Russian Students Field Strip an AK

While American kids are busy occupying their time trying to stack cups or solve Rubik’s cubes as fast as they can, these Russian students are competing in a competition. The goal? To disassemble or reassemble an AK. Just watch the kid at 3:00 min into the video. He is wearing a glove just so he can go faster. It is really impressive to watch. I am a little jealous that my PE classes in High School didn’t have AR field stripping challenges.

Nicholas C

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  • lapkonium

    They’re Russian too much, assembly may, in fact, turn out to be faster done a little more calmly.

    • dan

      Says the guy not featured in any AK speed assembly/disassembly video. Post a video to prove your point or your opinion doesn’t amount to much.

      • bernardg

        ^ This guy…. the joke flying past by him on the face & he just didn’t notice it.

  • dp

    After years (what years, decades) I still miss a point why anyone bothers to do this. There is standard clearing procedure (mag out, draw action…), is it not enough? Besides, guns are built to maximum reliability and unless they were dumped in tar or under pile of sand or both in combination, they will always work. I am not talking about cleaning, that is something else and I do not have objection to that (although, I have seen many guns worn more by cleaning than shooting). But this seem to be little over the top; it may be new Olympic discipline.

    • Steve Truffer

      Its more how to do assorted tasks under stress, maintain fine motor control, to think and follow previous instructions. Note How they were removing the cleaning kit first, then moving on to slapping the rod out before removing the muzzle brake- even though Its much faster to take the brake off first, then slide the rod off- then working on things in the middle of the AK. The fastest and most efficient would have been:
      Dust cover
      Spring/ Guide rod
      Carrier, popping out the bolt along the way
      Gas tube
      Muzzle brake
      Cleaning Rod
      Reverse this process for reassembly.

      Seems to me like a good way to teach kids how to perform under stress (testing and deadlines come to mind), and give them instant gratification of success to boot- as opposed to our constant attempts to impress “You’ll thank me later” or “You’ll need this later” into the minds of 5-18 year olds, who, until age 15, will likely either completely fail to understand the concept of algebra, or have only a dubious grasp of it. We might do well to try a similar exercise.

      • nougabol

        Giving into “instant gratification of success” is what is mostly wrong with some education systems in the first place over the last 10 to 15 years…

        Instant of saying “you’ll thank me later” or “you’ll need this later” you should always strive to make hard stuff easier explained or construct an environment that suits both parties. always try and search for different ways to explain stuff that is hard to do…

        Saying, well that other stuff is to hard and they don’t like to do anyway, I’ll make it easier on myself as teacher and give them something easy to do so… is the path of least resistance that eventually leads to trouble later on…

        Algebra is hard !!! Oh well fuck it, lets teach them something easy so they don’t complain and we can do our jobs without much trouble and go home feeling gratified and pad ourselves on the back…

        While doing them, ourselfs and society a disservice that will lasts generations to come… The culture of complacency and shortsightedness is the dead of modern society…

        I like weapons and these types of little competitions, but time at school should be spend better with other types of educational type of activities.

        Lots of kids play a lot of video games at home which are completely up to the task of learning fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, stress management… Quite a few of them firing guns and work around them… but leave school for education…

        See here also… And it is only getting worse… Basic skills lacking…

        “Ready, willing and unable to serve.”

        • nougabol

          American kids that are staking cups and solving rubic’s cubes in the long-run are going to make better soldiers… They will design and operate better and more complicated weapon systems… They will solve problems much faster and more efficiently…..

          Having basic weapon skills doesn’t make anybody a better or smarter soldier… You just know how to handle a weapon… That’s it… Brains win wars…

          • The Hun

            seriously? after all the electronics gadgets have gone to **** it will come down to basic skills and reliable weapons like the AK. you have to remember- all of the fancy US military gadgets require a tremendous amount of maintenance and energy inputs

          • Christopher

            That’s why you’ll never see something like this in America, An AR is too far delicate to give to a High Schooler and not break.

          • Weaver

            I have never seen an AR15 or M4 break because too many people/soldiers handled it. It’s a tougher weapon system then what people give it credit it for.

          • iksnilol

            You guys missed the point. It is simply about thinking under stress (the timer) and seeing the result of your work (assembled/disassembled rifle).

