Ares Defense Officially Announces SCR Release at NRA

Ares Defense has now put out a press release confirming the release of the SCR at NRA next week.I would also like to add that Ares Defense out of Florida is not affiliated with Ares Armor out of California, a distinction I would like to make after some comments on the last post regarding the SCR release.

So the video that was posted by B&H Gun Sales has now been confirmed as a real.  I am always a little leery videos about something posted to YouTube on a channel without any credibility or one video posted.  So to see an official press release is a reassuring.

Here is the press release from Ares Defense:

(Melbourne, FL) April 8, 2014 ARES Defense will roll out an all new rifle platform for the American sportsman at the NRA Show in Indianapolis, April 25-27.  The innovative, patented ARES SCR™ (Sport Configurable Rifle) is the first of its class of firearms that is legal in all 50 states.

The ARES SCR™ blends strength, reliability, accuracy with the rugged all weather characteristics of America’s longest serving infantry rifle and the classic lines of an all-American sporter.  Lightweight, accurate and featuring a MIL-STD 1913 flat top upper receiver that accepts most modern optics, the ARES SCR™ is designed to perform under the most demanding field, competitive shooting or tactical conditions.  The multi-caliber, modular design permits the operator to instantly change calibers in the field by simply pressing two pins and exchanging one upper receiver assembly for another.

Designed for optimal configuration, the ARES SCR™ accepts most Modern Sporting Rifle accessories and parts including magazines, upper receivers, barrels, bolts, handguards and optics- so it can be easily and effectively reconfigured for each individual shooters’ style and activity.  Supported by a full line of performance accessories and manufactured of the highest quality aircraft grade alloys by American craftsmen, the weatherproof, dependable ARES SCR™ will provide a lifetime of accurate shooting pleasure for all Americans.  See the new, sleek, low profile ARES SCR™ at the NRA Show – Booth 7970.



Caliber– Available in .223/5.56mm, 7.62x39mm

Magazine Capacity– Comes with 5rd. (Can accept any AR15/M16 Magazine).

Weight– 5.7 Lbs.

OAL– Carbine: 37”  –   Rifle: 39”

Barrel Length– Carbine: 16.25” –  Rifle: 18” 1/9 Twist

Handguard – Magpul® MOE® handguard available in both Carbine and Rifle Lengths

Finish: MIL-Spec Black Hardcoat anodized finish

100% Made in the U.S.A.

Patented Design with Additional Patents Pending


Since its founding in 1997, ARES Defense Systems has focused on the development of military small arms and accessories of unique versatility, innovation and exceptional quality for military, law enforcement and commercial customers.  Engineered and manufactured with the highest quality American-made materials, ARES products are produced on state-of-the-art CNC machining centers in an ultra modern facility by a highly skilled workforce.  Headquartered on the USA’s Space Coast, ARES intense dedication to mission critical innovation has resulted in numerous patented advancements resulting in lighter, stronger, better performing weapons and accessories for the operator.  To learn more about ARES Defense Systems visit


  • allannon

    It’s been a whole minute; I’m surprised someone hasn’t already come by to hate it.

    I think it’s pretty neat, and would like to see more details about what all is compatible, how it works, etc.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Pics of their proprietary carrier please. Cut away of the stock with the recoil spring would be interesting to see as well.

  • Mack

    i tip my hat, goes to prove that any gun can be made “California legal”. glad this thing is SO much safer then my MSR with its super dangerous collapsible stock and pistol grip.

    • iksnilol

      It is safer. You hit someone in face with this, their face go “CRACK!”. Hit someone in face with telescopic stock, stock go “CRACK!” other person go “AARGH, you are so dead!”.

      + less risk of shrapnel in comrades face when he hits something with it.

      • Mack

        i could argue that there both plastic and both can break, but damn, beings you made a funny, i will not! 😉

        • iksnilol

          That will hopefully be adressed in next version. Baby steps.

          Flimsy collapsing stock made of weak imperialist plastic –> Solid stock made of (still weak) imperialist plastic –> WOODEN STOCK OF GLORIOUS MOTHERLAND!!1! Used to beat bears to submission.

