Philippine Army Buys 63,000 Remington R4 Carbines

IHS Jane’s reports that the Philippines Army has purchased 63,000 Remington R4 carbines with $53 million.

The Philippine Army (PA) has confirmed the acquisition of 63,000 Remington Defense R4 5.56 mm carbines in a deal worth PHP2.4 billion (USD53 million).

PA spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Noel Detoyato announced on 18 March 2014 that the R4 carbines – which were procured to replace the army’s ageing M16A1 assault rifles – will be delivered and assigned to its troops in several tranches by the end of the year.

Thanks to Albi for the tip.

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  • David

    Shame they spent all that money and just got Remmingtons

  • Lance

    Probably not for regular Army forces and face it these are semiauto M-4s. Think maybe for civilian volunteer forces in the troubled southern provinces in the country. They had to rescue many from Muslim terrorists last year many where kidnapped so they may arms some villagers with some rifles for protecting them. Other than that They use real military weapons like the M-16A1.

    • clinton notestine

      who says they are semi auto? remington has full and burst options

    • Esh325

      According to Remington’s website, they don’t offer semi automatic only version to militaries.

    • echelon

      These are from RemDef..they’re FA for sure. RemDef doesn’t sell any of its’ wares to the lowly “civilian”. Trust me I’m an ACR owner and between Bushy and RemDef I can’t get nothing for parts!

    • LCON

      Read the story lance they are replacements for the worn out thirty year old M16A1s everything ages and there is only so long they can keep this rifles operational.

      • Lance

        Not really only Filipino Spec Ops have adopted M-4s and Remington has not in the past offered military M-4s to many foreign partners. I doubt the A1 is leaving them they make there own M-16s by Elisco sorry hard to spell there companies name. When I was there last year most solders and cops had M-16A1s only private security and Special Forces had M-4s.

        • Zambowhote

          The Elisco made A1s will be handed down to civilian auxiliary forces once the Fil Army gets the Remington M4s. Elisco stopped making M16s a while back.

          • Lance

            With only a few thousand coming I doubt the A1 will be fully replace think this is more for elite units of there armed forces and federal police The 2nd reason I have doubt about this being a military full auto deal is that its sated R4 carbine if they where military no matter who makes them it be called a M-4 carbine not the commercial name of Remington’s commercial rifle.

          • Ben Loong

            Lance, the bid notice put out by the Philippine Department of National Defense specifically stated that the assault rifle requirement was for outfitting both the Army and the Marines. 63,000 units is significantly more than all of the special forces units in all of the armed services (Army, Navy, Marines & Air Force) combined.

            Now it’s still not enough to fully replace all the M16A1s and CAR-15s in service, but as I mentioned in another post here, the defense department has a bureau working on acquiring the capability to make new AR-15 pattern rifles in-house. That particular bureau will provide for the small arms requirements of the major armed services in the future. At present they’ve been repairing and refurbishing the older rifles. Eventually most of those M16s are going to be put in storage as strategic reserves.

  • BOB

    More fools them. Love ARs but Remington is really sh!tting the bed lately.

  • kev

    Don’t think Colt will be too happy. Janes also reported that the German army are looking for a new 338 Lapua seems to me like every country is upgrading and modernising their military, this is probably to do with bulking up defences against China, im just surprised they didn’t go for a local producer like FERFRANS

    • Ken

      Chances are the US government gave them military aid funds, with the condition that it needs to be spent on American made hardware. That could be why they don’t go with a locally made product.

      • kev

        That makes a lot of sense funny how a few years ago AKs were the only weapons you would see in the hands of foreign militaries in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe with a few G3s and FALs thrown in, now AR type weapons seem to appearing everywhere.

        • Matrix_3692

          There are far less AKs’ in south east asia than in your imagination.

          • kev

            Yes Asian nations use a wide variety of weapons of different manufacturers and origin type 56 included, i find it interesting that the globally more nations are developing AR type weapons

          • FourString

            smacks very much of Lord of War

      • Ben Loong

        Actually this particular purchase came straight out of the Philippine government’s coffers. The decision to purchase from Remington was the result of a competitive bidding where Remington beat out Colt, Sig Sauer, Manroy USA and Hanwa (South Korea).

