M82 Airsoft Gun Uses and Ejects Co2 Cartridges Instead of Brass

The folks at Madbull Airsoft have designed a nifty Barrett M82 airsoft gun that feeds and ejects Co2 cartridges after each shot. Watch the video below:

Large amounts of Co2 allow the heavy M82-sized bolt to cycle, making the gun more realistic in function and also providing a degree of recoil. The downside is that Co2 cartridges are not cheap at about $0.50 – $0.60 each.

Steve Johnson

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  • David Knuth

    Still cheaper than .50 Cal ammo.

    • neoconfection

      Still cheaper than pretty much all large-rifle commercial-manufacture cartridges.

  • BryanS

    Doesnt looks like they are feeding and ejecting a 12gram. Looks like they pre-load each faux .50 round with gas before loading it into the rifle.

    Lots of airguns have used this method before. Does not make this any less cool though.

  • nougabol

    Yeah it doesn’t really eject CO2 cartridges… It ejects fake .50 cal casing with have a BB on top and a CO2 gas reservoir in the bottom part, you can see the guy filling up the fake cartridge with this in the beginning…


    You put CO2 in there and then fill-up the fake cartridge. the gas gets used to propel the BB, work the bolt and ejects the fake casing.

  • John

    Pretty weak for airsoft. The best airsoft gun of all times is the Japanese Western Arms M4 Patriot Pistol running on propane. The thing on full auto had muzzle rise and you would get a sore wrist after two mag dumps. At $300 (on sale), it was tons of full auto fun for those without $20,000 for a M16 and the money to feed it.

    • Anonymoose

      But does it play the MGS3 theme every time you pick it up?

  • Anonymoose

    How does it feel to get shot with one of these things, though? And what’s the effective range? I don’t see the point in lugging a Barrett around in an airsoft match unless it has longer range than (most) any other airsoft gun.

    • BryanS

      You havent seen the lengths that some of these guys go for realism. Some of the rifles can put out a fairly potent shot, requiring them to not engage close targets in a game.

      • Andrew

        Fortunately, their steady diet of Mountain Dew and Doritos also prevents them from being able to engage targets at close distances.

        • gunslinger

          watching some replays of airsoft events, i wouldn’t be so quick to judge.

    • iksnilol

      If you want to cheat (sorta) just get a .22 airgun and install an airsoft barrel.

      That or use a Red Ryder BB gun (though that is definately not legal).

    • An Interested Person

      Depends on upgrades more often than not. I have seen some airsoft sniper rifles that can make 400 foot shots with ease. They cost almost $2k, but can spell the difference between winning and losing a game. Keep in mind, these $2k rifles get used at multi-day non-stop “military simulation” events with a ticket price over $200. Some even feature strafing runs that use a real helicopter.

      This particular rifle will probably not be capable of that. Blowback systems tend to be pretty inconsistent.

  • Hunter57dor

    No, no, no.
    They are obviously using a faux brass shell casing, and filling it with green gas.

    Please, retain some journalistic integrity and RESEARCH before posting.

    • An Interested Person

      It`s an honest mistake, no need to question his integrity.

      In either event, even you are incorrect. Each cartridge is filled using the Madbull device fed from a .12 gram CO2 cartridge.

      • Hunter57dor

        …Which is a replacement for green gas cylinders.

        which actually, in my experience becomes kind of a pain, c02 tends to dry out the internal seals, blow out lubricants, etc. compared to green gas/ Propane. requires way more cleaning.

        • Mystick

          CO2 carts were used in airsoft long before green gas/propane…back in the day when the only airsoft guns were from Japan.

        • brainy37

          Green gas operates at 80psi-120psi depending on temperature. Co2 operates at 850psi. Co2 is not a replacement for green gas/propane cylinders in any way shape or form. Airsoft guns need to have it regulated down to a lower psi by a lot. Unless those brass shells each have their own regulator built in then I doubt that you could substitute green gas/propane for Co2.

  • gunslinger

    is there a mag that can hold multiple shots?

  • III J

    I have wondered, since owning my first Crosman as a kid – how hard would it be to design a single shot smoothbore “weapon” which would actually fire the CO2 cylinder itself, as a projectile? With the blunt end facing forward, and some firing-pin style device to puncture the seal, would the cylinder leave the muzzle with enough energy to be useful? Or would the weight of the cylinder make the energy useless, and simply drop the cylinder out a foot from the muzzle?

  • Jimbo

    Is the CO2 gas PROPELLING anything? Emptying a CO2 cartridge for each shot should propel a very large bullet.

  • guest

    TFB, please less of the everything non-gun related (arisoft are toys not guns), and more of the content relevant to the website’s name.

    You supposedly have several members of the staff… I do not believe for a second the world is suddenly in such a firearms news vacuum that you have to resort to airsoft and gardening accessories.