A Country Wide Water Gun Fight

Thailand has just finished celebrating the Songkran festival. This centuries old festival began with the tradition of sprinkling blessed water upon elders and family members to bring them good luck. Today its celebrated with a country wide water fight. A reader emailed us photos he took yesterday. I especially like the photo of the bar with plastic covering the walls and the cashier.




Note the plastic covering the walls.






Steve Johnson

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  • Pete Sheppard

    Thanks for the smile! Nothing like positive gun news.

  • gunslinger


    and thiland joke to be seen in….

    • claymore


  • DiverEngrSL17K

    Good to see people from every walk of life simply enjoying themselves and being happy without anyone being hurt or offended. A rare and wonderful carefree moment in a world all too often burdened by the unnecessary greed, ambition, will to power, conformity, lack of acceptance and compassion, and self-righteousness that seem to drive our everyday lives.

  • Sulaco

    I have spent time in Thailand and was there during this festival. Don’t count on being dry for three days…after the first two days for round eyes trying to get work done it can get annoying but its all in fun and the Thai’s really enjoy this.