          • LCON

            still will need Cow bell

      • LCON

        Komrade, How many times must we tell you it’s not a Club 😛

        • iksnilol

          Well, according to komrades Merriam and Webster it means:


          noun, often attributive ˈkləb

          -a group of people who meet to participate in an activity (such as a sport or hobby)

          -the place where the members of a club meet

          -a sports team or organization

          So I would say that it isn’t club, it is buttstock which is defined as follows:


          noun ˈbət-ˌstäk

          – the stock of a firearm in the rear of the breech mechanism

    • Esh325

      Well if you look at it this way a collapsible stock allows the shooter to adjust the stock to fit their stature or equipment which in turns makes it more comfortable to shoot, and somebody that is more comfortable with their rifle is more effective therefore deadlier. Should rifles be banned based on these features? That’s another story.

      • Mack

        you can also shim or trim these types of stocks to fit the shoot, making the collapsible stock deadlier argument void. also anybody that trains can become deadlier with anything and more familiar with said item, so that also depends on operator not equipment.

        • Esh325

          If it really were that feasible then why do they bother making collapsible stocks then if all you have to do is trim it off? A 5’6 person is never going to be as effective with a long stock as they are a short stock hence the reason why they came up with collapsible stocks.

          • Mack

            your argument was that a collapsible stock was deadlier because it can be fit to the person, i simply stated that a fixed stock can do the same thing. I never said anything about how quick the process was. A model T gets the job done but a mustang gets it done a lot better and that was the reason they came up with them, you didn’t have to take the stock to a gun smith to get it fitted to each person. You can get a solid stock cut as short as you want. Like i said, a person can be just as deadly with this as a collapsible stock proving how stupid most gun laws are.

  • Jeff Smith

    I live in Mississippi and I’ll probably never buy one of these.

    But, for some reason, I squeeled like a little girl when I saw this article.

    • . . . because it’s a bright neon “F. U.” to the haters?

      I get that.

  • Madcap_Magician

    I find it strangely and bizarrely attractive. Real interested in what they did to the operating system- I don’t see an adjustable gas block, and there’s clearly no recoil spring/buffer assembly in the traditional AR sense.

    EDIT: Also the trigger looks like a very awkward reach from the traditional stock. Actually it looks almost unworkable.

    EDIT2: I am not looking at the California law, but doesn’t the detachable mag make it non-kosher for CA anyway, regardless of the stock modification?

    • Steve Truffer

      Most likely piston operated

      • Madcap_Magician

        I kinda figured, but that’s why I was looking for an adjustable gas block, since most piston guns seem to have one. Although now that you mention it I suppose there is no reason why it HAS to have one.

        • iksnilol

          It uses an angled buffer or something. Someone linked to the patent on the previous post about this rifle.

          • Madcap_Magician

            Thanks, I didn’t see the original post.

    • Mark N.

      We are allowed one evil feature in California. With no pistol grip, and assuming the muzzle device is pinned, this passes Cali muster. Then you can add any upper you like, as long as you use their lower and bolt carrier.
      Yes, there is a buffer tube. The BCG (custom although it will take an AR bolt) has a rat tail that angles down into the stock where the buffer is,.

      • Cymond

        California does NOT allow “one evil feature”. You much choose between having any restricted features and having removable magazines. (This only applies to centerfire semiautomatic rifles. Shotguns and handguns have different rules).

        However, it should be noted that a threaded barrel, comp/break, and bayonet mount are NOT restricted on rifles in California. Pinning the muzzle device is completely irrelevant except when using a barrel less than 16″.

      • Phil Hsueh

        The muzzle device doesn’t need to pinned it just needs to be a compensator or muzzle brake and not a flash suppressor (which is considered to be evil) and you’re golden.

        • Sarah Levin

          or the barrel remaining at 16″

  • therapist

    Can someone familiar with NYC chime whether this is NYC legal or not? Thanks.

    • Mark N.

      Ares claims in its advert that it is 50 sate legal, so unless you are Obama, I think that would include NY.

      • sdelcegno

        It may not be CT legal. The action goes into the stock. CT bans rifles where the action is above your fingers other than trigger finger. Maybe a pistol system can get rid of that i dunno.

