Thrym Switchback Tactical Flashlight Ring

David Reeder, over at Recoil, reviews the Thrym Switchback. It is a ring that you slide onto your flashlight. Combat rings are not a new concept. SureFire put rings on their lights starting with the Combat designed Z series lights. SureFire developed the “syringe” grip. You hold the light like a cigar or a syringe. The ring around the body of the light is what you push your fingers up against. This method works but takes a bit of practice with a firearm. I dont like it because you have a light between your support hand and the pistol.


SureFire also made Combat Rings that you can slip onto their 1″ body lights. Here is an old pic I took of mine. The SureFire Combat Rings were great and inexpensive. $10 for a three pack. The one with the finger loop is most like the Switchback. However, the Combat Rings are rubber with a hard polymer stiffener molded into the rubber.  Also they only work for 1″ bodied lights, like the 6P, Fury series, C2, G2 etc. They do not work for the E-series of lights like the E1B, E2DL, etc.



Raven Concealment also made something similar and added a pocket clip. One of the short comings of the SureFire rings setup, is that it is not pocket clip friendly.


When using the SureFire Rogers/Syringe you would put the combat ring close to the end near the tailcap. Then having the light in between your fingers, you would grab your pistol as you would normally for support, all the while pulling the tailcap into a knuckle of your firing hand. This works but you have a 1″ flashlight between your support fingers. The Raven Concealment setup is just a rubber O-ring on a pocket clip. The ring is not indexed at the same position all the time, so using it can hinder your draw. Also it is only compatible with larger 1″ diameter lights. No love for the E-series lights.

Thyrm’s Switchback comes in two sizes. One for 1″ lights and the other for E-series sized lights. The concept of the Switch back is very intriguing. It seems to take all the best from the preceding ring designs and only taking the good aspects.  The only critique I have is the position of the pocket clip. I understand that its position makes it universal for righties and lefties. However I would have preferred the pocket clip to be 90 degrees from the ring. As I EDC a light with a pocket clip, the idea of having the pocket clip pointing backwards rather than parallel with my pocket just seems awkward.

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  • JustinBiscuit

    I struggle to see where this would be useful. Oh wait…It tactical? Ordering 2 ASAP….

  • iksnilol

    I thought most modern pistols have a rail for this purpose?

    • Cymond

      I agree, but some people argue that a flashlight should be separate from a firearm. There may be some things you want to illuminate but do not want to point a loaded gun at.

      • iksnilol

        But if you use the ring correctly then the gun points at whatever you illuminate.

        • Cymond

          Yes, when you bring your hands together, but you can lower your right hand (and gun) while still pointing the flashlight with your left hand. The light and the gun are on the same target when you want it, and not when you don’t. It’s a win-win.

          Personally, I think a separate light is good when searching or the user doesn’t expect to shoot, but I find it tricky to use a ring/syringe light. When shooting is needed, a rail mounted light simplifies the grip and hand positioning. Both methods have advantages & disadvantages, and I can see both sides of the debate.

  • AznMike

    Only time I can really see me using this is if I had to live in a state with restricted capacity and I use a revolver.

  • patrickiv

    Looks like a great way to break a finger.

    • sdelcegno

      It’s flexible rubber not solid ring.

  • Dick is a Dick

    Wow, that looks totally useful and tacticool! I should totally buy one!

    Said no intelligent person ever. Pistols have rails for flashlights, man. Even if not, you will have to practice with your flashlight, but I honestly don’t see what’s wrong with practicing some more.

    • Wut

      I don’t get it. Are you saying rail mounted lights are useless because they’re tacticool? Or are you recommending them because you like to point your weapon at everything you want to illuminate? Or are you saying poor retention of lights is good because it makes you train? I use a ceiling mounted tactical light paired with a break action single shot 12 gauge. But y’know what? I never suggest that you gun nuts’ wrong choice of a glock 20 reflects on your intelligence. I really do wish we could stop ridiculing every piece of equipment that other people like around here.

  • Dave

    That SVI 1911 tho…
    Come on, guys, it’s not just tacticool. It’s useful because it allows you to have a flashlight ready without throwing off your practiced grip position rather than using a Harries technique that you may not be as comfortable or experienced in using. In a home invasion scenario it’s the training that you have done that allows for consistence and confidence before a potentially life threatening encounter.

  • sdelcegno

    There are many advantages to not having a light mounted to the gun. Lights are not always a good thing they can work in an opposite effect. Also a light ring allows you to use the light without altering your normal pistol grip. There is more to using tactics
    Lights than just turning them on.

  • SafeArmsReview

    Sorry but I’ll pass on this too. Nothing like fumbling around with flashlight and ring when you have to cuff someone up or do some other time essential task.

    IMHO it’s another gadget that will end up in a drawer collecting dust with the other tacticool stuff.

  • This looks interesting. I also see this as a useful gun accessory and not just a “tacticool” one. I might get myself to try this flashlight ring pretty soon. Thanks for this article! 🙂

  • gunslinger

    look awkward as hell. would need hands on

  • Dr Sick

    What is that gun ?

  • BrianHook

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