MDT LSS Chassis for Mossberg MVP .223

Modular Driven Technologies debuted their new MDT LSS Chassis system for Mossberg MVP rifle chambered in .223/5.56. It’s designed to use all the various collapsible AR-15 butt-stocks and pistol grips on the market. The LSS chassis also has a separate adapter available for use with fixed AR butt-stocks as well. The LSS Chassis also features mounting holes on the bottom of the fore-end to bolt on MIL-STN-1913 accessory mounting rails. MDT engineered their LSS Chassis to minimize warping and distortion to maximize accuracy. The chassis has plenty of clearance for standard and bull barrels and the only part of the chassis that actually touches the receiver is a V shaped bedding/recoil lug. The chassis weights in at 1.7lbs and retails for $399 and is available in either black or flat dark earth. It’s expected to be available in May 2014 with a version for the MVP in .308 on the way later this year. They’re also available for the Remington 700, Tikka T3 and Savage rifles. Check out for more info.



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  • Max

    Now this is a chassis! I had grown tired of the giant railed chassis that had popped up everywhere recently, but now someone figured out that you really don’t need much except for optic and bi-pod mounts and designed accordingly. Also, I’m assuming it’s aluminum?

    • iksnilol


      Long range rifles are heavy enough.

      Seems practical, but seems to slow loading grip. This is due to not having a “saddle” design.

  • CounterStrike

    Make an AWP stock and we’ll talk

    • Eric S

      Ask Rhineland Arms.

    • Diesel Dan

      I’d also like to see an AX stock for it, or an AICS 2.0 stock.

  • erwos

    Ooh, now this is making me want a Mossberg MVP in .308. I had a MVP in .223, and it was great, but eventually decided I wanted a gun with more range potential.

    • FourString

      Yeah, I want one in .308; so glad to hear that they’re going to offer a chassis in that calibre 😀

  • Do want… in .308 later this year.

  • gunslinger

    nifty idea. although i may look for the .308 version

  • jamezb

    That’s dead-sexy.