South Korean K14 Sniper Rifle Video

Korean K14

The following is a promotional video released on the K14 rifle:

The K14 is a sniper rifle developed for the Republic of Korea (aka: South Korea) military.  It is a 7.62×51 chambered rifle and was developed by S&T Motiv, formerly known as Daewoo.

For more information on the K14, read the previous article we posted by clicking here.

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  • BenJamin

    K-14 Gangam style

  • Wetcoaster

    1 MOA at 300 meters for a dedicated bolt action sniper rifle that weighs 15 pounds? Those requirements seem a little modest for a gun made to modern manufacturing tolerances…

    • Vitor

      1MOA is pretty darn good for a 7.62×51 that was never a specially accurate caliber. Going sub-moa requires a really fancy rifle and ammo and offers no pratical advantage over a solid 1 MOA.

      • 1911a145acp

        “7.62×51 never a specially accurate caliber” Hhmmm…news to me…. and about 6 million other users.

        • vitor

          Nah, you know it. There are plenty of other calibers that are compatible with .308 guns given a barrel and bolt change like 6.5 creedmor, 6.5 lapua, 7mm remington that are much more accurate and better for long range and with a tad bit less recoil. The standard M80 is quite mediocre given how much power it packs, generating 3.5k joules. Of course there are the match ammo in the 168-175gr that make the .308 a decent sniper ammo, but still inferior to 6.5-7mm options.

    • seans

      Especially considering you could the same results out of a MK18MOD1 at half the weight.

    • G

      Are you talking about 3-, 5- or 10 shot groups? You cannot compare group sizes unless they consist of the same amount of shots.

      They don’t mention how many shots their 1 MOA groups consists of but the “Field effective firing” sequence contains a picture of a 10 shot group.

      SOCOM required a 10 shot group for the accuracy evaluation part of the PSR competition. (IIRC there was a 1.5 MOA vertical spread limit at 1000 yards for the PSR platform.)

    • justaguy

      Remember that Korea is 80% mountainous, so shots going further than a mile would be rare(the mountains would be in the way).

  • Jimmy johns

    The obvious techno and ecstasy junkie who made this promo video should be flogged with a burlap bag of potatoes

  • suchumski

    the profil of the rifle looks a bit high, makes the profil of the sniper larger.
    koreans are great shoters with whatever, it may be a fine gun, waiting for tests. 😀

  • Puskas

    Airsoft scope rings?