DRD Tactical CDR-15 Takedown AR


DRD Tactical has made a Takedown AR that can store inside a small Pelican case or backpack. It is a full length hamer forged 16″ chrome lined barrel. Mid-length gas system and comes with their Tactical QD 13″ rail. They even have a 300blk barrel that you can get for easy caliber swaps.



Tactical-life has a video review of it. There are moments without sound so bear with it.


The CDR-15 retails for $2091. Check out DRD Tactical for more info.

Nicholas C

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  • DrewN

    That’s alot of cash to save maybe 8 inches off of, oh, EVERY 16″ AR EVER MADE. Heck, at least make it a side folder or something.

    • anonymous

      This. Why is it so hard for people to realize that every single AR ever is a takedown rifle? Any bag roughly 24″ in length will fit a standard carbine. And what really nails it for me is how slow most takedown ARs are to deploy. I can pop the upper and lower back together in well under 10 seconds. Most of the takedown ARs I see are quite slow to reassemble, require fine motor skills, and have components that are likely to break, get lost, fall off, etc. All for what, maybe 6 inches of savings in container length?

  • Gary

    Yet another “new” AR, people.

    • gunslinger

      the last picture is just the upper/lower split?

  • ẞ

    I saw an fbo daily solicitation for a take down 7.62x51mm a while back was there one for a 5.56 etc also??? Seem to be a lot of briefcase/takedown ARs recently.

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    Way overpriced for what it does but, moderately overpriced for what it probably costs to make. Pretty cool, but I’d rather get a U556 take-down upper on Gunbroker for ~$1000 and get a complete lower.

  • hami

    In a world of run of the mill $500 complete ARs (that appear to semi-reliably function) i am glad to at see new innovations and products like all these break down models. The price is high, maybe too high, but i have worked in a technology driven retail environment for a number of years and can practically guarantee that these AR15s will drop in price significantly over the next couple of years. Just like any new tech.

  • pretorian669

    My question is will the barrell return to zero

    • Hyok Kim

      I don’t think it’ll hold over the long run. There is a lot of threading going on with the barrel, which would eventually result in thread stripping/wearing down. Camera repair people call it, ‘Maintainence wear’. There is a way to minimize it by coating the thread with oil/grease, but even that can only go so far.

  • Hyok Kim

    “Tactical-life has a video review of it. There are moments without sound so bear with it.”

    Kudos to Tactical-life that they didn’t include that awful, obnoxious, juvenile, immature, loud farting, small dick hiding music with the video. Love that silent moment, how zen!