            Also if you think that only soldiers are important (especially in the future) then I feel very sorry for you.

          • Manny Fal

            Not really. This serves little practical use given how reliable and how little cleaning the Ak needs.

            This is simply a form of intimidation to their enemies. Since such fine motor control skills may translate to good shooting form. In a similar way marching is now used as a sign of a militaries discipline. (When previously it was just how troops travelled). Just look at the North Korean army march.

          • iksnilol

            It isn’t about the rifle. It is like I said previously, simple way to test fine motor skills under stress.

            I doubt anybody is going to be intimidated bumy teenagers assembling/disassemblibg rifles. Also if they wanted to scare they would have filmed it themselves.

          • Sulaco

            You tend to think of this age group being awkward and shy, try going to a martial arts completion with kids that have been doing karate since they were six or seven. Put most general adults to shame and can move and act with incredible discipline and force. Its a little un-nerving and at the same time a joy to witness. Human potential, properly harnessed is an awesome force to be reckoned

          • Bp. David

            Manny Fal–They march with a nice GoossenShteppen, like a good Nazi!

          • ColaBox

            We cant give a gun of any kind to high schoolers today because most of the would either aim it at each other or pretend its their dick. Believe me.

          • 101nomad

            We have not won any lately.

        • Steve Truffer

          You missed my point by a long shot. I wasn’t talking about how “difficult” (or not) modern schooling is, I was referring to the ineffectual methods being used today by incompetent people, taught by institutions completely alien to reality. Instead of trying to tell an age group that is not yet developed enough to adequately handle abstract math -my school system tries to teach algebra at 7th grade, then teach geometry at 9th, when most people are mentally developed enough to handle concrete concepts like geometry at a young age, but be fail to adequately comprehend abstraction such as algebra until age 14 or so – we should be doing as this Russian school is doing, and encouraging students to handle stress with a tangible result. Instead of saying “it’ll help later”, they are completing a methodical task under the pressure of time, and seeing the result (a completely dis/reassembled rifle). We should teach the teacher to demonstrate how something works, and show a child the end result. How effective is a workplace if the employees work on a project, but never know if or how well something worked out?

          And while the topic of guns in school is touchy, I was referring to the principle. Put something together, take it apart, identify an issue, fix an issue, whatever. Make them think in a stressed state of mind, and give them something they can look at and understand what they did. If you build things as a hobby, you should understand this. If you’ve ever taken a course on coding, do you remember the first time you made something work, when computers are incredibly intolerant of mistakes, and how if you changed something, how that change affected your program?

          When a teacher cannot properly teach, those who most need to learn, don’t.

      • dp

        Thanks for your response Steve! You seemed to develop quite a few ideas regarding education system in general; quite interesting especially so assuming you are an American citizen. I must say they present great deal of truism. On balance, what we see here in video is kind of motoric skills presentation, not much more and definitely not academics. Yes, I suppose young people need some sort of challenge; they are born for it.

        • Steve Truffer

          High school in VA, but dually enrolled in college. Yeah, I know. Half my teachers rely on me to help teach. Guess when the class test average goes up… : |

  • TX

    That he is a she, BTW.

    • gunslinger

      say what?

    • Bp. David

      Exactly what I was thinking since the Ruskies don’t tolerate girlie-boys who would look that feminine! Wow–girls who can field strip an AK. Almost makes one want to move!

      • Zugunder

        Yeah, also we like vodka and bears (seriously, though, don’t drink while you ride your bear!)

        • 101nomad

          Tell that to the bear.

  • michael

    I think some of these comments miss the forest for the trees… In this country we have kindergarteners suspended for chewing a cookie into the shape of a gun, or elementary students suspended for bringing in a plastic toy soldier, or a tiny toy gun, and it happens practically ever week. When I was in high school, we actually had an indoor shooting range. Can you imagine a high school PE class here field stripping any weapon, much less an AR????

    • ColaBox

      In mine we had a pellet range for the NJROTC class. I was even on the rifle team for while. Never got to compete though sadly. I heard that in the old days they used real rifles for this sort of thing, man I wish we coulda experienced that.

