 100 yard increments (open dots.)  A non-illuminated reticle is also available.

nikon reticle

The scopes are waterproof, fogproof, impact resistant and have a limited lifetime warranty.  MSRP is $899.95 for the illuminated reticle and $200 less for the non-illuminated reticle.

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  • Chris B

    A new one ? the old one had an RRP under $400.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    In the last Nikon thread comments section about BDC scopes (and why they suck) not a single person mentioned the one thing they could be good for….

    Specialty calibers. If you want a scope for a specific round and will be locked to that specific round with a near guarntee of the same load (meaning you’re limited to specific factory ammo) you might be good to go.

    You could dope it out super accurately… But I question the practicallity of this scope with (example) 62y 94y 178y references when considering what the 300blk is good for. If this is the case, mil markings are again superior.

    You could reload for this scope. But imo that is completely backwards from how your gear choices should work for you, not you for them. Even more so, this is a point for mil reticles. So now I’m back to implying BDC scopes are dumb.

    I do see the theoretical appeal for specialty rounds, but it’s practically impossible in real world conditions. Look at the hash mark difference in the farther ranges, those are big gaps where you ammo/firearm/scope/range estimation all have to be spot on which might work on the bench at the range and no where else.

    If you ID’ed the reference gun Nikon used (like a 16″ 300blk barrel by AAC), and the ammo (probably Remington 125gr and 220gr subs) then maybe it would work. Maybe. Who wants a 16″ 300blk for use with only Remington ammo?

    … All that said, it’s a good looking scope. If Nikon would drop BDC, and get on the same reticle boat as the big name scopes they would be something to look into for some applications.

    • Dan

      You need to point out that they suck in your opinion, not everyone demands the same requirements out of their gear as you, me or the next guy, not everyone reloads and its possible they will buy the same box of ammo off the self time and time again. There are people who are happy with hitting minute of paper plate at 100yds. People obsessed with precision optics most likely will not choose this scope, the people that do choose to buy it they will be satisfied with it as it caters to their level of experience.

      Remember one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I tend to agree with you though that they are worthless.

  • guest

    Ah, the B*****t Drop Reticle strikes again, in some halfway decent “almost 1-6 but not quite” version even.

  • Drew Wood

    i have one of nikon’s bdc scopes and it is pretty sweet. the key is that at its price point $250 there was not much to match it. at $900, we are in acog territory, and i will pick an acog over a nikon.