Strike Industries Patriot Tactical Grip – Enhanced PRO Model

Strike AR-15 grip

Strike Industries announced an update to the Patriot pistol grip for the AR-15.  The grips offer several improvements over the original:

  • a more aggressive texture
  • wider swell in the palm with a smaller backstrap for a better grip
  • larger storage compartment

Strike AR-15 grip

MSRP is $24.95.  The grips can be had in black and flat dark earth.

Strike AR-15 grip

Richard Johnson

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    Hey, I’m not saying if it’s a bad product or not, but they sure know how to market it right:

    Want to be the biggest, toughest mothafugga out there? TACTICAL.
    How do you know this is the good shit? ENHANCED PRO MODEL.

    Really, all they had to do was say, “Yo, we got this new product which will give you a better grip on your rifle than your standard factory grip, which could lead to faster and more accurate shots.”
    We all know what a grip does.

    • iksnilol

      I am waiting for the Recon version.

      It is supposedly lighter and more accurate, so that you can recon faster and shoot things at distance…While reconing.

      Seriously, I think “recon” is going to be the next buzzword.

      • Eurocopter

        Have a taste of this one: “Desert Tech, Stealth Recon Scout… Covert”… So you can be Covertly stealth, on a covert reconnaissance mission.

        • You guys are giving me a headache:-)

          • Eurocopter

            You gotta admit, even though there are plenty of great functional products out there, some of the branding and marketing can get a little cheesy 😛

  • TITAN308

    Yea I don’t think I want to buy it because they just tried to cram every buzz word into one ad they could. Good grief.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      They had the self restraint to leave out dynamic and operator, I guess?

  • Eurocopter

    Tactical operations storage space, where you can store your American flag while dynamically breaching the front gate of the Kremlin.

    Whats wrong with “Hey, we made this new grip. The fit is really nice and you can store some batteries in it”.

    • iksnilol

      Batteries? I always used that space for Skittles or a small bottle of solvent or oil.

      Though not at the same time, Skittles doused in motor oil don’t taste too good.

  • John Fletcher Kilgour

    OK, so now we are seeing the rise of the “anti-tacticool” ??? Is that it? You guys making these comments are all “non-cool” ? Is that right right? How about that. What’s in your closet? I’ll bet there’s lots of tacicool crapola.


      You’d lose that bet with me. I got a couple of Magpul furniture on my stuff, but none of it is obnoxiously obvious as this grip.
      No, what we’re face-palming about is just how ridiculously silly, immature and desperate this type of marketing is. If the product was simply called the “Patriot Grip” (still icky on that) or the “Strike Industries Tac-Grip”, then I don’t think anyone would have cared all that much.

      And wow, getting all uppity for no reason. I didn’t know TFB comments were a sample size of the Internet or the firearms community as a whole. Just chill, bro.

    • Airman596

      They’re the gun tote’n equivalent of hipsters 🙂

      • iksnilol

        Hitpastical = having the common sense to not bolt on enough crap on my rifle so that it competes with an M240B in weight.

        Then yes, I am a hiptastical. Not really, never had too much tactical stuff. Just attach a piece of rail to the handguard so that i can attach a flashlight. That is the most tactical thing I have done.

  • RKflorida

    Enhanced? Pro? Tactical? Use buzzwords much? Do they sell an un-enhanced amateur model?

  • jt

    moar runic markings11111

  • Justin William Officer

    Any grip next to a sock A2 grip is enhanced .

    • Airman596

      Ain’t that the truth. Why are A2 grips still made?

      • floppyscience

        Same reason most 16″ ARs still use carbine-length gas systems and barrels with M203 cuts.

        …I have no idea.

  • Ergo

    what is the country of origin for this grip? I ordered their charging handle only to find out on delivery that it was made in tiawan.

    • Yellow Devil

      Better from Taiwan than the PRC at least.