      • Bp. David

        50 years ago, when I was in the 6th grade, I carried my Win. 22 to school with me to go target shooting and squirrel hunting in the woods on the way home. Nowadays, I could be arrested for even mentioning that at the same school!

        • 101nomad

          Exactly. We never thought of shooting another human, besides, that would have been against the law. I am not being sarcastic, really, there were laws. breaking them meant jail.

    • big daddy

      In my school we had blades and zip guns.

      • III J

        you must be from my time. I could have shown you how to make a single shot .22 from a car antenna,. rubber band, electrical tape and a nail, back then. Good times, good times.

        • big daddy

          Yes I’m from New York City. Car antenna, rubber bands, a nail and a door latch on a piece of wood made to look like an old muzzle loading pistol. Born in the 1950s, getting OLD.

  • The Hun

    impressive- and not a tattoo or baggy set of pants or among them

    • 101nomad

      They look like clean cut kids to me.

  • ATman

    They put my SKS field stripping abilities to shame.

  • BattleshipGrey

    Why is the muzzle brake part of the disassembly process? My MAK90 wasn’t blessed with that ability, so I’m just curious. Good for these kids though, meanwhile back in the USSR…I mean USA, kids are getting busted down for even having a piece of bread shaped like a gun.

  • Steve

    Another reason to love the AK – anybody can learn how to strip it.

    • dan

      What no one can learn to strip other guns? I was stripping far more complicated guns at a younger age than these kids and didn’t seem to have a lot of trouble after instruction. Any kid thatcplayed with erector sets, tinker toys, or legos you can pretty much disassemble/reassemble any gun out there.
      Could I do it as quickly as them? No, but that isn’t what your comment was about.

    • MrApple

      The AR isn’t really all that difficult to break down either.

  • masterduckmaster

    In North America!? Not a chance! Can you imagine all the freaked out soccer moms and how the left media will love to label it as “child killer in the training “

    • MacK

      Saw this on another forum, apparently this movie is from the Russian equivilant of a “Hilter Youth” program from some pretty extreme faction there. So yeah, Child Killer in Training 😉

      • mrkamu

        If all the girls look like that, where do I sign up?

        • gunslinger

          they’d kick your behind 12 ways to sunday…

          • mrkamu

            Some people are into that, you know.

          • Mack

            girls are like multiplication, anything under 18, you just do in your head. 🙂

          • mrkamu

            Haha, I’ve never heard that one before. Love it.

        • Black Jock

          Better be careful, having a thing for 15 year old girls can get you in trouble in a lot of places.

          • mrkamu

            Hmm says they are indeed in grade 9-10. They look a bit older. Ah well.

      • echelon

        Link? How credible is the information? Propaganda on top of propaganda…

        • Fred Johnson

          I have a customer who grew up in Russia and while working on a machine together recently he brought up one of the requirements of his high school over there. That was field stripping and reassembling an AK47. The thing that stuck in my mind was that if the speed of take down and reassembly was less than 25 seconds, it rated an “A”.

          Believe it, or not.

          • echelon

            I was replying to MacK’s assertion that this was some sort of “Russian Hitler Youth” program.

            I’ve seen other videos and articles about various Russian school programs where weapon knowledge and use it taught so I have no doubt it’s part of some curriculum somewhere…but anecdotes and stories on the internet somehow have the power to become gospel without any actual verification or proof. People just believe it and regurgitate it.

          • Fred Johson

            Some how I missed your comment being a reply in the long reply string. Oooops.

      • Bp. David

        Yes, MacK–and the US is being wussified like the Frenchie-Boys of the 1930’s, just before the macho Germans taught them a few lessons of war.

      • bernardg

        They’re “Putin Youth”

      • Michel_T

        So I guess it’s their equivalent to our boyscout…

        But they don’t segregate Male/Female and they’re still allowed to play with guns


    • n0truscotsman

      Nope and the messed up part is that the generation of soft American kids that grew up under the overprotective soccer moms actually thinks it can go to war with generations of Russian kids like this…

      Its laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

  • hkryan

    I guess I’m really slow at it!

  • phuzz

    At about the same age I was sat in a classroom at school learning how to strip an L98 (a manually cocked SA80 with the gas parts removed and a longer cocking handle, for cadets to use).
    Most people in Britain don’t realise that this happens at a lot of private schools, and that most have an armoury and shooting range on site. The Combined Cadet Force is not one of the things that most schools advertise.

