Crowd Sourcing Small Arms History

With the 100 year anniversary of WWI fast approaching, I had more than a few people asking me what was I planning to do.  Truth be told, I couldn’t think of anything we could handle that would do credit to the occasion.

Luckily, we have a large community of firearm and history enthusiasts who can provide their own experience and knowledge for one project to help us learn about, and remember the small arms of the  “War to End All Wars.”  So instead of tackling such a responsibility alone, the gang at C&Rsenal published a set of tutorials on how we, as a team, create line drawings of uniform scale.  We’ve started asking around for anyone who would like to work with the images, make suggestions on what to include, write content, or peer-review and expand the history of these guns.

You can participate here: Small arms of WWI: A Collaborative Project

Or just keep the link and stop in once a week to check on the progress.


Othais is practically useless with modern firearms. That’s OK though, because he specializes in Curio and Relic military pieces and has agreed to decorate The Firearm Blog with a little history. He maintains his own site, C&Rsenal, with the help of his friends and the collector community.


  • noguncontrol

    now if only some entrepreneur would reproduce close copies of all these small arms for civilians to buy.

    • Phil Hsueh

      Interesting notion but I’m not sure that all that many people would want to buy a replica Chauchat.