12 Gauge Beretta 92: The Franklin Armory Convert

Franklin Armory Convert

Franklin Armory is selling a single-shot, 12 gauge conversion for the Beretta 92/96 series and Taurus 92 series pistols called the Convert.  According to Franklin Armory, the Convert is available in two models: an AOW (any other weapon) and as a flare launcher.

The Convert replaces the normal slide assembly of the Beretta with a unit that has a tilt-up barrel.  The barrel is aluminum with a steel lining.  There is also an accessory available for the Convert that would allow a shooter to mount the Convert-equipped pistol to the Picatinny rail on a rifle.

Thanks to Cymond for the tip.

Richard Johnson

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  • SD3

    Taek. Mah. Munneh.

  • Renegade

    I love solutions that look for problems. They sometimes bring out the best, and most definitely weirdest, in engineers.

    • Yojimbo556

      I agree but the most entertaining part is when they try to sell it to you.

  • Dual-wield Call of Duty mod in 3, 2, 1…

    • gunslinger

      more titanfall-ish. i mean, that could take down a huge Mech, right?

      • Loaded up with special “Giant-Slayer” rocket-assisted, depleted Uranium anti-armor rounds!

  • DougieR

    Wasn’t there recently serious controversy over shotgun conversions and mountings like this? For starters in addition to the AOW status of true smoothbore pistols you’re now adding it to the bottom of the rifle which is technically attaching a stock to a pistol-length barrel. Might wait for another formal letter from ATF before proceeding, but if they’ll approve forearm stocks for use from the shoulder, maybe this would get a pass. ATF…consistency….pass………..maybe not…

    • Your wallet

      Don’t act like you don’t want one, buddy!

    • From the Franklin Armory website:

      This configuration is legal per the ATF: “….the attachment of a registered AOW to a rifle would not, in any way, change the classification of the registered AOW or the host rifle.”

      • gunslinger


    • Cymond

      I’ve seen one or two ATF letters that say it’s OK to mount an AOW under a rifle, Masterkey style. I believe Franklin has a letter, judging from their postings on a forum (Calguns??). However, I saw one letter (again, I think Calguns) where the ATF said “No” to an under-rifle mount. If I recall correctly, Franklin wasn’t very pleased with whoever requested that letter.

      I’m assuming they’ve cleared this up with ATF since then.

      • Justin

        Would it be legal to attach this to an Airsoft AR15? Since the rifle it was attached to is inert, would it function as a stock, and create an SBR?

        • gunslinger

          i don’t think it matters if the “rifle” is inert or not. it’s still a stock on a barrel less than xx inches. otherwise everone would buy an arirsoft, and hack it to bits to make their sbrs.

  • MrPhantom

    It’s so stupid that it’s actually kinda awesome

  • derfelcadarn

    Another just because you wet dream. If you have money to burn you too can own this completely unless item. What’s next the Bond Arms Snake Slayer RPG launcher ?

    • gunslinger

      no, it’s the snake oil extractor RPG launcher!

  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck thought this was a good idea, and what the HELL were they smoking?

  • Dracon1201

    They couldn’t have found something polymer framed?

  • dan citizen

    neat, they produced an AOW that requires an additional $500+ donor gun to use as a FCG.

    I cannot imagine why they didn’t just put a simple dedicated FCG in place… a cut off AR lower comes to mind as a cheap solution.

    Also this means you do not have your beretta available as a sidearm.

    Furthermore I feel that the power they are losing from firing a 12 gauge out of such a short barrel negates what little usefulness this concept originally had.

    • J. Grigg

      You can buy a used Beretta for right around $300.

      • dan citizen

        I was wondering what the actual price was, thank you for correcting my random guess.

        Now I want a beretta 🙁

  • AKLover_91

    I’ve actually handled a transfer on one of these, it was a well made little unit.

    It scores big points for novelty, which is all it’s really for. Anyone getting upset about a range toy has weirder priorities than me.

  • Relppa

    That’s why I love this blog. LOL

  • noob

    what’s the safety record like on a “steel-lined aluminium” shotgun barrel.

    It can’t be more than five inches long. Why not go full steel?

  • noob

    Dear Phil,

    If you were a detective and needed to get into a structure with strong door quickly enough to say rescue an innocent from a fire or prevent a felony in progress, would having one of these in a holster under your jacket and about 8 door-breeching 12ga rounds in your pocket be adequate to the task?

    best regards,

    • Yojimbo556

      Would you really want to keep your hand that close to all the action of 12 gauge+dead bolt?

  • Justin

    thats kinda cool. too bad its a destructive device or AOW.

    • gunslinger

      but at least the AOW is only 5 bucks. still have to wait. but better than 200 bucks

    • Yojimbo556

      SBS not DD…but either way is still $200

      • Cymond

        AOW not SBS…it’s only $5

        Plus, DDs require a special dealer license/SOT above even Class 3 dealers, so it’s harder to find a DD dealer. And don’t forget that AOWs are legal in California, and Franklin Armory is in CA.

  • Turk


  • Hank

    This might be just the thing if you’re out pig hunting in the Texas brush and run up on a diamondback.

  • WaltherJJR

    This is EXACTLY like the Taurus “Love bomb” gun. It has a .308 AR on top and bottom launcher that shoots positive emotions at the target. There are currently using for crowd control at Disney World!

  • 101nomad

    Don’t they just make rifles anymore?

  • supergun

    Why not just buy the K-tec shotgun that holds 14 shells in one hand and the 92 in the other.?