More Australian motorcycle gang DIY firearms surface

Two homebuilt pistols were seized among other firearms on Tuesday by police in Sydney. They appear to have plastic (or perhaps aluminum) lower receivers with angular magazine wells. Both examples appear very well made.

VIDEO –  Illegal firearms seized by Sydney Police


australianhomemademachinepistols improguns



To recap, a number of improvised submachine guns have been seized in Australia recently, many based on the Expedient Homemade Firearms series of manuals by British author Philip Luty.


lutymkiismgaustralia improguns








Various .22lr SMGs:

australianhomebuiltsmg copy improguns

australianhomemade22smg improguns

australianwoodstocksmg improguns




It would be uncivilized not to link once again to a test fire video:



  • Michael R. Zupcak

    It’s like Dr. Malcom said in Jurassic Park: “Life finds a way.”

  • DougieR

    Total hoax. Everyone knows Australia doesn’t have a gun problem. After all they passed a law. Can we get back to criticizing Americans now please?

  • Valentine

    If there’s anything to learn from this is that people find a way when they want it that badly. Though I must say, that is some pretty damn good handy work, one of them sort of resembles a M3 Grease gun.

    • 1leggeddog

      Funny thing, the M3 “Grease Gun” was specifically made to have a cheaper option for WW2 then the Thompson out on the battlefield. And it was very easy to make/copy for rebel forces as well.

      So it would make sense for them to copy its design and function.

      Just goes to show you that nothing stops human ingenuity.

      • iksnilol

        Doesn’t the M3 also have a mag-loader and bottle-opener built in?

        I know I have always wanted one, integrally suppressed.

    • mikewest007

      And there’s one that looks like Madsen M50.

  • Gabe

    Looks like they might have 3D printed base plates on the magazines.

  • BOB

    those plastic lowers look legit, like professionally made. Interesting.

  • iksnilol


    Everyone knows guns can only be made by Santa’s elves with steel forged in the depths of Mordor.

    They do look nicely made, probably have a mold for the polymer. I am impressed that they are closed bolt.

    • Beju

      I was surprised and impressed with them being closed bolt as well.

  • derfelcadarn

    More magazine clips, we all know how deadly they can be. This is clear evidence that the People will never be disarmed. Human beings seriously dislike being told what to do.

    • Bill

      What’s a magazine clip (insert groan here)?

  • dp

    Ha-ha, “mujor concern” – yeah, I know. Australian gov’t is apprehensive of its population’s undercurrent intentions and keeps it for that reason on tight leash. Let’s not forget – Australia is NOT republic and therefore NOT full fledged democracy so in final extent, citizen is not fully trusted. Those people who ‘perpetrate’ this kind of offence and make/import illicit firearms would be most likely successful entrepreneurs in U.S. I am NOT talking about their ‘customers’; that’s another matter. They are most certainly uncertified to firearms possession (since it is flatly outlawed) and likely have criminal intention and that us certainly deplorable. However, in particular case of Australia you are looking at attempt for purist black&white society, which in most cases does not work.

    • Esh325

      And America isn’t apprehensive of its countries population by spying it?

      • dp

        Hey, you have to answer that question yourself. From my distant, third person position is – perhaps YES. Now, there is a rule we all are familiar with: think globally – act locally. That is under premise that we ARE indeed emancipated people. Take care!

        • Esh325

          I just think it’s interesting that you a judge a countries democracy or freedom based only on firearms. The worst third world crap hole in Africa must be very free because they allow guns to be widely proliferated. Guns aren’t a very good yard stick to measure a populous freedom or quality of life.

          • dp

            No sir, I do not. I judge a country and its governing system on degree to which they honor natural rights of its population. If they decide to outlaw screwdrivers and axes, they can be hardly called a democracy. I use exaggeration to make my point. I sincerely believe the trusted citizen, being properly certified, has right to bear arms.

          • Esh325

            Is there any country today that has outlawed screwdrivers and axes?

          • dp

            This may just happen – in Australia. A have seen crime scene pictures of gang warfare in ‘Matilda country’ – someone’s head split with an axe. As far as screwdriver – perfect tool, it you aim it right. I propose – confiscate, right now!

          • 1911a145acp

            I believe that would be England…..

          • dp

            Yeah, right on. Mother goose and her off-springs. I am firmly convinced that IF it was not for proximity of United Sates, Canada would be the same.

