Troy is making a tiny PDW with a slither stock somewhat similar to the MP5. I called Troy to see if they will be offering the stock/bolt assembly separately so I could retrofit it to my Troy Carbine, they do not have any plans at this moment to sell the stock separately.

Retail is around $1600 for a carbine model.

Nicholas C

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  • Andy

    Reminds me of the Honey Badger. Looks cool, but other than storage I’m not sure what advantage that stock would provide.

    • bigjpop

      Honey Badger? Is that real? I thought it was a video game concept.

      • Paladin

        It is in fact real, the original design was done by AAC, but it was never manufactured, and work on the design was stopped.

        • Jones

          This is not actually the case. All HB platforms are currently deployed, save one that is in the United States right now. (I’m not even sure about the one. All I know is there was one at the NRA show.) While I do not know if/when the HB will ever be made commercially available, the project is not dead.

  • sbd
  • mechamaster

    Troy want to compete with HK 416 PDW and Colt SCW I see.. It’s interesting they choose to use DI system rather than piston in short barrel rifle.

  • Moose

    That goes against everything they said at shot show, on video to multiple people. They have plans to sell the stock but it’s a kit since it requires a special carrier. When I called last year to ask about wether the trunk monkey (which was last years version of the carbine w/ pdw stock) they said the whole idea was getting scrapped cause of their contract with dicks falling through and yet here it is. It seems troy isn’t the best about product releases.

  • Michael

    I like the stock, Please produce it.

    • Paladin

      It’s already being produced. The stock is manufactured by North East Arms here in Canada. AFAIK it should be possible to import it into the states, but may require some paperwork.

      • David Sharpe

        Are you sure this is actually made by NEA? They make one similar but I bet there are many companies making this style of stock. HK uses the same style for the 416C

        • Paladin

          Yes I am sure. I believe Troy may have licensed the design from NEA to manufacture in the US, but this is without a doubt the NEA Compact Carbine Stock.

  • Matt

    This is the NEA stock. I really hope they sell it separately since you can’t import the NEA stock without a form 6 now from Canada.

    • David Sharpe

      Are you sure this is actually made by NEA? They make one similar but I bet there are many companies making this style of stock.

      • Paladin

        The CCS had gone through a number of revisions, and the ones Troy is using are manufactured under license, they may have modified it.

  • ColaBox

    Looks like Troy’s competition to LWRC’s new Six8.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    LOL, everyone thinks these stacks are just so cool… Until they use one. I haven’t tried one on an AR yet, but have on every HK. I own one for my MP5 (A3 German collapsible), while they do break down to the smallest package, they SUCK.

    These are not stocks you WANT to own. These are stocks you own if you HAVE to own one.

    • big daddy

      They are cool until you have to use one, yes I agree 100%. But if you are in a small vehicle they do make a difference. I drove M113s, m577s, ITVs and such and the M3 grease gun was much better for a driver than the M16A1. If I had to, but thank goodness I never had to shoot out of the hatch the M3 would have been a much better short range weapon. In Vietnam some units had M60s mounted near the drivers hatch on a tripod so he could also take care of business.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        I like the anecdote! Although I’d have to argue that the room inside of an MRAP is often used now is probably 4x to that of a M113 or the like 🙂 Those things are semi-trucks.

        I definitely agree they have their place. But from Troy who let’s not pretend anything is more than a step down from Colt, LMT, HK, FN, I think these are just filler to the civilian market that doesn’t know they suck to use.

  • big daddy

    NEA has the stock, they are in Canada, I don’t think you need any forms, that might have changed since 2013. I ordered one and waited and waited and waited, so I cancelled it about the end of the 2013 year. I bought the LWRC short stock with the short extension tube, buffer and spring. The stock is not very comfortable but it makes the gun short, great for a SBR if you have to carry it in a vehicle. The NEA stock looks even more uncomfortable but it is short. Great cool look but unless you need it it’s not worth is. Botach is selling the NEA stock last time I looked, it has a proprietary bolt carrier and for a lot more money than NEA does. If you do not need a really short rifle they are not nearly as good as a simple Magpul CTR stock which is light weight, locks up pretty good and is fairly short. I’m going to use the LWRC ultra short or whatever they call it on my Truck gun because it is so short.

    • Guest

      Where did you pick up the LWRC short stock? Last I checked on their website it wasn’t listed. I’m trying to do a HoneyBadger mock-up and really want this stock.

      • big daddy

        It’s hard to find on the web site. I actually googled it and they sent me to the page. I think they call it the ultra compact stock or something like that. They might have discontinued it. I just can’t get along with the stock so I replaced it with a CTR. I kept the short tube and buffer. It uses a flat coil spring.

  • big daddy

    Just checked you do need a form now. I didn’t in 2013 but of course I never got mine because after 3+ months I cancelled it. This is the company selling them in Canada
    I don’t see Botach carrying them anymore.

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    This is why I like non-AR automatics when you get into “niche” areas like having a very compact weapon. A folded G36C is less than 20″ long (that’s with a 9″ barrel). A 10.5″ AR15 SBR is generally between 28 and 29″ long with the stock fully collapsed. I love the AR15, but it’s not the best choice for every situation.

    • mechamaster

      Under heavy stress condition, people who always trained with AR / M-16 / M-4 platforms tends to remember the muscle memory of AR, and in my opinion, SBR-variant of AR find this ‘niche’ customers here for people who don’t have access to exotic weaponry and train with it, and time to adapt to a new platform, and he needs more compact AR situation. ( and of course the logistic problem is partially solved like the ammunition, STANAG magazine, some compatible sparepart, etc ).

      • Michael R. Zupcak

        I respect your point about so-called “exotic weaponry” but couldn’t one argue the M7A1 is exotic weaponry? The retactable stock requires a proprietary buffer system and it isn’t being sold as a kit, which means one has to purchase the entire weapon system. If longer-length carbines are already in use, I would think an 8-10″ upper paired with an LWRC super-short stock would be a more economical alternative.

        • mechamaster

          IMO.. G36C, MP7A1, P-90, is exotic weaponry because it’s rare to find outside special forces field and to procure.. G36C use non-STANAG magazine ( without conversion kit module ) even it’s 5,56mm caliber, and for MP7A1 / P-90 case, it’s use specialized ammunition design.
          And yeah, I agree for LWRC super-short stock as economic and effective alternative SBR.

  • Jeff Le

    I think the UCIW Compact stock would be easier if you wanted a shorter stock.

  • hydepark

    SBR’s are SOOO yesterday. The Sig brace is here to stay.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Although it’s likely not going to stay. I mean… You know that right? IMO it was sheer oversight it was allowed at all, the ATF has an excellent track record of changing their mind on things.

      First high profile use of one, and the assortment of media garbage declaring how the “concealable rifle loophole” has run rampant, and they’re GONE.

      • hydepark

        Call me an optimist but that’s what everyone was saying about the slidefire and they are still flourishing. I can’t find anything concrete but wasn’t it discussed that James Holmes used a slidefire? I’m in Colorado and there hasn’t been any talk of those of any consequence. And I’m no lawyer but I don’t think the batfe really has a leg to stand on for an outright ban. Worst case scenario is they get grandfathered or they make a decision saying they must be used as designed. And if there is a ban, they will have a bunch of lawsuits that they don’t want and will most likely lose. Again I’m not a lawyer but my plan is to just buy a couple more and hope for the best.

  • thebronze

    “I called Troy to see if they will be offering the stock/bolt assembly
    separately so I could retrofit it to my Troy Carbine, they do not have
    any plans at this moment to sell the stock separately.”

    Just ONE of MANY reasons why Troy Arms sucks balls.

    • Buddy

      Other than hiring anti-gun, america-hating, innocent citizen-sniping savages?

      • thebronze