Captain Morgan and Cannons


Alcohol and firearms are not a good combination. But that only applies to drinking said alcohol and operating said firearms. Using a cannon, supplied by Captain Morgan, to shoot at some drinks is totally ok. The Slo Mo Guys video the cannon ball smashing thru a pyramid of glasses and drinks captured in super slow motion. I hope more alcohol companies take note and combine alcohol with firearms responsibly. Enjoy.

Nicholas C

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  • jamezb

    I love the ball emerging from the smoke…lol very nice.

  • Jeff Smith

    If their product did to give me heartburn that mirrored a heart attack, I’d go buy a bottle of rum to support them.

    • Blake

      Try their “Private Stock”. It’s made like real rum should be: aged in oak barrels instead of mass-produced at industrial scale. One of the better cheap rums out there.

  • Bruce

    Hmm, I gotta say that cannon design doesn’t appear to exceed my welding skills…..

  • jimmy

    I don’t think that’s a real cannon

    • Blake

      Not any more of a “real” cannon than this Punkin Chunker.

      If it uses high-pressure gas to force a projectile down a tube, it’s a cannon!

  • Sulaco

    Finding a holster is going to suck….