          • 1911a145acp

            I believe Canada has recently seen, or has been FORCED to see the light. 25 plus years of Gun registration and attempts to force compliance have resulted in BILLIONS of dollars spent, and Government estimate of less than 30 % total compliance and NO significant discernible affect on violent crime rates.

            The year following the introduction of firearms licensing in Canada (1977), saw a continuation of the pre-existing decline in murder involving firearms, relative to other mechanisms.[32] From 1977 to 2003 Canada firearm homicide has declined from 1.15 to 0.5 per 100,000, while other mechanisms declined less significantly (1.85 to 1.23 per 100,000).[32][33] A 2011 study by Dr. Caillin Langmann found no beneficial effect on Canada’s homicide or spousal homicide rates as a result of any of Canada’s major gun control legislation since 1974, including FAC and PAL licensing, storage laws, the characterization of many types of firearms as prohibited or restricted, magazine restrictions, etc., all of which were enacted in that time period.[34] A January 2011 study by the Université de Montréal came to the opposite conclusion, finding that Canadian gun control legislation since 1974 resulted in a 5-10 percent drop in firearm homicides.[35] However, the Tristan Hopper study has been criticized for only looking at data to 2004. The Long Gun Registry came into effect in 2003 and licencing was started in 1999 so there may not have been enough time to examine the post effects of any legislative changes beyond a stiffening of sentencing requirements for violent crime that coincidentally occurred during the years Hopper considered. Dr. Langmann examined data up to 2008. Further, the Langmann study analyzed more explanatory variables than the Tristan study, which only looked at the effects of age and alcohol use. The Hopper study also did not look at trend effects over time and hence did not account for the decreasing trend which already existed independent of the factors examined. Despite the differences in scope and reliability, it is noteworthy that the Hopper study and the Langmann study both conclude that the Canadian gun control laws which created and tightly regulate “restricted firearms”, such as handguns and AR-15’s, have had no effect on homicide. In his article for Global News, Hopper cites political comments from Dr. Langmann without explaining why he considers any of those comments to be relevant.[35]

          • dp

            I am on same page with you, albeit do not devout so much energy to study and analyse Cd’n gov’t intentions as you do.
            My off-hand observation and in particular with respect to ever changing policies is within two possibilities.
            One is total incompetency and that is probably close to reality. Second possibility is an intention to disarm Canadians completely, vis-à-vis objectives of NWO.
            If you want to make quick pick based of current federal gov’t ‘achievement’ in removing long gun registry (although provinces are free to implement their own rules and the do) as indicator of reason in high circles, I advise caution. Just stay on guard for thee!

          • anonymous

            aka Airstrip One

          • Mystick

            Actually in a pure democracy, there is no protection of individual Rights. If the majority voted to round up all the purple people and exterminate them, as an example, that action would be backed by force of law. This is why pure democracies are dangerous and unstable.

            This is also why the Republic was established – to throttle democracy in a way that protects the People, yet still enables decisions to be made collectively.

          • dp

            What you imply is that true democracy is equal to tyranny of individual. If that was the case, the tyranny of many individuals translates to tyranny 9or at least injustice) to a token part of population and that is – unacceptable.
            I am not really hot to jump into deeper debate over methods of governance. I just stick for time being with what we are used to: first and essential tenet of your Constitution and that IS freedom to bear arms. In which way and under what circumstance they may be used is a separate issue.
            Furthermore – any country which deprives its citizens level of preparedness against foreign invasion is potentially in perils. Local reliance to self-defence is a wisdom not to be taken lightly.

          • Mystick

            I completely agree. I just wanted to make a distinction that, under the Constitution, America is not a democracy, but a Republic, and define what that means.

    • dp

      ‘nuf said; just a detail. Can someone tell me why is it that “motorcycle gangs” are always involved? Is it not that ‘gangsters’ per see are not travelling in automobiles, or even better – sit on their ass in leather chair on top floors of glass towers?

      • Seth

        I blame the ghost of Mad Max

      • gallan

        Perhaps it’s got something to do with South Australia, a state where medical pot is legal and you can grow up to ten plants legally. I hear alot of motorcycle gangs source their marijuana from their and smuggle it to other states.