        • Sarah Levin

          that is not what the ct law says. go to conn firearms forums. several are already registered.

    • Garrett

      Yep, NY legal. Although, honestly if you get the MR-2 or other magazine button restrictors then you can have all the fancy crap you want. Adjustable stocks, pistol grips, flash hiders, and pretty much any other “assault weapon” feature. The law specifically states that having a detachable magazine puts you down the path to “assault weapon”. Eliminate that and you are pretty much free for whatever. (Does not mean that law isn’t incredibly dumb, as we all obviously know it is.)

      My local gun shop I frequent can’t keep MR-2’s in stock for more than 2 days, and they order 50 at a time.

  • Limonata

    I would like to see more reviews. Given that I am a captive in the CT Gulag I would consider it if it shoots well.

  • echelon

    Fine – I’ll be the first to hate it.

    They say necessity is the mother of all invention, but in this case I think it’s absurd.

    Look at what happened in Connecticut and what’s happening in NY! Non Compliance! It works.

    Something like this isn’t an “F.U.” in my opinion, it’s an acceptance that the capricious whims of mewling quim politicians must be abided by.

    An “F.U.” is keeping the thing as scary looking as possible with the biggest magazine capacity available and then standing up and making a statement of defiance.

    When manufacturers and the NRA promote this it is a not so subtle, ok, well we disagree with the law but, by golly you better abide by it or else!”

    Wonder how the whole standoff thing in Nevada would’ve worked out if that kind of thinking was exercised?

    • Steve Truffer

      They ship with a 5 round. it accepts all Stanag compliant mags, so you could smack a beta mag in there. The FU is the fact that its 80% “Oh-So-Scary- AR-15”, they just changed the stock layout. And being without threads, the barrel is likely target crowned, and thus even MORE accurate. Add on the fact that the 18 inch barrel develops a bit more velocity, with this we can say “Look geniuses, thanks to your restrictions, this is now more accurate and powerful. You made your situation worse.

      • Esh325

        That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard Steve. Do you honestly think there is going to be a huge difference in accuracy between a threaded barrel versus non threaded barrel? And actually they made it an 18 inch barrel just because they could, not because of the law. They could have easily just as well made it a 16 inch barrel so that point is fallacious.

        • Steve Truffer

          Huge? No. Difference, yes. The difference comes in muzzle brakes- if it imbalances the gas distribution around the base of the bullet, it has a detrimental effect on accuracy, as it pushes a given side more or less than others. Symmetry of the base is one of the biggest contributors or detractors of accuracy. 11 degree crowns are considered target crowns beacuse it is nearly parallel to the base “line” of the bullet, while still protecting the rifling. Why do you think we crown muzzles at all? Imperfection means inconsistency Open tip rounds are more accurate because they help ensure base symmetry. Take a guess why benchrest rifles seldom have a provision for a flash hider or muzzle brake. And fallacious? You defeated your own argument. They could have, as you said, chosen to make solely a 16 inch barrel, but they didn’t. They chose to offer a longer barrel, and chemistry, physics, and field experience demonstrate that a .223 / 5.56 cartridge will generate a higher velocity from an 18 inch barrel than a 16.

          • Esh325

            All of that only matters when it comes to shooting paper Steve. And the difference in lethality between a 16 and 18 inch is probably too small to even measure. You’re splitting hairs.

          • Steve Truffer

            The first matter was one of accuracy, so of course shooting paper would be most people’s use for it. And in terms of velocity, we’re talking 100 – 150 feet per second difference, or about 40 – 60 meters of additional range for reliable fragmentation of m193 rounds. 40-60 meters of .223 or .22 terminal ballistics. Quantifiable and not splitting hairs.

          • Esh325

            And should it be used on people (alluding to your original point) the difference would still be too small to measure in most situations where somebody were to get shot with it. Still splitting hairs. So you wouldn’t be sticking it to anybody or going “HAHA!” by designing a gun with a 18 inch barrel that isn’t threaded.

