“When the battle drum beats, it is too late to sharpen your sword”

glin1216, makers of my favorite Youtube video of all time, have published another video of tactical training set to music. All of thier videos of worth watching in HD (After you click play hit the Gear icon at the bottom right of the video, then select 720p or 1080p) …

My favorite Youtube shooting video of all time is still Cut You Down

Steve Johnson

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  • ColaBox

    That is bad ass, subbed. However the ease and speed at which they reload, reminds me why I wished I had a left handed lower.

  • 1775

    The Cut You Down video has to be the best gun viedo eva

  • iHAL

    The mall called, your lunch break is over.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Some of those guys are military.

      • iHAL

        One of our big image issues is the mall ninja stereotype. Just because we are gun owners does not mean we are warriors. Dressing up and playing army on our off time is a really great way to alienate people.

        • ColaBox

          Mall Ninja? What about them was Mall Ninja like? Mall Ninjas are fatasses with more gear then sense, with no clue how to use it, that walk around in tactical vests for the attention. Former military getting together in vest to shoot an entertaining video does not a Mall Ninja make. That’s like getting pissed off because someone puts on a golf shirt and their not playing in the Masters with Woods. Some gun owners are warriors and if some former military wanna wear their vests and pouches to shoot some steel im sure as hell not gonna stop them.

          • iHAL

            Just because somebody is former military does not make them a warrior either.

          • seans

            Love this comment. The vast majority aren’t. Even in the combat arms.

          • Nicks87

            Many Mall Ninjas got their start in the military. I remember rolling up on a bunch of maintenance troops playing airsoft in the base golf course at night. These are the same guys that qualify once a year with an M-16A2 and get nervous at the clearing barrel. Then when they get discharged they file for a PTSD claim because a truck tire blew up outside of the chow hall while they were eating breakfast.

        • n0truscotsman

          Im a gun owner and a warrior. I may not wear a uniform anymore, but you can bet when the time comes, ill be prepared and ready.

          The attitude of “oh im not a soldier, so ill just not train or equip myself” is defeatist bullshit.

          Try studying the minutemen sometime and some American history. Our lack of understanding about our social contract (which the 2nd amendment is critical too) is the reason for our current spiral into the shitter.

          • iHAL

            Training is good but train to survive, not to fight. In civilian life, there is no large organization backing any of us up. There are plenty of good routes a civilian can go for training. First aid, wilderness survival, urban disaster survival, hunting, etc. Training for force on force combat situations is a waste of your time. Reveling in being “a warrior” is a waste of your time.

          • n0truscotsman


            Sometimes human beings are required to “fight” because that is the key word in gunfight.

            Need I pull up the many examples of gun owners in gunfights?

            Just like with any training, you will not rise to the occasion and accomplish the mission, you will revert to the level of training you mastered.

            Guerrillas dont need “large organizations” backing them up in the initial phases, although it is rather stupid to assume that they wont have support in the long run anyways.

            Training for force on force is necessary absolutely. While many become too focused on it, it is still nonetheless important.

            You need a mindset check.

    • Bad Karma

      So what’s wrong with a group of friends heading out to the desert to go camping and shooting together a bad thing?

    • sdelcegno

      for mall ninjas they have their skills down and weapon manipulation. No offense i know many guys that are better shooters and train more than the majority of military men. You dont need a uniform to be a warrior.

    • n0truscotsman

      The “mall ninja” bullshit has way overstayed its welcome. They exist, sure, but dont assume because somebody actually spends the fucking time and money to shoot, move, and communicate, that they are mall ninjas. The “regular joe gun owner” shit is getting annoying (“I dont need tacticool training!” “I dont need tacticool gear” “thats too tacticool”).

      I respect these guys more than I do the other fuckwads hoarding ammo and buying their 10th ar15 to keep in their safe, absolutely devoid of any carbon, grease, and dirt whatsoever. At least these guys are training and getting their manipulation down, with fire and maneuver being a perishable skill. God forbid you actually put a can of krylon tan paint next to one of these collectors’ rifles, lest he shit himself in fear of his investment getting painted on and dinged up (which probably insinuates he will have to get off his fucking ass and get some training).

      So yes. Some of us gun owners actually train. and not just with firing out weapons either. Op orders, TC3, forced marches (50 lbs of kit, 4-6 MPH), night and day land navigation without electronics, physical fitness (and not just bullshit in gymwear), and professional training are also a responsibility of the modern day minute man.

      • Panzercat

        The problem comes in where anybody can make a video with dramatic angles, zoom shots, slow motion and slap on some metal soundtrack. Anybody can ‘operate’ with a camera and halfway decent video software, and it gives the real thing a bad name.

        • n0truscotsman

          That is really doesn’t follow on to what I’m talking about. A non sequitur.

          They are training and that is what is important. Why are you assuming that they are trying to act like “operators”?

  • kavan grant

    Cool video, but after I seen those videos in Iraq of Apaches blowing guys away I wonder if these guys think they can fight a modern invading army. There’s a reason the US’ s enemies hide behind women and children. But now I want to add more stuff to my ar and dream too.

    • The Hun

      BS- if empires never fall why is the Roman Empire still not running the world to this day? learn from nature- just one snowflake landing triggers the biggest of avalanches.

      • kavan grant

        Ancient wars of infantry not mechanization which is what I’m referring too. Rome died long before the barbarians showed up….

        • The Hun

          the US is dead also- we are just printing our asses off with $ to keep the system going a bit longer- what you are seeing with Russia standing up to us in Syria and the Ukraine is the beginning.

