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  • D

    I always laugh at people who buy compact pistols then add an extension. If they bough a standard size gun they would have the larger grip plus additional rounds

    • patrickiv

      You laugh, I cringe.

    • floppyscience

      An extension is a great idea for backup magazines. Even on your carry mag it still offers an advantage without altering concealability too much as the actual butt of the pistol doesn’t stick out any more, like it would with longer magazine or larger grip.

    • dan citizen

      I carry a 6906 and most or the time I use a mag with a finger extension (no extra rounds) for the following 2 reasons; better grip and it breaks up the line of the but so it prints less. Adding a little finger stop does not add the bulk of a larger frame

      Still, I agree with you and think it’s stupid when folks add extended mags to compact pistols, sacrificing size for a couple extra rounds that they will likely never need.

      So I too laugh at people who do this, but then do it myself 🙁

      • gunslinger

        how does a longer grip length make it print less?

        • dan citizen

          the straight butt makes a strong vertical line that really says “gun”

          The curved finger extension breaks up the butt line and makes the print less “gun-like”

          … at least with my gun, holster, and fat ass.

  • Ben Filtness

    Why buy this when you can buy Pearce and it still looks good?…

  • dan citizen

    the price is right.

  • Nicholas C

    Awesome. I was gonna 3D print them but now I dont have to. Now I just need to wait for my LGS to restock these.