Franken-AR-AK-.22 Spotted in Cambodia

The NY Times has published an interesting article back in 2012 about the tourist shooting ranges in Cambodia. Its well worth reading, but what especially a reader’s attention was the .22 AK AR-15 in leading photo (click though to see the full resolution photo). The rifle’s upper receiver is some variant of an AR-15,  maybe originally an M16. The lower receiver looks hand fabricated. The rifle furniture looks to be taken from a couple of different Type 56 Chinese AK rifles (or some other AK variants … I am frequently criticized by readers for getting my AK identifications wrong).

What is especially bizarre is that the entire AK barrel gas and sight assembly have been moved to this gun. The barrel looks like an original Type 56 barrel, yet it is obviously chambered in .22 LR. Does it have a sub-caliber barrel insert? Or did they bother moving all the barrel bits and pieces, include the folding bayonet pivot and cleaning rod, onto a .22 barrel blank? Or does the .22 slug bounce down the original .30 caliber barrel, giving shotgun-like accuracy?

The magazine used is the same type as, or a clone of, the magazines that Brownells included in their .22 AR-15 conversion kits. I am not sure who was the OEM manufacturer or if that design was sold by anyone else. Note the distinctive zig-zag plastic reinforcing.

I like the inclusion of the original iron sights. Just in case they need to snipe those .22 LR to 800 meters (the Type 56 only went to 800m, not 1000m like the AKM).

Thanks to Jake for the trip.

Steve Johnson

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  • Bubba

    I’ll just leave this here.

    • Komrad

      so it’s basically just your average evryday AAR-15 to .22 LR conversion with the AK parts thrown on for looks

      • Cymond

        yup, that’s all it is, and I posted a comment on that video a while back. I doubt it was well received by the youtube crowd. FWIW, I got the impression that this is in Australia, but I could be wrong.

        • Blue

          Definitely in Cambodia, could very well be the same gun as in the article. Steve Lee organises shooting trips to south east Asia every now and then.

    • gunslinger

      coming in the next call of battlefield titan-black ops….the best FPS hands down!

  • Renegade

    I am strangely attracted to this…

    If nothing else I want it to troll the AK and AR snobs in my life.

  • LCON

    that is the Ugliest thing I have ever seen

  • iksnilol

    Maybe it is a mock-up? Since I can see the beginning of a set of circular handguards.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    Those are Black Dog magazines.

  • kev

    hey you guys!!!!!!

  • claymore

    Nice job Bubba on finding that video. It explains any questions.