          • dp

            Not to pretend to be a strategist, neither historian…. however there is plenty of prognosis, quite fashionable lately. One of them speaks of Euro-Asia based of axis China-Russia. If that happened, the current EU becomes something like annex of it. Of course they (EU) realize it and do everything to lure Russia into some sort of corporation. U.S. is standing alone and lonely in this… and this was realized by many Americans before they went (wrongly) into WWI. After all, why would first settlers leave the old continent?

      • LRB

        Because the Romans didn’t have drones

      • dp

        RA is one last known and somehow relevant to existence of West. There were many before, all pretty well forgotten, but by scholars. Last 200years of questionable glory is just insignificant snap of time in human history. It’s all futile folks – sorry to say that.

        • dp

          …to clarify myself a bit: I am not a pacifist per se, I can see realities of the world and they have to be faced. However, I also distinguish between senseless war-mongering and cautious preparedness. No doubt, every society has that right if not outright duty.

    • n0truscotsman

      Then why are we still there 13 years later?

      Why are US and Allied soldiers still dying fighting against a handful of insurgents that are generally poorly equipped?

      With every neat tool such as FLIR and UAV’s, there is a counter.

      • Phil Hsueh

        Because we are not fighting an old fashioned war of conquest or even a total war like WW II. We are fighting a counterinsurgency, trying to win hears and minds as well as rebuild and improve the country we’re fighting in. You can be that if we were to fight a war for survival against a near peer opponent it will look a lot different from Iraq and Aghanistan

        • n0truscotsman

          probably, except for those nuisances called thermonuclear weapons.

          4th gen warfare is here to stay

  • seans

    Why people think its cool to wear a mich helmet I do not know.

    • Some guys in videos like these are required to by their department or company policy. Some of those guys look to be LE, and most are required to maintain their department policy to wear plates and MICH when doing live fire drills. Some companies that send people to these also require it as well.

      I know, having been to a few classes that when you are shooting and moving that wearing body armor may not look “cool” but is in your best interest for your own safety.

  • The Hun

    war is a series of violent, brutal encounters that have nothing to do with stupid glorification videos like these- my dad was at Dak To in ’67 and he has had nightmares every night since that battle

    • dp

      Blessed be those who dare to speak the truth!

    • Paladin

      As John Stuart Mill said, “War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things.”

      In war terrible things are done. There aren’t very many things worth the price that war exacts, but when these things are at stake one can do no less than to expend every effort in their defense. Further, it is a laudable thing to stand ready to defend them, as there is no shortage of people who would assault them.

  • 101nomad

    It is a video. I have no illusions. People shoot back in fire fights. We reacted as we were trained to, improvised as needed. If you have never been there, don’t go. The difference between soldiers and warriors is, warriors fight their own battles, soldiers fight battles for somebody else. The common factor, all are trained in the basics, surviving is called experience. Mostly blood and guts, no glory. Choices are wonderful, some are ill advised. For those of you that play games, remember, there are those of us that don’t.

    • dp

      Reminds me —-we (in old Europe) were used to think: ” do not worry, they will find enemy for you! “. I think this gets the real sense of the – nonsense. Used to be that you fought for your tribe. Now you are lucky if you are able to understand who you fight for. Most have no clue.

      • Yellow Devil

        Well that mentality has certainly helped Europe in recent years during the Bosnia, Kosovo and current Ukraine crisis. Look if your mentality is to avoid fighting and hope for the best, than by all means. Just don’t keep looking to the U.S. for support and get impatient when we can’t respond fast enough.

  • Axel

    I don’t think I saw (on the cut you down video) a single person actually use their vertical grips. I saw too many guys using the magazine well for their offhand while a grip was there lol.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      I am a really uncool shooter. I use the mag well. I don’t care what the cool kids think of me.

      • hami

        The rifle spins and transitions so much faster when held at the magwell. Transitioning from a far forward vertical grip (accurate rapid fire) to the magwell (easier side to side rifle manipulation) is a technique that i have used with some success.

    • n0truscotsman

      Which is why I dont like vertical grips.

      Restricting yourself to one position is not allowing maximum flexibility and adaptability. Yes, AK hand guards get hot, so what? I dont slap a vertical grip for a damn good reason.

  • LRB

    I have no problem with guys having fun in the desert. I guess it’s like airsoft with real guns. My only words of wisdom to thier “warrior” methods is to remember that paper doesn’t shoot back. Anyone can stand 25 meters away and hit a static target. It’s a while nother ball game when someone is shooting at you. Just one southern afghan vets 2 cents.

    • LRB


  • Nimrod

    When the zombies come, you’re going to need those operator skills.

  • Y-man
  • gunslinger

    i like it

  • n0truscotsman

    Good for them!

    “collectors” and “investors” take notes, you could learn a fucking thing or two.

    Its rather discouraging and enraging to hear other gun owners repudiate themselves from their fellow gun owners that actually have the self-motivation to go out and train.

    No shit they are shooting at paper. Why do you assume, though, that they aren’t training in other tasks that require far more challenges or that they haven’t undergone more intensive training regimens before?

    Yes, some us train. The title in the video sums up exactly why: When the battle drum beats, it is too late to sharpen your sword.

    So get off your asses, sell 5k rounds of your 22 in your collection to get some money, and go train. Spend the money you waste on cigarettes and alcohol (to kill yourself albeit) and buy a Ranger handbook. Do PT.

    Either way, dont ridicule those that actually do it. They’re better men than you are.

  • Weezy

    Heck, here I am just happy to see a M1 Garand cameo in the second vid. Would of like to seen it ran more in the vid, but the M1A being used was nice change of pace.