        As for why they didn’t source it locally: Procurement laws here require that companies providing defense materials have a track record of having provided for a similar contract at least worth at least 50% of the requirement within the past 5 to 10 years or so. FERFRANS hasn’t quite reached that level yet. (As far as I know most of the parts they use are outsourced.)

        That said, this acquisition actually complements the more long-term Phil. Government Arsenal’s rifle manufacturing project, where the bureau plans on acquiring the in-house capability to produce AR-15 pattern weapons for all the armed services and law enforcement agencies. Companies they’ve talked with for a joint venture have been Colt, Daewoo and Remington.

  • LCON

    Any news on the Configuration they ordered? the Remington Defense Catalog shows a number of offerings from M16A4 style to fully loaded M4A1 with Remington’s Accessory hand guard.

    • Ben Loong

      Technical requirements for the contract specified your standard milspec M4A1. The firms that participated in the bidding (Colt, Remington, Sig Sauer, Manroy USA, Hanwa) all had experience making milspec AR-15 type rifles.

      • LCON

        So Selective Fire, Full Auto, 14.5 inch heavy barrel,probably a magpul stock, Rail System?

        • Ben Loong

          Pretty much. Though I’m not sure about the rail system beyond the one on the receiver. I’ve only seen those on rifles used by the specialized units since the military doesn’t really provide all of line infantry with fancy gadgets. More likely just the standard handguards. If the Remingtons are issued to any of the specialized units, they’ll probably just do the modifications themselves.

          That said the requirement was a two-parter, with another budget allocated for around five thousand or so optics (presumably for SOCOM units). Haven’t heard much about that particular bid, though.

  • Esh325

    If you’re going to go through the trouble of buying new rifles, why not at least buy the best rifle you can get, or at least get the best version of the rifle you’re looking at. Why didn’t they say order the ACR or the R5 RGP with the gas piston and free float rail?

    • clinton notestine

      why buy a ford taurus when you could by a lambo?

      • kingghidorah

        WHY? A Lambo is too flashy, impractical, uncomfortable and as expensive to feed as a reality tv housewife. Strictly a weekend toy who’s maint bill has caused strokes, while a Taurus will get you to work everyday and run like an appliance and let you remain unnoticed.

    • Madkows

      ^Suggesting that ACR is the best rifle you can get. Just because it’s piston doesn’t make it the best. I’d take a LaRue or Noveske over an ACR any day

    • dp

      Yeah right, for 3x as much and GDP per capita 4.5 grand a year. Thank you very much!

  • gunslinger

    bulk buy at $900 a pop?

  • dp

    Wait a minute, that is damn good deal: $840 per gun, probably includes set of mags, spares and cleaning. On the other hand, with Phil’s estimated GDP per capita (2012) being UDS 4,500 is equivalent of 8.5 grand in States. Would pay that much? If they bought Chinese AKs they would be much better off.

    • john huscio

      Relations between the Philippines and the PRC are quite frosty….with the chinese claiming every rock in the south China sea ‘n all…..

      • Ben Loong

        An then there’s the fact that every branch of the Philippine armed forces has used M16s and CAR-15s since the 70s. And that ever civilian shooter here owns an AR-15…

        You can see why it makes a whole lot of sense logistically.

  • dp

    BTW, they just signed deal with Muslim rebels;
    All that money could have been left for welfare, so people do not have to subsist from what they pick on landfills. That’s real-politics I know, but it makes picture more complete.

    • noguncontrol

      one group of rebels, there are at least two other groups of jihadis, and peace with jihadis? that is a stupid idea, it is like asking and paying to get betrayed. these jihadis cant be trusted.

      • Jerry Crus

        well, the only way to deal peace with them is to let them fight each others..

  • noguncontrol

    and in the meantime, the Philippine govt is putting further restriction the rights of gunowners

  • Gunner Jacky

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  • Tulsa Buhay

    Muslim joins Philippine army. Goes AWOL. Bring guns and ammo to one of numerous loose armed bands in Mindanao. Earns money from kidnappings and extortions while sidelining as a secessionist. Harsh but true.

  • Guest

    Well the rifles have arrived, and this is the configuration they came in:

  • xavier

    The Remington M4s have arrived:

    hmm… I can’t seem to get any pictures posted, so here’s the link: