A reader spotted an AK-style rifle chambered in 12 Gauge at the Norinco booth at IWA ’14. Stamped on the side, underneath “Jianshe Industry, Made in China” is “USSG COCOA, FL”. This is an import mark that means this particular gun is destined for EAA Corp. / USSG Inc. of Florida. EAA / USSG are best known for their Russian and Italian imports.


Did someone spell Jianshe incorrectly and have to correct it?


This 12 Gauge AK bears no resemblance to the Catamount Fury Chinese AK shotguns that were imported by Century Arms a couple of years ago. The receiver design is substantially different.

The stock is a import-legal sporting (thumbhole) stock. It has a standard AK rear sight and a open hood front sight mounted 1/3″ before the end of the gas tube. This is a less-than-ideal sighting system for a shotgun, suggesting that it has been designed for optics to be mounted on top of the picatinny rail.

The are additional markings on the receiver cover that suggests the gun is called [illegible] ANNIHILATOR.



There are also markings on the rear site block. There is a logo or proof mark, following by some text that ends in “12 R” (12 Gauge Rimmed).

rear sight block


What is especially interesting is that Norinco are promoting this gun. In 1993 Clinton banned all Norinco firearms except shotguns from being imported and in 2003 Bush extended that ban to all firearms. My understanding is that Norinco and Jianshe are separate entities, but they collaborate closely with regards to firearms. Jianshe and Norinco both manufacture the Norinco designed Chinese service rifle the QBZ-95. EAA Corp. are going to be furious when they find out that a gun with their name on it is being marketed by Norinco at the world’s second largest gun expo.

UPDATE: Readers have pointed out in the comments, the Hawk shotgun is exported by Norinco (but I don’t think its made by Norinco) is imported without problems.

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  • hami

    Because most weapons use acronyms and seemingly random number/letter combinations i am very happy to see this shotgun’s name.

    When showing my weapon collection:

    “here is my AR-15 its a BCM DMR,
    here is my AK47 here is the 74,
    this is a clone of an AUG called the MSAR,
    my FN FAL
    Oh this one? this little guy…


    • wetcorps

      Yeah it’s the kind of name that can only be written in capitals ^^

    • mikewest007


    • Rogier Velting

      Don’t forget the evil laugh after that!

    • bbmg

      Fact: there is no Chinese symbol for “political correctness” 😀

    • El Duderino

      Some prosecuting attorney will try and use it to his advantage, someday. But for now, pure joy.

  • Vhyrus

    The gun grabbers are going to burst a blood vessel when they read that name.

  • kingghidorah

    They should have named it the Cherry Blossom or Summers Eve. As soon as you know who gets wind of this Chinese 12 Gauge AK, it will be a distant memory like the Korean USAS12.

  • floppyscience

    “In 1993 Clinton banned all Norinco firearms except shotguns from being imported and in 2003 Bush extended that ban to all firearms.”

    Why are we getting a ton of Norinco shotguns here then, notably the Hawk?

    • John

      Because the information the author has on the 2003 Bush sanctions on Norinco is erroneous.

    • 360_AD

      Because the Hawk is a Hawk. Not marketed or imported as a Norinco.

      • floppyscience

        So it’s OK if it’s made by Norinco and the profits go to Norinco so long as it isn’t marketed as a Norinco? Makes sense as far as American laws go.

        • whodywei

          The profits go to the Chinese government. Both companies are state owned enterprises, but they are not affiliated.

        • 360_AD

          Pretty much. Symbolic laws that do nothing other than to fool idiots into thinking the politicians actually work for a living.

        • Steve (TFB Editor)

          I believe the Hawk is marketed by Norinco, not actually made in their factories. But that is a very good point.

          (The Hawk is sold under many different brands).

          • Phil Hsueh

            So that does that mean that we can get Chinese AKs and some of those neat looking bullpups they make?

    • The Stig

      Remington, is that you?

      I kid, I kid.

      • floppyscience

        Don’t even joke about that.

  • Karina

    It’s a very meaningful name, actually.

    “KEY ANNIHILATOR” suggests, this weapon being a shotgun, that it, er, annihilates the need to use keys. Just shoot the damn things with this and breaching rounds!

    [/wishful thinking]

  • Tirod

    Banned? Or did the Chinese simply agree in order to get the rest of Walmart’s shelf space. If there is a link to an EO or something that declares a ban, it’d be nice to have a link.

    As said, Jianshe isn’t Norinco. So, my next question why we haven’t seen Chinese AR’s being imported under a different Brand for $475? That’s the USD price for a Norinco in Canada.

    Ban – or trade treaty? And when did it change, or how?

    • El Duderino

      That whole pesky “no rifles or pistols from China” and “no centerfire rifles made to take a magazine of more than 10 rounds” deal.

  • El Duderino

    Love to see the manual.

    “To the being disassemble: For the one, caution is to be recommend.”

    • mxprivateer

      Brought to you by the same team of crack technical writers who put out Harbor Freight’s superbly written product instruction manuals.

  • bbmg

    The issue with Chinese copies and Western orthography is an old one.

    One of the fascinating exhibits at the IWM in London (one of the few reasons left to visit the place) is a Chinese copy of the Thompson submachinegun from the early 1930s, stamped as the “THAMPSON” 🙂


  • csspecs

    What a poorly chosen name..

  • Dan F.

    That illegible stamp in the last picture has a triangle- probably a factory code. Chinese arsenals usually stamp their products with their assigned number, even stripper clips (mine say /621). Jianshe Arsenal stamped their SKS rifles with /26- be interesting to see if this shotgun does, too.

  • clinton notestine

    Can’t wait for the misspelled box ANALATOR

  • Dannyboy

    Our type 97 here in canada are made by the same company “EMEI” with the same mountain beside it. Still poorly finished chinese crap but hey its a 1000$ bull pup

  • jom

    Even if the sanctions were indeed lifted . by buying norinco products you are helping the chinese to bully and grab territory from their poorer and militarily weaker neighbors..and while i admire and envy your commitment to your right to keep and bear arms and understand that every gun banned weakens your stance .fathers in these bullied nations may soon be fighting to the death to keep their children and homes safe.