          • Steve Truffer

            Anti’s are obsessed with killing people. and I must repeat myself, you get a measurable increase in framentation range. It is a smack against the anti’s as they constantly wet their pants over the “pinpoint accuracy and ability to blow up railroads”, (some radio talking head actually said that) and now this exacerbates those qualities. Think of the star shaped mag clamp that gave a person limited to 10 rounds a means to have a 50 round rig. Besides giving the laws the finger, it gives persons so limited a 67 % increase in capacity over a standard 30 round magazine. This can be considered its rifle counterpart.

          • Esh325

            You’re arguing conjecture. Most people are shot at close range anyways when the guns are used in self defense or illicit purposes. You hear all sorts of ridiculous things from all sides like you hear people on the pro-gun side say that “Oh he could have killed all people those just as easily with a knife!” That star shaped mag clamp is just a toy. I think the first time I heard “pin point accuracy” was by gun people

          • iksnilol

            I don’t think you get the point of what Steve was trying to say. He meant that some people on the political spectrum are always raving about how ARs are WMDs and are so powerful and destructive and etc.

            And in hopes of banning that scary, black, WMD it resulted in a gun that is technically more powerful (not by much but it is still something) and more accurate. Thus following the messed up logic of these people these guns are more destructive, powerful and generally WMD-y. Thus in hopes of removing something they didn’t like or found scary they indirectly created something that is even more scary.

          • Esh325

            I understand what his point is and I think it’s still non sense.

          • Phil Hsueh

            If you understand Steve’s point then why are constantly trying to argue with him about it? Remember, he’s using Anti-logic and we all know that no matter how hard we might try and what real logic we use there’s no convincing an Anti that their flawed logic is flawed. Not saying that Steve is an Anti but he makes a good point (going by Anti-logic) and there’s no real point in trying to argue it since he’s trying to really suggest that any of what he’s been saying really means anything to anybody but an Anti.

          • echelon

            It’s no use arguing about this…people in ban states see this gun as some sort of heroic endeavor to undermine the state when in reality it is a solution to a problem that shouldn’t exist. Stoner would laugh his butt off if he saw this bastard child of his creation.

            At any rate all of the people in CT, CA, NY, NJ, etc. can buy these up and feel good about complying with their state “laws” and being abiding gun owners.

            I’m sure all of the police agencies, military and not to mention criminal elements will also run out and buy these because, heck, this thing is even more lethal than a standard M4!

          • Sarah Levin

            so people in M4 ban states are just buying Ar-15 as some kind of “heroic endeavor” when they are just buying a “bastard child.”
            Yeah, people buying AR-15s instead of M4s are just doing so to feel good and suck up to the authorities?

          • echelon

            Pretty much, yeah.

            I put it like this: If something is a right, then nobody has a legitimate cause to infringe on that right. If they do and the people whose right has been infringed do not take the appropriate action to take it back, then it is on their heads and they get what they deserve.

            You see in history and even in the course of recent events, that when the People stand up and say NO, then the people who presume to lord it over the population back down.

            If we really, and I mean really, in our heart of hearts, actually wanted to have the right to bear arms, then we wouldn’t be doing what we are doing now. As it stands it is mostly just political theatre and the masses kowtowing to the PTB.

            Look past the symptom for just one minute. It’s the principle of the thing. That’s what I’m driving at. It’s not the M4, or the AR15 or the SCR…that’s not the point. It’s the phrase in your first sentence: “…people in M4 ban states…”, that’s the issue. That’s a fiction that should not exist among free peoples.

          • Mark N.

            Umm, just one thing, guys. Ares says they will be making them in 16
            AND 18 inch configs.

    • Esh325

      I don’t think they honestly care about any of that, what they care about is selling guns.

      • echelon

        Yes, and that is what is truly sad.

        • Sarah Levin

          how so? you want the 40% of Americans who are in assault rifle ban states to have nothing?

          • echelon

            I appreciate your vitriol and concentrated replies to all of my posts. So I’ll just say see my previous replies. The issue is not the product, it’s the “40% of Americans who are in assault rifle ban states”. That’s the problem.

            Who has defined what an “assault rifle” is? Who do those people supposedly work for? So then how is it that they get to define reality?

            Either we have a right or we do not. Either we are free or we are not. Those are the stakes.