        But another reason is the nomad spirit. in the middle east the nomadic tribes are the ones most involved in smuggling but anti-government activity as well. They don’t like to pay tax. I say motorcycle gangs were originally inspired by this ‘free spirit nomad’ idea, but due to their anti-government bent naturally descended into criminal activities.

        • Aussie Gunslinger

          Very few members of Australia’s “Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs” actually ride motorcycles any more. The old Anglo-Celtic bikie gangs became overrun with Middle-Eastern and Pacific Islander criminal elements years ago. The cops even refer to them as “nikie-bikies” because they all wear white Nike running shoes to go with their gold chains, “Everlast” boxing merchandise ‘hoodies’ and face tattoos. Oh, I forgot to mention the shit-awful haircuts. Anyway, these people are just organise crime gangs like any other gangsters, they just happen to wear the vests and “colours” of near-extinct motorcycle gangs like the Hell’s Angles, Rebels, Finks etc.

          • dp

            Thank you; that supports my notion of ‘bike gangs’ (leaving aside those in glass towers for a moment). Frankly, I appreciate difficult street-security situation in Australia since they pick-up (or grow domestically from originally decent ones) all the scum they can get in Pacific area and beyond. But then, Australia was always a collection basket for those nobody wanted. I would not want to be cop there for any money.

    • joeyman9

      In the US it is legal to build your own guns. The way the govt gets to regulate them is once they enter the chain of commerce. If you build it, it is yours, it is private and it doesn’t enter the chain of commerce, so there’s no criminal sanctions.

  • Tyler John Richards

    Those damn clipazines, killing thousands of people in half a second. What are we going to do about them?

    How’s that gun control working out for you Australia? haha

    • Miguel

      Pretty well as I can see.
      Not a mass shooting for quite a while.
      How’s the situation in Ft. Hood?

      • Tyler John Richards

        Wouldn’t have been an issue if military bases weren’t hypocritical gun free zones…

        • dubbs

          Everyone having a gun hasnt worked in Iraq or Afghanistan,why do you think it will work here? NYPD used the “color of the day” to help uniform patrol officers ID plain clothes officers and yet plain clothes armed officers still got shot, some accidentally killed

          Tell me how YOU are going to perfectly ID food ctzns from killer in a chaotic “gun free zone?”

      • Joshua Madoc

        So how about that King Street shooting that happened years ago that could’ve been avoided if body armor wasn’t clumped together with prohibited weapons?

      • sauerquint

        Australia didn’t have alot of mass shootings before the ban either. In the US all of the laws made to prevent them have failed and yet we are told that we need to double down on the very ideas that have a track record of absolute failure. They fail because they address the wrong issue – guns and their ownership. That simply isn’t the actual problem, and more failure driven laws won’t solve the problem.

      • DaveP.

        You mean the GUN FREE ZONE of Fort Hood, where carrying firearms is banned for safety reasons?
        How’s life for women in Aussieland? Have y’all got the sexual assault statistics down yet? Or did y’all just stop keeping police records of them, like the Metros did?

        • Dubbs

          Dave, you do realize rape goes UNDER reported here in the US, right?

          Many times its spousal/ acquaintance or blitz attack( where victim cannot prepare to defend themselves)

          If you think an unsuspecting victim can quickly whip out a gun and defend themselves , think again(/if thats the case, there wouldnt be so many dead police officers who are TRAINED to expect assault)

      • C.j. Singleton

        another head case loaded up on meds by doctors on the take and doing what his handler told him to do just like every other mass shooting when it happens once ok random act of violence when it happens every 3 to 6 months and the media has a set list of taling point ready for it that is a conspiracy.

      • Heartland Patriot

        Go back to reading your worn-out copy of “The Communist Manifesto”, leftist swine.

      • 1911a145acp

        Australia had virtually NO GUN crime and only ONE mass shooting before the illegal confiscation of law abiding gun owners property. The direct costs ( Not counting the value of the privately owned property that the government took with little or no compensation ) of implementation and enforcement of the gun registration, confiscation and destruction of law abiding Gun Owners personal private property has been calculated in the HUNDREDS of millions of dollars. Gun crime, assaults, home invasions, day time store robberies have all INCREASED. Australia had one mass shooting, rounded up inanimate objects from law abiding citizens who had NOTHING to do with criminal activity, spent HUNDREDS of millions of dollars (so far) doing it and now claims to have reduced mass shootings by…….. ONE. Good job Aussies…..

