MG Industries To Offer Three Caliber AR Starter Kit

Looks like a great starting kit for someone looking at getting their first AR platform rifle.  MGI is now offering kits that include a lower, 223/556 upper, .22LR upper and 9MM upper and for an MSRP of $2250, its not a bad deal for all three calibers.  More information on the complete kits in the press release after the break.  Check out the video on the Hydra system below.

OLD TOWN, ME (May 2014) – MG Industries, manufacturers of the MARCK 15 “Hydra” platform,

announce the creation of several “packages” of their famous, highly-configurable, modular AR-15 style rifle with certain calibers to create kits targeted to specific markets.

For the individual new to AR-15 ownership or a young shooter, the MGI Starter Package is the place to start. The kit comes packaged in a rugged, lockable rifle case with specially cut foam inserts. The package is built on the MARCK-15 “Hydra,” the base system in 9mm with a modular lower receiver, a 9mm magazine well, a QCB-D upper receiver, a 16-inch bull barrel, and a 9mm Colt-style bolt.

Additionally, the Starter package contains two of the most popular calibers on the market: .223/5.56 and .22LR. The .223/5.56 conversion package includes the bolt carrier group with an MGI modified carrier, barrel and the AR magwell. The .22LR is a drop-in kit.

The MARCK-15 Hydra is the only truly modular rifle that can convert into multiple calibers in just minutes. Designed by an industry innovator and Veteran, the MARCK-15 is the only rifle you will ever need. Sold separately, the rifle and conversions would cost over $3,000.00. Available for a limited time as the Starter Package at $2,249.00.

For more information, visit or your local retailer. Retailers, contact MGI to find out more about carrying the most modular rifle system in the world.


  • vonzeitgeist

    Awesome! Yet another caliber to not work correctly! Let me reiterate what I have written before about my experience with this company.

    I had one to evaluate for a security company working overseas. They
    thought the option of being able to use both locally sourced mags and
    ammo for convenience, and western spec when the contract called for it
    was great. I bought it from MGI not telling them it could mean a largish

    The 556 barrel was OK, it was a VERY heavy AR but the lock
    up seemed solid enough. The 7.62 barrel was unmarked (a safety issue if
    you were going to have both) and threw bullets sideways when it ran at
    all. Sent that back and got a replacement a few months later. It simply
    would not run, though when I did feed rounds in manually they now went
    straight. Failure to feed no matter what AK mag I used. Sent it back for
    repair and heard nothing for several months. Made several phone calls,
    always answered by a pleasant woman who promised I’d hear as soon as the
    tech came back from one place or another in a day or two. Never

    After 9 months I decided we had our answer and so asked for a refund.
    Sent the 5.56 parts back and now they had everything. By the time we got
    the money back the ordeal had lasted about a year and had involved the
    BBB and Visa. The gee-whiz factor of having this is not worth the chance you take in dealing with MGI, I think.

    Don’t think about shooting two calibers on a range day as the barrel and gas
    tube get too hot to handle quickly. The gas tube stays with the barrel,
    so you’ve got a flimsy aluminum tube wobbling out there in the wind as
    you try to thread it into the receiver and that must be stored carefully
    when not in use to avoid bending it. Cool idea that’s been kicking
    around for a very long time and seems to pop back onto the radar every
    few years. Not recommended.

  • Lance

    Or fo a third of the price just buy a .223/5.56mm AR with a Ruger 10/22.

  • 7.62 Precision

    Multicaliber is good, but for me a truly flexible array of calibers that can everything I need would be .22 LR, 5.56, 6.5 Grendel, and .50 Beowulf. Even drop the 5.56 and the other three can do pretty much everything. And they all go on a standard AR lower.

  • pretorian

    My question is will the barrel return to zero