Magpul PMAG AUS GEN M3 Mags for Steyr AUG

Magpul just announced their new PMAG AUS GEN M3 Window 5.56×45 Magazines for Steyr AUG/F88/F90 rifles. Magpul developed them for the Australian Military who use the F88 Austeyr. Just like with Magpul’s AR magazines their new AUG mags make use of a long-life USGI-spec stainless steel spring and have a four-way anti-tilt follower. They’re made in the U.S.A. and retail for $19.95, they’re expected to ship fall 2014.

Check out for more info.

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  • ArcRoyale

    My wife will be happy about that.

  • FourString

    YUSSSSSSSSSSSS cheap AUG mags yaaaaaaaaaaaas :DDDDD

  • Awesome!

  • Trpy

    One cool thing about AUG mags that nobody mentions is their ability to load to a longer COAL. If Steyr would just sell a match trigger the AUG would be king.

    • FourString

      what’s a COAL? sounds like something Santa would do xD

      • J.T.

        Cartridge OverAll Length.

        • FourString

          whoa didnt know that about the AUG @Trpy

  • The AUG mags came out before the metal-reinforced AK mags???

    • J.T.

      Because there is a military contract for the AUG mags and there isn’t one for the AK mags.

      • Eh, maybe, but there’s so many millions more AK-47s than AUG rifles, and some of the AUG rifles are set up to use STANAG magazines anyway.

  • Sulaco

    I don’t suppose there is any chance these will work/function in the MSAR AUG copies?

    • ArcRoyale

      Depends on what version you have. If it’s a gen 1 or 2 it wont work w/o modification. Gen 3 or 4 it should work fine. The earlier versions had a rib in the mag well that kept you from using Steyr magazines, but you can apparently remove that with a file. The rib was not present on the gen 3 and 4 models. You can probably just look to see if it is there or not.

      Info from:

      • Sulaco

        Thanks for that info. Mags for the original SGT556 are always an issue. That rib in the mag well, if its removed I would assume then the older mags for the MSAR gen 1 would then not work? Nuts got to sell that thing and get an A10…

  • santi

    I have to think that Magpul has done their research to find that it
    would be profitable to make magazines for such a specific platform, the
    Steyr AUG. I, as a consumer can not see the profitability in that niche item.
    Within the next decade I believe we will be seeing a up rise in the
    bullpup platform market. It only makes sense being that the AR-15 is becoming a bore and consumers want something refreshing but my point I am trying to
    make here is… isn’t the AUG a little bit antiquated these days? I
    mean it really hasn’t changed design since when it was conceived in the
    70’s, late 70’s I think. This is not to say it is not an effective and
    efficient weapon still. Steyr was miles ahead of the game when it came
    to innovation in the latter days. With all these new designs coming out
    within the next few years, I believe we wont be thinking much of the
    AUG. Even still there is offered an AR-15 mag conversion kit for the
    rifle if one decides not to use the proprietary AUG .556 mags. Which I
    believe to be more efficient when it comes to owning multiple rifles of
    that caliber. In that instance I would be using my large stash of
    beautiful Pmags that I already own once I have purchased a Steyr. Which
    will happen someday. Anyway, I feel I do not think it was necessary for
    Magpul to make this step, blessed be their existence.

    Magpul if you are listening! Lets get into pistol magazines and start
    with extended magazines for GLOCK. I can only imagine how beautiful and
    clever the design would be to mate a Magpul designed 9mm(or whatever
    caliber you wish) magazine to my GLOCK 19 GEN 4. Pure magic. All in
    favor say AYE!

    • J.T.

      “I have to think that Magpul has done their research to find that it
      would be profitable to make magazines for such a specific platform, the
      Steyr AUG.”

      I am pretty sure they developed them by request for the Australian military. Military contracts are profitable.

      • santi

        Oh yeah, that’ll do it!

  • WFA

    Would love to know why the Australian Military has not swapped to the same primary infantry weapon platform as their US ally who use the AR/M4.
    And why are they interested in buying USA made product when they where able to source locally made AUG magazines in Australia?

    • fasctmalloy

      Regular Aust Army used to use M16A1s from the 1960s-late80s. In trials for a 5.56mm rifle the Army chose the M16A2; Colt wouldn’t grant a local production license so the Steyr AUG was chosen (the Army’s 2nd preference). M4s still issued to special forces, some units in Army, Air Force and Navy.

      This magazine is most likely intended for American Steyr AUG-rifle users.