        • Jim

          Well said. Obviously, people should be held accountable for their actions / failure to take reasonable precautions to secure weapons and felons, domestic abusers, and insane people shouldn’t be buying guns. But taking away everyone’s right of self defense because of one incident is just very lazy thinking and very lazy legislation. I’d say it would be akin to banning fast food, alcohol, and tobacco but guns actually provide far more utility at a far lower cost than any of those three items. As for the “gun violence” statistic? The fact that anyone would be stupid enough to use “gun violence” as opposed to “violent crimes” evidences that they either aren’t terribly bright or have an agenda.

          • Zootalaws

            Well said? You have a low threshold.

        • Zootalaws

          “and only ONE mass shooting before the illegal confiscation of law abiding gun owners property.”

          Illegal, how? Australian legislators passed a law. Gun owners brought their guns in and were financially compensated. No guns were confiscated.

          And you are wrong about massacres – these are just the ones in the 25 years before the gun buy-back.

          Hope Forest massacre – Clifford Cecil Bartholomew shot dead ten members of his family in Hope Forest near Adelaide, September 1971.[2]
          22 September 1976 – William Robert Wilson – Killed two people and wounded four on Boundary Street, Spring Hill, Brisbane. Wilson took a .22 calibre rifle and 500 rounds of ammunition to Boundary Street around 12.30 pm and began shooting randomly. He shot and killed Monika Schleus, aged 17, as she crossed Boundary Street. Wilson shot and wounded Donald William Hepburn Galloway, who was also crossing the street. Proceeding to a milk bar, Wilson shot and killed Marianne Kalatzis, aged 18, and wounded Mavis Ethel Sanders and Virginia Hollidge. In the neighbouring shop he shot and wounded Quinto Alberti. Wilson was captured by police around 4:15 pm at a suburban house where Wilson was holding a man and four young women hostage. Wilson served three years in a mental hospital. On being found fit for trial, he was sentenced in 1980 to two life sentences for the murders and 10 years each, concurrently, for the four attempted murders. He pleaded guilty to all charges.[3]
          Milperra massacre – Two biker gangs, the Comanchero and the Bandidos, engaged in a shoot-out in a hotel car park, killing 7 people in 1984, including a bystander. Only one defendant was acquitted on the murder charges.
          Joseph Schwab – 1987, Schwab shot dead 5 people in and around the Kimberley region in Western Australia before being shot dead by police.[4]
          Hoddle Street massacre – Armed with two rifles and a shotgun, Julian Knight shot 7 people dead and wounded another 19 in 1987 before surrendering to authorities.
          Queen Street massacre – Armed with a sawn-off rifle, Frank Vitkovic roamed the Australia Post building killing 8 and wounding 5, also in 1987. When the weapon was finally wrestled from him, he committed suicide by jumping out of a nearby window.
          Surry Hills massacre – Paul Anthony Evers killed 5 people with a 12-gauge shotgun at a public housing precinct in Surry Hills in 1990 before surrendering to police.[5]
          Strathfield massacre – In 1991 Wade Frankum killed 7 people and wounded 6 others with a large knife and an SKS before turning the gun on himself when he realised he could not escape.
          Central Coast Massacre – Malcolm Baker killed 6 people and injured another with a shotgun in 1992 before being arrested by police.
          Port Arthur massacre – In 1996, armed with two semi-automatic rifles, Martin Bryant killed 35 people around Port Arthur and wounded 21 before being caught by police the next day following an overnight siege.

      • Great_Baldung

        Because mass shooting are such a great indication of a society’s situation!

      • afdsfsd

        loL no more mass shootings, plenty of mass burnings, though. Completely ok if people aren’t being shot to death in mass numbers, so long as they’re burned to death in mass numbers instead, right? Aussie jackasses. No doubt you’re the children of Britain’s retards.

    • Zootalaws

      Awesomely – all crime is down, but gun homicides are completely through the floor.

      How’s crime in the US? Sick of it yet?

  • guest

    There is only one logical thing to do, when the police discovers illegal homemade firearms: confiscate even more of legally owned firearms.


    • Bill

      Exactly. And the very next time an addict holds up a bank we’d better lock up every single person who has ever done any form of illicit substance, especially the ones who have never committed a crime. Shouldn’t be a problem-just go to all the rehab centers and round them up. Oh wait…

  • lcpltac

    If these weren’t scary enough, check out the latest bikie weapons from NSW’s northern neighbour, Queensland.
    Air rifle machine guns!!!!

    You blokes will know them as airsoft toys 😉

    • dp

      Extremely shabby evidence; typically crappy news media stunt. BTW, how would you nail someone more effectively if not on illegal firearm possession? Possession of illegal ideology?

      • Bill

        That’ll be next…

  • dp

    Now, let’s get bit technical, for change. The stuff seen in pictures and videos clearly indicate professionally developed and made arms. I doubt this is work of an amateur and instead strongly believe this is result of either otherwise un-materialized ‘outback talent’ or even more likely – offshore import. Again, I’d not cross my fingers over that possibility since technical capabilities of countries in the region have grown lately almost exponentially. Good for them – they are virtually independent; at least in this field.

  • Dracon1201

    I must say, some of those guns on the slideshow in the clip were very nice looking!

  • H David Hansell

    If Obama had his way the same thing would happen in the U.S. Only the police and Criminals would have weapons, when will Liberals learn the errors of their ways???

    A. never

    • Bill

      As soon as they learn that they’re not always right-in other words, never.

      “Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”
      —Ronald Reagan

      • RobGR

        Funny you should quote Reagan as he started the anti gun movement in CA. He passed the Mulford Act, supported background checks in conjunction with waiting periods and spoke publicly in support of the Brady Bill. But who cares about history, slap those partisan blinders on and salute the rhetoric of GOP golden god. Truly amazing though, b/c he saved a women from a robbery with a gun, but his legislative record speaks otherwise.

        • Bill

          Actually, I was just using the quote, not espousing the man’s ideology. Dianne Feinstein occasionally says profound things as well, but I wouldn’t say she’s any smarter. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar…

  • Cymond

    The second-to-last centerfire subgun (with the Beretta 92 clone) looks *very* professional. It really looks like it could be a factory gun. The two in plastic bags with channel “Ten” logo appear different, but they all have the same folding stock.

    Also, the second & third 22lr versions look a lot like commercial rimfire rifles that have been converted. They remind me of the Savage 64. Several years ago, I disassembled a Savage 64 for cleaning. I was amazed by the simplicity. The striker and bolt were basically just cylinders pushed by springs inside a tubular receiver. The striker was caught by a sear on every cycle while the bolt closed. If the striker were allowed to follow the bolt, I imagine it would have fired full-auto. The free-floating firing pin was long enough that there was no gap. If the striker was forward, so was the firing pin. I never tried it, but it seemed that removing the disconnector would cause the striker to move forward freely & produce full-auto.

  • Rubyr Lochine

    Fascinating…. Considering the political situation in certain parts of Australia, I had actually advocated for the building/stockpiling of homemade arms since acquiring them legally is so difficult . Glad someone took it to heart, Not so thrilled they got pinched.

  • Rob

    Easy enough to stop, just make them submit to universal background checks. There. Problem solved.

    • Michel_T

      Wouldn’t it be easier to simply ban criminal activities?

      Or better yet, a criminal registry…

      • Bill


  • Mystick

    You cannot put the genie back in the bottle. It’s only revolutionary and novel the first time. Everything after that is following a recipe, or template.

  • ErinTarn

    The test-fire video and it’s preceeding comment are the most liberal thing I’ve ever seen on this site. Some people who manufacture their own weapons make excellent, safe, reliable weapons. Scare tactics are leftist-born doctrine.

  • mike gee

    Too many of us as gun owners pass the buck! We champion freedom but say nothing about responsibility. When problems like thugs and gangmembers rear their heads, many of us are quick to expect the police to handle the problem, but we don’t bother considering that when taxes are needed to fund the services that keep the wolves at bay ,we are often voting against it! Many ofus coukd care less about about day to day politics which allow the knee jerk anti gun legislation,. Even the voter turn iut during the last two devisive elections was still LOW considering such an important effect on our nation.
    Bottom line, we gun owners regulate ourselves and act like we’re willing to show this, the gov’t won’t try to do it for us…

  • av8or8218



    how the proud Australians ever allowed this disarmament is beyond me

  • 101nomad

    How is that, “…….not politics” thing working out for you?

