Magpul MBUS 2.5, the predecessor to the MBUS

Think you know all there is about the Magpul MBUS? Did you know the MBUS was originally designed for the KRISS Vector?

The early prototype KRISS Vector, like the one seen on Future Weapons, were kitted out with HK MP7 style iron sights. The MP7 sights are a dual sighting system. They flip up for rifle sights. When folded, there are pistol iron sights so you can aim and shoot the MP7 as a pistol.

KRISS wanted something like that. And in the early production KRISS Vector models circa 2008, they came with the Magpul MBUS 2.5. Why are they called MBUS 2.5? Cause that is what it says on the bottom of them.

Mbus 2.5 b

The MBUS 2.5 were machined aluminum BUIS. They have pistol sights built in when they are folded down.

Mbus 2.5 a

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    • Andrew

      When the KRISS Vector first came out, people were posting these left & right on arfcom for 100 bucks a set. So, I’d guess they probably suck, since so many people felt the need to immediately replace them

  • hydepark

    And I’ve been complaining ever since that NOBODY wants to take 2 SECONDS to add 3 BUMPS an ANY of their sights to replicate the integrated pistol sights.

  • scurvy dog

    Yeah, and? Magpul makes the new MBUIS in both polymer and machined aluminum. I fail to see how this is newsworthy.

    • Anonymoose

      They work as pistol-style open sights when folded.


    nah, not sure why the hoopalah as they are no where near as good as the ARMS for the same price.

    • erwos

      The ARMS sights have a fatal flaw, which is that the folding aperture on the rear sight gets knocked out of position and blocks it if you raise the rear sight too quickly. I have no idea why ARMS never seems to correct this, but it’s a real issue that doesn’t exist with MBUS.

      • MICHAEL

        really? That’s news to me having used them in the stan and beat the hell out of my rifle

        • Andrew

          What did that poor rifle do to you

          • Yellow Devil

            Probable for not being 6.5 mm.

          • MICHAEL


            YD….nah, we’d of liked the 6.8 to be honest or more 7.62s

  • gunslinger

    at first i was confused…i was..

    seriously, i thought this was the next design, so i thought predecessor was wrong.

    nope. just me.

    but now i can do a yo dawg. i hear you like irons. so we put back up irons on your back up irons so you can shoot while you aren’t shooting..

    or something like that.

  • hydepark

    I honestly wish someone could explain to me why Magpul or someone else didn’t take the absolute negligible amount of time / energy it would have taken to introduce this feature to their sights. Those MP7 sights are outrageously expensive, and everything else is either airsoft crap or again, way too much money.

  • SafeArmsReview

    Magpul did come up with new sites – just saw then at the local cop shop…

    1. Magpul MBUS PRO Rear sight –

    2. Magpul MBUS PRO Front sight –

    Something to consider

  • LCON

    Should produce and offer for AR pistols