    • sdelcegno

      Im from CT how does non compliance work? we still cant buy ar15 here. A gun like this is an FU to the state. Its basically an AR15 the state says cant be owned here. Them not selling to CT doesnt hurt anyone but gun owners in this state. Or would you rather no new rifles be sold to gun owners here? i dont get how Ares making this helps the state as you think it does.

      • echelon

        Because it legitimizes the the law. They say you can’t have this or that because it’s scary or too deadly. Ok. So buy this gun and you still have your 5 or 10 round capacity and no scary butt stocks or muzzle devices or whatever and the state will leave you alone for a little while. But the endgame of gun control is not about the gun it’s about control.

        You could easily go to a neighboring state and buy an AR15. But oh noes that would be illegal! You’d be a felon even though most of the millions of other Americans in this country wouldn’t be by doing the exact same thing!

        It would actually be nice if they weren’t just trying to make a buck. I think if the state is going to ban something then it should drop the hammer and I think that the residents of that state should absolutely feel the pain. The result would maybe be that enough people would wake up out of sheep slumber and take their rights back…but no, instead let’s just legitimize these knee jerk reaction, emotional “feel good laws” and buy frakengun AR bastard guns…that’ll teach them rascally politicians!

        Stick it to the man!!! Buy the gun they don’t care that you own!!! Woot!

        • Sarah Levin

          Everyone buying an AR-15 is “legitimizing the law” against an m4?
          Why not just buy an m4 and take it to your state that forbids it.
          Why are you buying a bastard like an Ar-15.
          And as you said it is shocking that AR-15 makers are not select fire, and therefore in “just in it for the money.”

          • echelon

            I stand by my comment and agree with the heart of your statement. What you have said is the truth. Things like the ARES product just bring it into much more sharp focus.

  • Madcap_Magician

    I posted this as an afterthought earlier, but looking at it more it’s worth posting by itself- the ergonomics look terribad for the trigger. Your palm rests on the traditional stock, but the trigger on an AR receiver is meant for a pistol grip stock that puts your hand like 3″ lower on the gun than this stock does. I don’t see how they can do that.

    • Will Krause

      They can do it because the trigger isn’t where you’d find it on a standard AR lower. Look at the space between the trigger guard and the mag well.

      • Mark N.

        This. and also notice that they moved the safety switch, for the same reason.

      • echelon

        But then they are still beholden to the standard AR mag well and so the mag release button can’t be pushed with the trigger finger as normal so the design is still very ‘meh’.

        • Sarah Levin

          there are easy fixes for that. there are several aftermarket mag release “assist: toggles around that will work simply by machining a longer toggle. about $10 or $15 to have the mag release issue fixed.

          • echelon

            Meh. Still a solution to a question that didn’t need answering…IMHO

  • John Bear Ross

    It’s a good work-around for stupid laws. They can pass what they want. They can’t stop the signal.


  • Greg

    So this is what happens when a Saiga and an AR-15 have a baby.

    And to answer the below question, yes this configuration would be 100% compliant with Kali regulations for detachable magazines.

    • Nolan

      Not necessarily. If you have a detachable magazine you can’t have any of the “evil features”, so if you have a flash hider, forward pistol grip, grenade launcher (what?), or a flare gun (why?) on your upper it’s still an “assault weapon”.

      • Manimal

        Then that wouldn’t be this configuration would it?

        • Nolan

          No, definitely not, but since you can (theoretically) put on any upper it could still be a problem, which is why I wanted to note it.

          • Sarah Levin

            that is not the way the California law is written. You can configure lots of legal firearms to be illegal, they are still legal.
            There is simply no way to make a weapon that can be “configured” into an assault rifle illegal. You can “configure” a 10/22. Mini-14 and essentially any semi auto into an assault rifle. Any child with a 3d printer will be able to make stocks with hand grips in 10 years

      • Cymond

        ‘grenade launcher’ doesn’t just mean 40mm Destructive Devices, it also refers to the 22mm muzzle attachments used to launch ‘rifle grenades’ such as used on an M1 Garand or Yugoslavian 59/66.

  • David Knuth

    I’m just going to say that i think this thing is incredibly sexy and I’d own one just because.