  • Verne Wilson

    Um.. guys, that link goes to a video about ‘Machine Gun’ seizures in Perth just over a year ago. Perth is a completely different city on the other side of Australia from Sydney and the clip is somewhat old news.. Just thought i’d point that out 😉
    Interesting article nonetheless.

  • Doogie Howser

    You can read more about improvised guns not by this author at

  • Yellow Devil

    Some of them really look impressive, almost professional.

    Others…not so much.

  • David Underhill

    I hope all you NON-Aussies realise that Australians can still legally own guns if licensed.
    There is 3.5 million legally owned guns here. What was limited (not banned) was access to semi-auto shotguns & rifles, plus pump-action shotguns. Even these can still be purchased if genuine reason for licensing exists (Trap shooting/Feral animal management). What doesn’t exist (and has never existed) is licensing for self-defence or concealed carry. Even the “black gun , the AR15 clone, is still sold here. 1 caussie ompany even makes them in Australia.

    • rtc_MA

      3.5 million …. heck, you should see my gun safe!

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      Yeah, but I don’t need licenses, don’t need a vault bolted to the structure of my house and inspections, and don’t need a “genuine reason.”

  • Who’re hey

    Anyone who is stupid enough to call a magazine a clip…

  • MrApple

    Gun Control in action. Where there is a will there will always be a way.

  • Matt Grizz Gregg

    Bikers face so much discrimination and harassment from pigs down there. They lost a critical human right and now they are taking steps to protect themselves. Good for them.

  • Bill

    Must be Photoshop-everybody knows there are no guns Down Under. The Government Has Decreed, Therefore It Shall Be. Wish the press would stop feeding us lies about criminals continuing to break the law…

  • MichaelZWilliamson

    I don’t understand. Aus has laws against manufacturing or importing machine guns. Don’t these people realize they’ll face jail time for doing this? And how did they develop the arcane knowledge necessary?

    • Ron Smith

      arcane knowledge? Before we had manufacturers people were building shotguns out of quarter inch pipes. The reason for homemade weapons was they couldn’t always afford a blacksmith designed and forged weapon but needed to eat and needed to defend their farms. Laws are only useful when the advance the mission of helping regular good people to obtain food, shelter, medicine and secure their operations to allow them to focus on the pursuit of prosperity.

      When you start making laws that impede this mission, then you are stacking the deck against your civilization and creating a bubble that one day must burst.

      • MichaelZWilliamson

        I was being sarcastic. I’m a bladesmith and gunsmith, among other pursuits.

  • Ken

    Wait, so you’re telling me laws don’t prevent bad guys from having guns?!?! Oh no!!

  • Bosco Kim

    Gun control will start with bullets. Actually primers. The EPA will ban primers effectively making bullets impossible to manufacture

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      The chemicals used in primers are commonly used in other industry, so the EPA cannot “ban” them. Then, DoD and the police need ammo, which is loaded in the same factories.

      Primer technology is also a couple of hundred years old at this point, so any ban would have no effect on the illegal market.

      Now, restrictions on lead are a different matter, but tungsten, bismuth and copper are available.

    • ThinkOutsideTheBox

      In Pakistan lots of ammunition is reloaded with strike anywhere match tips as a primer compound and old reels of film (nitrocellulose) for gunpowder.

      Toy caps also work when loaded into spent primers.

  • lilbear68

    this just cant be, firearms have been banned by law

  • bmartin79

    Anyone that points a gun at a police officer is likely to try and kill the cop. Yes the cop may return fire but it’s not like all cops are gods and can kill any one because they have badges . The cops only care about them selves . What about the citizen ? Does the citizen not have a right to arm themselves against criminals. And let’s just say that if an individual is going to make a gun why not make it auto . In Australia it already illegal to own any firearm .

  • Porty1119

    Dagnabbit…now I want to try my hand at building one of these. Semi-auto, closed-bolt, of course.

  • Rick

    the build quality on some of those is awesome in a good way.
    I’m sure it’s been said by others, but my first encounter with the sentiment was from the sci fi author David Drake who said that any vilage that can build a tractor can produce a very good assault rifle – the tolerances required for a motor are much greater than for a machine gun.

    This is proved right here. Bikers who have to make their own engine and exhaust parts would find submachine gun manufacture much simpler.