New TAVOR Grip from A*B Arms

AB Arms Logo

American Built Arms Company (A*B Arms) announced the introduction of a vertical grip for the IWI TAVOR called the T*Grip.  The T*Grip is designed to prevent finger pinch from the TAVOR hand stop lip that has reported by some users of grips made for the AR platform.  Additionally, the grip has “side-swells” to give the shooter a better grip on the gun.

AB Arms Tavor

T*Grips have a battery compartment to hold two AA or one CR123 batteries.  MSRP is $39.99.

Richard Johnson

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  • Jonathan

    Ugly and makes it impossible to use the proper grip technique.

  • Sepp Dietrich

    Made by goyim for a Chosen People plastic rifle.

    • suchumski

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    • Frosty_The_White_Man

      Only a goy would be stupid enough to buy such a fugly grip.

  • ColaBox

    I don’t know what’s worse, the slutty blonde cartoon or the grip…

    • Yellow Devil

      It takes one to hold one.

    • 101nomad

      Never had a problem with slutty blondes. Some of these firearms baffle me tho.

  • Max

    They could have implemented that as a waaaayy more graceful and form fitting design… This is why Magpul is so popular: good working that also looks great.

  • Andrew

    Fugly and $30 overpriced.

    Gotta love the low res cartoon girl in their logo that obviously came from a “free pinup clipart” Google image search.

  • notsobuffguy

    Tacticool or tactigay it’s both

  • 7.62 Precision

    I guess they could not come up with an original name?

    The real T-GRIP:

  • Andy

    Because when I think of honor, service, and integrity, I think of a knock-off Jessica Rabbit.

    • gunslinger

      40’s pin-ups?

  • hydepark

    I agree. It’s hideous. Oh, and I don’t like the grip, either. Not every firearms enthusiast is a heterosexual male twenty something.

  • JT

    It looks like a horse penis, but I guess it works?

    • gunslinger

      you have much experience handling them?

      • 101nomad

        Let us not ask for too much info, lest we get it.

  • Quike