PK Machine Gun Predator Ammo Backpack

A Russian gun enthusiast has developed a Predator-style ammunition feeder backpack that holds 7.62x54mmR cartridges for the PK Machine gun. If my understanding of the Google-translation of the Russia text is correct, the backpack, feeding mechanism, ammo box and 450 rounds of 7.62x54mm weigh a total of 33.2 lbs (15.1 kg). The backpack has been designed to give the operator maximum mobility. The gun can be fired offhand or prone and the feeding mechanism reaches far enough for the machine gun’s flash hider to rest on the ground.



This is not the first backpack feeder, but it is the first to feed non-NATO ammunition. TY Tactical manufacture a backpack feeder which can be adapted for 7.62mm NATO or 5.56mm NATO rounds. In 2011 Iowa National Guardsmen serving in Afghanistan built a backpack feeder using spare parts. They named is ‘The Ironman’.


Iowa National Guardsmen with The Ironman.

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  • iksnilol

    Red Jacket will probably make a Mosin version.

    Seriously though, I really want this (+ a PKM).

    • gunslinger

      good lord. how bad do you hate your back/shoulder to fire 450 rounds in a single sitting with a 91/30?

      is a 2×4 included with each backpack to work the action?

      • iksnilol

        It is called clean out the cosmoline (and smooth out the bolt and receiver).

        Besides, I never mentioned not using two recoil pads (one on me, other on rifle).

  • Törefeldt

    if i remember corectly Red Jacket on an episode of sons of guns built one backpack almost identical to this one.

    • Mabey

      Yeah they did for some merc outfit

      • dan citizen

        a merc outfit named “discovery channel”

        • gunslinger

          we don’t know that. they had to black out his face to protect his identity on spec-ops in covert undercover military engagement territory.

          • dan citizen

            more likely they had to black out his face so we wouldn’t realize it was actually the boom-mike operator….

    • Giolli Joker

      You’re right, so this is NOT the first backpack feeder with non-NATO ammunition… and for once we can say that RJF really did something that had never been done before!
      (Their shortened, backpack feed PKM actually looked like a ton of fun!)

  • Swedishmil

    Here you have a swedish version with mag58 😉

  • FourString

    Wow the Russian one looks pretty badass

  • Mazryonh

    Predator wasn’t the only movie to feature an ammunition backpack. But at least the feeder here helps to prevent the links here from snagging on something and becoming mangled. Check out the following clip from a movie, from a series that gave the Killzone game series the general appearance of its Helghast armor:

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      Good point about the flexible feed chute for the PKM.

    • Guest

      That whole equipment looks like a neo-Nazi wet dream, makes me a bit uncomfortable.

      • Mazryonh

        The Japanese creator for the fictional universe this series takes place in, a certain Mamoru Oshii, loves early-20th-century German weaponry, so much so that the Mauser C96 (a WWI weapon) is treated as a standard-issue police weapon almost everywhere, even though this film supposedly takes place in 1995.

        So yes, the German WWI-style helmet, gas mask, and MG42 are there because the creator liked the items and their design aesthetic, not because he likes the ideology used by Germany at the time the MG42 was standard-issue.

        • If you watch his animation work on the same universe (he kinda sucks at live-action, especially since it is his early experiments), there is a veritable socio-political drama about powerplay, brutality, “civilian” human emotions vs. military junta brotherhood and so on. This “movie” is extremely stylized, and he was getting at something here too, but the real story is his animated film, called Jin-Roh.

          Sorry, meant to answer to guest, but since he’s guest, no sense in re-posting this comment.

  • 1911a145acp

    It can never work- displaces too much room in the backpack normally reserved for Vodka….

    • DiverEngrSL17K


    • gunslinger

      in soviet russia…

    • Freaking hilarious. I wonder how would you react to a knee-jerk “fatso + greasy burger” joke about Americans every time US is mentioned.

      • 1911a145acp

        Sincere apologies- no offense intended. Stereotypes exist for a reason. Making fun of Obese, lazy, greasy burger gulping Americans wouldn’t be funny if there weren’t so many of us…….

        • OK, no hard feelings! I mean yeah, Russia leads as a consumer of vodka, ’cause it’s a staple of hard liquors here, and everything else is more expensive. But in general, we drink in about the same situations and with the same purposes as people in other “drinking” countries, including US. Maybe average amounts are more, ’cause I know Americans sip their liquor, not down it, right? I think it’s the thought of a specops soldier with vodka in his backpack rubbed me wrong ) some of them may be stout drinkers on leave and on social occasions, but professionalism is international. Drunkard is a liability here as well as anywhere )

          • DiverEngrSL17K

            Quite so, Ayur, quite so.