  • CowardlyHero

    Do applaud the designers but I would rather have a Kel-Tec SU-16. Its lighter, piston operated and probably cheaper.

    • FourString

      though not as modular, upper wise

  • notahaterofares

    I like it a lot. The bolt carrier is proprietary and from the patent it looks like it takes a hinged strut down into the pistol grip ala the benelli m2 shotgun. Personally I’ve never been real fond of the AR ergonomics or the lack of drop in the comb forcing optics to be mounted a mile high above the barrel. I live in texas where I can have whatever I want and I still think this looks more appealing than my AR. Depending on build quality, trigger pull, and if they sell a lower only I might be in. Especially of the SPROING and the buffer slamming into the rear of the buffer tube is gone.
    I will be interested in seeing the other side of the gun and where they have located the bolt release. I liked the keltec su16ca a lot on paper, it was the flimsy feeling build quality (emphasis on feeling, not on actual build quality) and poor trigger pull that killed it for me.

    • DrewN

      I gotta say, I’m not optimistic about the trigger. The trigger group isn’t listed in with the AR15 compatible parts (magazines, upper receivers, barrels, bolts, handguards), which means it’s probably proprietary and therefore shitty.

  • LCON

    Needs Cow bell.

  • Nicholas C

    I am very curious if you can swap out the stock for something like the Magpul Shotgun stock.

    • Eddie D.

      That’s exactly what I was thinking…
      In any other cases I would consider it as just a dream, but given the fact
      we’re talking about Ares Def., I actually find it quite possible.
      One of the most creative companies out there, I’d be very surprised if they
      didn’t consider the SGA as a modern, quality alternative.
      Also, if the receiver accepts the SGA, it would mean that it takes any of the standard 870 or Mossberg 500/590 stocks and sling mounts too.

      Would be nice to see these guns over here in Europe too!

    • JumpIf NotZero

      I doubt it. Think shotgun stock with the spring assembly housed in it.

  • Ben

    “…the classic lines of an all-american sporter.”


  • jamezb

    I think if this rifle can equal the reliability of a standard AR platform, this is going to be a huge hit, and not just in the restrictive states.

  • William Barnett-Lewis

    I want one. That’s the first AR I can say that about after hating them from 16 years of dealing with and/or carrying one for Uncle Sam. There any pricing info yet?

  • Robert

    Why did they design it around the m4 length gas system instead of the mid length?

    • Cymond

      Probably because its cheap, common, and basically the main standard. The upper is really irrelevant, though. If you don’t like the standard upper, just sell it and buy a midlength or whatever you’re looking for.

  • Chang Dragon Fist

    How many shekels??? This one looks neat also!!

  • Pete Sheppard

    This is an exciting concept, even for us in gun-friendly locales.
    One quibble I have is that it appears that only flat-top uppers will be practical due to the stock drop, unless an adjustable cheek-piece is produced.

  • Graham 1

    The should have called this the Aries Defense T.R.O.L.L

    Rifle for

  • Graham 1

    They should have called this the Ares Defense T.R.O.L.L

    Rifle for

    • Patrick Mingle

      I see what you did there

    • echelon

      Yep, this gun’ll show ’em. Way to stick it to the man…

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  • BillyBones

    I’d like to see one with a wood stock!

    • Michel_T

      It would make it easier to ‘convert’ more conservatives hunters to ‘black’ guns…

  • jordan Hyers

    I want one and I live in florida pretty free state would be interested in a 308 18 to 20 in heavy barrel version

  • 101nomad

    That is a rifle, nice, clean, sleek, simple sight, no junk that I can tell. Want one in .223/5.56 NATO. Only thing better would be in 7.62 NATO. That is just me.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    All I want is for them to sell the complete/assembled lower with the proprietary bolt carrier. Then I can switch back and forth in CA between featureless w/large capacity detachable mags, and featured with a bullet button and 10rd mags.

  • Mr_Fastbucks

    Wish they would just sell the lower and proprietary bolt.

  • Justin

    Bah… I liked it better when it was called the “Mini 14” ROFL… I’ll keep my pistol grip, TYVM

  • enmfonm

    does it use the milspec trigger group