Aliens M41A conversion. Yes it shoots real bullets

Lage Manufacturing made this one off Aliens M41A Pulse rifle. It is a M-11 in 9mm shoved into the body of a M41A Pulse Rifle. They used a Remington 870 AOW/SBS for the grenade launcher portion of the Pulse Rifle. The actual movie prop was based off a Thompson M1A and a Franchi SPAS 12 shotgun. I don’t care what the Lage MFG pulse rifle is made of. It looks really cool and the round counter works. I would love a semi auto version of this.

Nicholas C

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  • 1leggeddog
  • hami

    I believe Tom Bostic of made one also. Or maybe he is affiliated somehow and this is the same rifle. Either way he is also the mind behind the SL8 to XM8 conversion. Here is a pic of the pulse rifle from his website:

    • yzfchet

      I seriously doubt he made one identical to Richard Lage’s and I know that he was in no way affiliated with the project. I’ve shot this pulse rifle replica and I can tell you it is one heavy SOB! Almost no recoil when you shoot the shotgun and virtually no muzzle flip when firing the M11/9 portion. Because it requires two (2) NFA tax stamps – one for the M11/9 and one for the SBS – it is impractical as anything but what it is: something Richard always wanted to build so he did.

  • Matrix_3692

    I wish someone would make a 10mm Auto variant, you know, just to keep in canon XD.

    • avconsumer2

      *10mmHE caseless

      • 11b

        *30mm HEDP, lets go all the way 😉

        • iksnilol

          Those two letters improve everything…except cake.

          You don’t want HE cake.

          • Stojespal

            So is HE-Man your sapper?

        • Joshua

          10x24mm caseless exploding tip is the standard, designated M309.

  • Matrix_3692

    Wait, wasn’t that video almost 4 years ago? did they made a full-scale production line now?

  • sianmink


  • Nick. D

    Welcome to last decade, nick. do you make a habit of reposting old stuff?

    • Nicholas C

      Nothing wrong with re-discovering things that are cool. It may be old to you but it may be new to some.

      • KestrelBike

        I hadn’t seen it, and I thank you!

        Also re the weapon: WIN!!!

    • It gets my seal of approval. I mean you think about it. Someone who was say 17 or 18 may have never heard of it. Older readers may not have seen it either. Just because you and I know about it doesn’t mean everyone has. That and it’s very cool:-)
      I know I posted a Detonics Combat Master on Facebook. I got several comments about having never seen one or what is it.

      • TangledThorns

        Phil, I agree with Nick D. I come to this blog for new firearm news.

  • mechamaster

    It’s cool classic example of movie-replica firearms. But, I reaally want to see someone modding the VHS-2 Assault Rifle into this M55 Rumbler. Lol.

    • ColaBox

      I don’t think gunsmithing has come that far yet, but if they build it I will buy, hell id sell my car to fund the purchase. Also, I believe the guys at Guerilla said it was based off the ACR.

      • mikewest007

        Yep, and the previous version was based on LR-300.

  • iksnilol

    I have a feeling that it would be more popular in 5.56.

    You could get an airsoft version, gut the internals and insert another gun in it.

    You could easily fit a .22 in it, maybe some skinny AR?

  • Mr Mxyzptlk

    The actual movie guns had an 870 for the shotgun as well, they only used the heat shield off of a SPAS-12.

  • Sulaco

    V What he said!!!

  • Richard Lage

    All you want to know about the MAX-41A is here:

    The video on the webpage shows of more detail.

    Richard Lage
    Lage Manufacturing

  • tt_ttf

    The team at Gearbox games who were doing the Colonial Marines game had a working M41a made a few years back – I am wondering if this is that weapon

  • LCON

    <3<3<3 The Original was a Thompson SMG matted to a Ithaca feather light cut down to 3 rounds ( think master Key) encased in parts of a Spaz 12.

  • big daddy

    I’d just be happy being able to turn my AR pistols into full auto. But I’ll take a phased plasma rifle in a 40 watt range.

    • Sid

      I want to purchase mine in a package deal along with a 12 gauge autoloader, Uzi 9 millimeter, and a .45 cal long slide.

      • gunslinger

        what about the “voice activated ammo” from judge dread? minus the dna fingerprinting…

  • Jake from Ypsi, MI

    Richard Lage is an ARTIST and that is one beautiful and heavy gun!

  • Seth Martin

    Comment for awesomeness alone.

  • JT

    Yep, this one from years ago. Unfortunately back then the guy wasn’t selling 🙁

  • Stojespal

    Actually if you want one, contact Phil Steinschneider – he makes replicas based off the real thing, demilled Thompsons and Remingtons complete with SPAS parts and working counters.

    I had one once, and was halfway to getting a semiauto version before my gunsmith in Vegas turned into a giant jerk and flaked off on all his jobs, leaving everyone with half a gun. Sold it off to a friend, but I can directly testify to the quality of the parts. If you flip through the site you’ll see the whole build process; it’s a damn nice piece of kit and as long as you are careful with the barrel work you should be fine. I’d be real hesitant to use that shotgun with anything but low-brass low-recoil birdshot though…

  • Joshua

    What point is there to the stupid size of that gun if it is not firing 10x24mm caseless ammunition from their 99 round U fed box magazine….Cmon guys get with the program….sheesh.

    Though don’t forget to download by 2 rounds or else feeding issues will occur.

  • gunslinger

    but is it in the 40 watt range?

    oh wait…

  • Leigh Rich

    Kinda stupid

  • Lance

    Do we get Han Solo’s Broom Handel Blaster next????

  • RobGR

    They came out with this in 2009 and even then it wasn’t available for the general consumer, so who cares! It’s cool, but I can’t own it, therefore I hate it.

  • Astrogoth

    Caseless. Nope.