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        I think 1911a145acp is coming from a strictly good-natured, humorous point of view that isn’t meant to be malicious in any way. He would probably joke in the same manner about himself and about Americans in general ( or anyone else for that matter ) for the simple reason that we all need to learn to be more openly accepting and laugh at ourselves and one another in a good-natured way. Life in this world is difficult enough as it is, so what’s wrong with gently mocking ourselves in a respectful way as part of the human race?

        • I got that! I mean I would be glad if some new stereotypes would crop up, for variety at least. …Like a lot of horrible Russian tourists in cheap resort destinations – many of these sure drink till they drop and behave like complete assholes. BTW, I also noticed that last 10 years, Russians got a whole new reputation based in the past one – as formidable crazy fun “superhumans” who are up to anything and will try anything just for the hell of it. This is a fun new spin, and frankly I really wish more of Russian folks themselves knew of this – this would really warm up some hardhead anti-Americans here to the people of US =) Alas, the certain dumber part of the population tends to mock all Americans as stupid, thanks to some horrible comedians…

          • DiverEngrSL17K

            I hear you, my friend. The “ugly” so-and-so ( and this applies to every nationality, ethnic group, religious group and country, etc., regardless ) has always been around to create bad, and usually inaccurate, impressions of what people from their affiliations are like, which is most unfortunate, to say the least. Looking at it from a broader perspective, I’d say — at least based on personal life experiences — that the vast majority of any such group are generally decent, reasonably open-minded, curious and friendly people, if only one gave them half a chance. The problem nearly always seems to stem from an energetic and obnoxious vocal minority who insist on having it their way and ruining things for everyone else for the sake of power, greed, ambition, domination, selfishness, et al. A brief examination of almost every facet of history will bear this out. What is equally unfortunate is the human propensity to generalize and type-classify others based on such negative ( and non-representational ) conclusions, which in turn seldom represent the truth. Again, history is chock-full of relevant examples.

      • longbowman

        Is it true that Russian vodka does not have a replaceable lid? Russians are expected to drink all of it so a lid or cap is not ever used?

        • No =) There were cheap brands of vodka in the USSR times, which had tear-away tin lids, but that was more of an economy thing on a cheap booze. And besides, screw-on lids were not very widespread back then – of course, for the last 20-30 years all vodka brands have replaceable lids, even the most awful ones. The newest trend is those easy-pop, brandy-style cork lids with flush plastic top. Or a heavy plastic screw-on lid with a dosing device (which makes the drink pour slowly and helps against counterfeiting) inside the neck.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    The inventor has definitely put a lot of real thought and effort into the design — maximizing compactness, capacity, flexibility and mobility while minimizing the potential issues of snagging and excessive bulk. Add to that what is arguably the world’s finest 7.62mm GPMG, and you have a really potent combination for mobile infantry warfare.

  • LCON

    and speznats issue in 3… 2.. 1…

  • 11b

    Buuut the PK series doesn’t use disintegrating links, so you’d have this enormous length of link trailing you…. lol

    • arniel

      LoL good point, forgot about that.

    • aaaaaaaaaaaa

      Hey the link between belts are held together by a bullet, guess what happens when you fire the bullet?

      • Fred

        The links stay together after firing, hence “non-disintegrating”.

    • Paladin

      The PK series uses 50rd belts linked together IIRC, as soon as those 50 rds have been fired that section of the belt drops away.

      • 11b

        Thanks, didn’t know that! Makes me love these mgs even more now.

  • The Hun

    get some(the Russian one)

  • patrickiv

    You’d be amazed at how much that U.S. feed chute costs.

    • Agitator

      IIRC, those Guardsmen were cannibalizing CROWS feed chutes which was the major cost. Apparently DARPA is looking into a similar version that doesn’t involve butchering an insanely expensive remote weapons mount.

  • arniel

    American ones have some extra work put into them like low friction polymers and stuff.

  • Lance

    Russia copies our Iron man ammo back pack, that we made to our M-60 and M-240s… Im shocked shocked!!!!! No im not actually.

    • dark

      Yawn. Surely you could do something else between your respawn times?

  • smith

    It’d be a bit difficult to stop a “runaway” malfunction. I have a PKM, and I am glad to have the option of twisting the belt when it gets a mind of it’s own.

    • iksnilol

      Late comment:

      You’re doing it wrong. When it goes “runaway” you tear of your shirt, down a bottle of vodka in one go and shout “FOR THE MOTHERLAND” while advancing.

  • Clay

    This is not the first. There is a video from the 2nd Chechen war in Grozny that features a PK gunner with a pack like this.

  • Kurt Akemann

    I enjoy innovations more when they’re not being made by the enemy.

  • Máté