The New Polymer80 G150 Kit


Polymer80 is now pre-selling the new G150 80% lower.  According to Polymer80, the new G150 features “a solid core design, stiffened magwell and beefier buffer tube housing.”

For $90, a shooter gets a single G150 unfinished AR-15 lower, a jig and the needed drill bits.  Quantity purchases earn discounts, dropping the price to $76.50/each with an order of at least 10.  Polymer80 projects a shipping date of June 1, 2014.

From the Polymer80 Facebook page:


We are back!!!

Announcing the pre-sale event for Polymer80 G150 (Phoenix edition)!!!

So we are nearly in production of our modified G150 that will be taking the industry by storm!

This new blank is solid all the way through and all the same material. It has no indicators visible and is ahead of the curve in keeping the Polymer80 a viable, legal product into the future!

You now can get the lower, the jig, all required drill bits and high quality end-mill with permanently etched depth marker for $90!!! And of course our industry-leading lifetime warranty.

We are ready to rock! Are you?

Come on over and save some money on your new Polymer80 G150 Phoenix edition and be the first to receive the best Polymer lower on the market!

Many readers have expressed concern about the legalities of 80% lowers in light of the highly publicized Ares Armor case.  Polymer80 has made several statements that a BATFE letter declaring the product legal is neither required nor admissible as a defense.  While I believe that such a letter would be admissible, the idea of being pressured by government action into asking for a letter smacks of prior restraint.  Nevertheless, Polymer80 stated on their Facebook page:

We are perusing [sic] a letter and will get one. But that is just a small piece of the larger puzzle.

Thanks to William for the tip!

Richard Johnson

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  • dan citizen

    I wonder how the serial number issue is to be resolved.

    • Good question and one I sure can’t answer right now. I have a feeling we haven;t heard the last of this from the ATF.

    • Cymond

      What serial number issue? Last I heard, home-finished firearms are not required to have a serial number, unless you want/need to register it with a government agency.

      • dan citizen

        As I understand it BATFE is not currently requiring homebuilt firearms be serial numbered unless it is to be sold, registered nfa, or due to local regs (hawaii for instance)

        Like so many things being within the letter of the law does not guarantee being free of hassles.

        there has been a trend where numbered homebuilt firearms whose serial numbers were not to BATFE commercial numbering standards have been deemed non-compliant. Kind of a “number it right or not at all” thing.

        But there is some pretty strong talk that BATFE may be changing there policy on homebuilt serial numbering.

        • MichaelZWilliamson

          and the next day there will be 6 million ARs and AKs numbered “0001.”

          • dan citizen

            I think I’d serial number mine: icantfindthenumber2 just for the laughs if anyone ever had to process the serial number.

  • Stonia

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you finish an 80% yourself, no serial number is required. Am I way off base?

    • Mark N.

      This is correct–for now. However, a serial number must be permanently “attached” or engraved in the firearm if you decide to sell it to anyone else.

  • allannon

    “While I believe that such a letter would be admissible …”

    Unfortunately, as we’ve seen a few times recently, the government pretty much admits–or not–whatever the hell it feels like. In light of the gov’t’s behavior in the Megaupload case, the gov’t not allowing it’s own statement as evidence fails to surprise me.

  • gunslinger

    if they dive you all you need for 90 bucks.. i may be interested.