Nosler making Noveske branded ammunition

Nosler has announced that it is making a line of Noveske branded ammunition intended for Novekse rifles. Initial release calibers include 5.56mm in 55gr Varmageddon and 60gr Ballistic Tip varieties, .300 AAC Blackout in 110gr Varmageddon (supersonic) and 220gr Subsonic varieties, and 7.62×51 in 110gr Varmageddon and 168gr Ballistic Tip varieties. The cartridges are entirely black nickel plated, similar to the cases of the original run of the Hornady TAP FPD line of cartridges. Interestingly, the plastic tips of some of the cartridges appear to be designed to glow in the dark.

No release date has yet been announced.

Nathaniel F

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  • Will

    I could pretend that I’ll wait for more information, but I’m too busy trying to push dollar bills through my monitor. The fact is that its Nosler/Noveske, so it won’t be bad ammo and it looks freaking wild. Count me in for some 220 subs and 110 .308s.

  • David

    “intended for Novekse rifles.”

    Specific ammo designed for a specific brand rifle???

    • gunslinger

      totally will work, right?

  • santi

    Shhhhh…..just take my money Noveske…..

  • mechamaster

    Maybe Noveske want to make bullet that contain some Phosphorus-like paint in the plastic tip for glow-in-the dark effect.

  • gunslinger

    glow in the dark…tracers…


    • Andrew

      It’s simply to make it easier to find & load in the dark…not T3H TRAC3RZ!!1!11!

      • gunslinger

        sure, if they are stored in the sun to charge the GitD material 🙂

    • Steve Truffer

      “This end towards enemy” for when something goes bump in the dark.

      • gunslinger

        problem is that GitD needs to be in sun to charge. are you going to keep your ammo out in the open? 😉

        • Steve Truffer

          next to bed. grab rifle, grab mag, load up & go.

          • gunslinger

            why not keep a full mag instead of an empty one you have to load?

          • Steve Truffer

            The mag’s loaded. Just not in the gun.

          • gunslinger

            then why do you need GitD? is it that hard to load a mag in the dark? a tip (maybe 2-3 are charged) will help?


          • Steve Truffer

            The mag is rectangular, and having an indicator of “up and forward” wouldn’t hurt.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Black plated, glow in the dark plastic tips, leveraging Noveske’s name…

    This couldn’t scream “Gimmick!” louder if it tried. No doubt it’ll be great ammo, but there are a lot of options for great ammo that can stand on their performance merits and don’t need the extra gimmicks.

    The price is sure to be absolutely top tier. So no thanks. I’m sure I’ll find better or equally good ammo where they didn’t have to try so hard.

    Priced competitively, sure! But this will not be. This is for people who like to look at ammo… I like to shoot it.

  • iksnilol

    Can’t wait for Glock brand ammo.

    That way we could shoot with Glock brand Glock ammo through a Glock brand Glock.

  • Sam Schifo

    It is definitely going to be good quality ammo, but that also means that it is going to be expensive. If they are going the glow in the dark plastic tip route, it would be nice if they color coded bullet weights by caliber. Like have different colors for 220gr and 110gr .300 BLK, 168gr and 110gr .308, etc. That way it would be easier to tell what weights you have after you load your mags.

  • ColaBox

    Ill take one round. One. For the novelty. Im going to guess 5 bucks a cartridge.

  • matt

    Looks like the ammo from this spoof video.

  • Rick

    The good thing is that it will be priced competitively and their is going to be more .300blk on the market and its factory made not like others that have been reloaded from necked down 5.56×45 brass. I for one want to see .300BLK excel, its the perfect round for quiet close up work and then some. I could careless for the black nickel and the glow tip, If i wanted that I would use a sharpie and some glow in the dark spray paint =). #Tacticool…