Mission First minimalist stock w/ cobra braid

Mission First Tactical has an interesting stock. The Battlelink Minimalist Stock, or BMS.  The BMS is a rather minimalistic approach to an adjustable stock. However they designed it so that the end-user can make some simple modifications if they so desire.

Here is an instructional video, from MFT, on how to wrap paracord cobra braid onto their BMS stock.

Nicholas C

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  • Peter Balzer

    and the point is… ?!

    • Zach

      To keep the stock from getting hooked on gear.

    • Dracon1201

      You never know when you may need some paracord.

      • mechamaster

        for survival tool or strangle device.

      • Robert

        You’ll definitely need some paracord if you buy that stock. But if you don’t buy it, there’s no problem to solve.

    • dan citizen

      to sell stocks…

      Also, para cord is tactical operator gear that increases your CQB while reducing your MOA giving you an overall gain in ROF and rounds on target so that you become a more elite force multiplier.

      • Peter Balzer

        oh, O.K., get it! for a while there, I thought it is useless 🙂

        • dan citizen

          real elite force operator tactical guys have para cord on their para cord.

          • Gabe

            Inception para cord? Mind = Blown

      • schizuki

        Make sure you get the high speed, low drag paracord.

        • Martin Grønsdal

          and it needs to have tactical offset picatinny on it. In all directions.

      • guest

        So correct me if I am wrong, but that paracord will make the operator operate more operationally like an operator?

      • gunslinger

        Enhances your MMR

    • Freedoooom

      People of have suggested the stocks design would make it easily snag stuff.

      But said people are probably just inventing problems that don’t exist.

  • hkryan

    This is the 80% stock to go with all of your 80% lowers.

    Besides, paracord is much stronger than the flimsy polymer stock material, especially in compression. I’m waiting for the matching paracord barrel wrap, it should be coming soon…


    • dan citizen

      screw that, I’m going for a paracord barrel. that way I can shoot around corners.

    • gunslinger

      does that make it… a ghost stock?

  • tirod

    Some people who can’t think past existing designs see the stock as a big hook. And yet over a dozen independent reviewers spanning the last 6 months have said it’s not an issue. But, some have to cobra braid some coolness on it to show they know better.

    The real issue is trying to find one, certain colors have slipped more than six weeks to the vendors and those are few and far between. I’ve noted one was scheduled to put them on sale on 2-24 and it’s now anticipated 4-11, another has proclaimed 7-9 Days! for over three weeks. I don’t care if they send me a coupon for even 50% off, what good is it if they can’t accurately predict an in-stock date? I’ll buy it from somebody else rather than have my order waiting in back stock limbo.

    I would think it wouldn’t be hard to produce thousands of these in a decent amount of time, but then again, I’ve seen Magpul take up to 364 days to finally release a product from the previous SHOT show. Knowing these are actually getting into the logistics stream in April is significantly better than next January. And when I get one, I will studiously avoid the tribal macrame. Even worse that a stock that could get hooked on something is a sling that WILL, as my Infantry School instructors were careful to point out.

    • dan citizen

      similarly shaped hooked stocks have been common in the past on support/antitank weapons where the off hand braces there. Not really sure why the hookish design is being used on today’s 9 pound squirrel guns other than to convince folks that they did not just spend $1500 on an over-complicated, overweight and under-powered piece of crap that is way too fragile for it’s intended purpose*

      *I may have a slight anti-AR bias.

    • n0truscotsman

      “I’ll buy it from somebody else rather than have my order waiting in back stock limbo.”

      I recently did this when trying to buy a Liger Gun belt. I just went with a wilderness frequent flyers belt instead 🙁

      You do have a good point though. Its a PITA. I havent seen anybody impress me with simplicity, yet ruggedness, like Magpul has with their MOE.

  • Cymond

    I just checked out the MFT webpage. They’re selling the Minimalist stock with or without the cobra braid. The cobra braid adds $25!!

  • n0truscotsman

    You want “minimalist”? go with the MOE.*

    *I have a bias in favor of the MOE. Can anybody point to one that is overall superior to justify the cost?

    • The MFT is both lighter and cheaper than the MOE.. and it doesn’t already come on thousands of other rifles. I think half the reason I like it is that it ISN’T from Magpul (even though I love their stuff, EVERYONE has it)

      • st4

        I’m using a CTR right now. I think at the price, I’ll give the MFT a try for my lightweight build.

      • n0truscotsman

        The MFT is a excellent stock too, although I dont prefer the design itself because it gets hooked on stuff. If I didn’t have MOEs at all, I would probably use them though.

        • I had a friend do a paracord job on it similar to the one in this post, so it cost me nothing. I think that should minimize the hook issue.

  • claymore

    It adds the needed strength so one can actually butt stroke someone up side of their head with this flimsy piece of tactacool gear. No wait………/sarcasm off

    • IvanDrago

      Silly capitalist. Flimsy stock will not fix flimsy American design. You want butt strokings? Here’s what to do. First, throw away AR. Then replace you replace with the AK. Now your butt strokings is good to go, comrade.

      • claymore

        But then I couldn’t hit what I was aiming at commie.

      • ‘merican

        sure if you want a club that also fires rounds get an AK. if you want a rifle you can actually hit what youre aiming at with, get an AR lol
        btw can we stop saying butt strokings? just wierd

      • gunslinger

        no no comrade. if you wish to butt stroke, save the AK and grab your old M91/30. much heavier and better suited for clubbing. if that doesn’t work, you can fire a round to produce additional recoil!

  • big daddy

    I’ll stick with the magpul stocks. So far they seem to be the best, especially if you have facial hair.

  • cuck

    it dos not hook on your chest rig iv got it and tested it it is a non issue it is light and feels great in the shoulder and the hoke helps you git on target faster and i now i cant spell