    • noob

      In Australia also. If you’re above a certain level of privilege you can do a lot more things than the state school kids. Things that you would think should be the right of all people.

      disclosure – I was above that certain level of privilege too. It still doesn’t quite sit well with the image of an egalitarian society.

  • Nicholas Mew

    I can do this blind folded but I still cannot solve a Rubik’s Cube.

    • gunslinger

      any rubik’s cube can be solved in like 20 moves or less

    • III J

      Ha! AK man solve little cube puzzle with one round! Then move onto Berlin!

  • oldie but a goodie

  • Dave Riegler

    The femmazation of our men better stop or we’re DOOMED!!!

  • Pete

    For Western kids…LGBT (or whatever they are now) leasons…

  • 1911a145acp

    Wait a minute!? Where are all the fat, pudgy, pasty soda swilling couch potatoe video gamers!?

    • MrApple

      Here in the US.

      • 1911a145acp


  • 1911a145acp

    Hhhmm… Let’s see, Weapons familiarization,combined wit goal oriented, performance & outcome based learning, team work and cooperation that result in stellar performance- just the way your kids in the US are taught everyday….right?

    • Steve Truffer

      Sh!t, if only. Excelling in one area mean no assistance in others, teachers point out the slightest mistakes of self motivated kids, and if you even entertain the notion of individual thought, you are punished.

      • III J

        BUT the US schools make up for it with deep thoughts like the Common Core questions of ‘did the Holocaust really happen’, or supplying the first graders with books like ‘Heather has Two Mommies”, or the ninth-graders on how to put a condom on a banana! So you see? We are winning!!! The Teachers Unions said so!

  • tribbles

    In Soviet Russia, AK strips you.

  • Mack

    i don’t have an ak, so can someone please tell me what the thing they take out of the stock is and what its used for?

    • Steve Truffer

      Cleaning Kit, in a self contained tube. If you don’t know how a cleaning kit works…

      • Mack

        i am not an expert on cleaning kits, but i did stay at a holiday inn and express last night! 🙂 should be able to figure that out! thanks on the information.

    • 1911a145acp

      The cleaning kit is stored in a tube that is held under a spring loaded trap door in the butt stock. The steel cleaning rod is stored under the barrel with tension. They are using a karate chop motion to “pop” the cleaning rod out in one smooth motion. “Clever girls….” This is a well worn example as the lever to release the gas tube is usually MUCH stiffer…

  • Jimbo

    I know a gal who immigrated to the USA from Ukraine. She said when she was in grade school, they practiced marching, and gun maintenance with dummy AK’s. When they got into Jr. High or High school, they were practicing firing and field stripping AK’s, and throwing grenades. I asked why, and she said they were worried about the US invading. What were we doing in the US? Practicing crawling under desks or cowering up against lockers in case of an air raid.

    • Fred Johnson

      and none of it made sense since the biggest fear was of inbound nukes.

      • Dan

        The biggest fear then is still my biggest fear now. Politicians lying to & manipulating their citizens to justify an unnecessary war for their own financial gain. When are people going to wake up to the fact that our elected officials use us as pawns?

  • Fred Johnson

    A new Olympic relay sport! Woohoo!

  • 1911a145acp

    The young man in the red shirt… Mr. Intensity! I want him on my squad!

  • Justice

    I think I’ll be sending my kids to school in Russia. That way they are won’t grow up oppressed like they do here in the US.

    • ExNuke

      Worked in Russia (Far East) over 4 years, married a Russian while there and have a Russian Step-son. He came to the US after finishing High school there. Funny, he actually got an education, wanted to and did work while in College. Learned English after getting here and made the Dean’s List for his last 3 years. They don’t coddle, you don’t get trophies for participating and if the volunteer teacher can afford one your mistakes get marked with a Red Pen. The budget for a high school with 500 students wouldn’t support the teacher’s lounge coffee bill here. The way we try to buy results with money here is a joke. Yes, they actually do have the army teach kids about military weapons there.

  • Ripley

    Starting a field strip by charging the rifle with a magazine inserted looks like total madness to me.