TK CUSTOM S&W Model 460X in .45 RAPTOR

TK Custom, an Illinois firm specializing in the manufacturer or Moon Clips and Moon Clip revolver conversions, are now able to convert S&W Model 460 X-Series revolvers to chamber the new .45 RAPTOR cartridge.

You may ask, because the 45 RAPTOR has the same performance as the .460 S&W, why would you do this? For a start it means you could use the same high powered big bore hunting cartridge with your semi-automatic carbine and your hunting handgun, secondly it has the added advantage of being able to use Moon Clips, enabling much faster reloading of the handgun.

TK Custom Moon Clips

TK Custom Moon Clips

Steve Johnson

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  • DV

    Bottom rail for a Mpul AFG

    • Best invest in a Kevlar/Nomex sleeve for your weak-hand’s forearm before you try that. The blast from the cylinder gap will give you a nice racing stripe otherwise.

  • greasyjohn

    That was fast. But to really take advantage of the rimless cartridge, I think we need new Wildeys.

    • It wouldn’t fit in the Wildey. The .45 Raptor’s case alone is longer than the entire .45 Win Mag cartridge that the Wildey was designed around.

  • Given how floppy moon clips can be with Magnum-length cartridges, I can’t imagine how well this would work with the even longer and heavier .45 Raptor.

  • iksnilol

    Stop calling it “.45 Raptor”, the proper name is “.30 Idiot”. At least that is what we called/call the casings, since they are made by shooting 308 in a 30-06 chamber.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      So… fire-forming doesn’t work then?

      • iksnilol

        It works, just most people wouldn’t recommend it. Since weird stuff can happen in the 12 mm of freebore. Main problem is that the round is unsupported at the front.

        If you do it, I would recommend a Mauser since they grip the cartridge through the entire cycle.

  • Sean Sorrentino

    You know, I was just thinking, “How can I get a faster reload on a gun that hurts so badly to shoot I have to take a break after three rounds” and here they are making a moon clip version of the .45 Raptor! It’s like they read my mind!

    I guess this will be just the gun for the love child of Captain America and Jerry Miculek.

    • Giolli Joker

      I bet JM could do a neat video clip of 10 45 Raptor shots in under 4 seconds!
      (Considering that the manufacturer would give this conversion for free to JM, this would reduce their market to… 0 people)

    • salty

      it doesnt hurt. man up. they are a blast!!

  • Giolli Joker

    “For a start it means you could use the same high powered big bore hunting cartridge with your semi-automatic carbine and your hunting handgun.”
    This will surely please the huge market of 45Raptor chambered AR-10 users… 🙂
    OT: I would like somebody to try chambering an X frame revolver in 300BLK. That would sure appeal some owners of 300BLK AR-15 and could create an interesting gun.
    I know that backward push given by bottleneck casings may jam revolvers but the 300BLK has a very limited shoulder surface and this short lived ammunition: actually worked in modified Pietta SA revolvers. Moreover the X frame cylinder could easily accommodate at least 7 300BLK rounds (surely there’s material for more but there’s the need to keep the primers on the same circumference of the 5 .460 primers); these rimless rounds would be all connected by moonclip, therefore the backward push given by the fired shot would have to either deform the moonclip (that should have its own elasticity) or fight the increased friction given by all the other rounds. Am I just hallucinating?

    • Komrad

      look up the Magnum Research BFR
      comes in .30-30 and .45-70 and some other unconventional calibers

      • Giolli Joker

        Yep, I know it, I just think that a 300BLK X frame would be cool (.338Spectre even more…).

  • gunslinger

    any way they could do a .577 Tyrannosaur version of this pistol?

    • ryobiwankenobi

      A Tyrannosaur version would be nice but unfortunately all alphabet agency title 2 regs would apply. 505 Gibbs may be the way to go,look for the Taurus Raging Englishman revolver at SHOT next year!