Brazilian Police Pistol Accidental Discharges

In September last year the São Paulo State Military Police (PMSP) recalled 96,000 Taurus 24/7 DS pistols because a number of them were able to be be discharged without pulling the trigger. We published a short clip showing a faulty police pistol being discharged but yesterday a reader emailed us a link to the full clip showing an unidentified person firing the 24/7 simply by flicking his wrist. Its scary stuff.

Please note, this blog post refers to Taurus (Brazil) not Taurus USA.

Thanks to Bryan for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • RomeoTangoBravo

    It’s obvious this is a ghost gun…

  • Joe

    Now how do we find out if they cop made any modifications to the pistol?

    • TyXo

      It is not modification. It is an actual design problem. There are a lot of others complaining.

      • True at least with those in Brazil. I haven’t seen one here yet.

        • ShadowHatesYou

          I own a Taurus 24/7 Pro DS G1 in 9×19, and this malfunction is an impossibility on my firearm. There’s a firing pin block in place, it’s operation is smooth, and it has a decently strong spring behind it.

          Something smells funny.

          • Passin Thru

            I saw no muzzle flash, no cases being ejected, and didn’t notice the gun actually cycling…just the person shaking the gun, with gunshot SFX added. I’m skeptical.

          • WaltherJJR

            You’re kidding right?
            1. I saw muzzle flash
            2. The gun had to cycle or it wouldn’t be able to empty the magazine.
            3. When the safety was on, the gun did not cycle, of course, and the spend shell was seen after he manually cycled the gun.

            Work for Taurus much?

  • John Dalton

    I have NEVER liked Taurus guns. I have owned 3 and two were returned to the factory with MAJOR defects (one of the revolvers shot with the cylinder misaligned allowing the bullet to strike the forcing cone!) . This company needs to either be overhauled and shut down. They don’t have QC at their plant and it shows.

    On a lighter note, they can now charge extra for the “Shake-trigger” feature.

  • hami

    Sigourney weaver should have thrown this handgun down the stairs in True Lies

    • Mystick

      You mean Jamie Lee Curtis?

      • hami

        I need to brush up on my True Lies, apparently

        • wunskroolooz


  • Baendu

    I owned a pt92, after a couple thousand rounds the locking wedge pin turned upside down and seized the whole gun. I had to beat the slide off using a dead blow and wooden dowel. Taurus told me they would replace the barrel/wedge assembly but it would take a couple months because barrels were on back order. I mailed in my barrel assembly and havnt heard from them since. That was a year and a half ago. Last time I tried to call the phone line was disconnected (I have since heard from others that the phones are working again but I havnt tried to call). I gave up on Taurus bought a berrata barrel assembly that worked great and sold the pistol. My good friend bought a new Taurus 1911 that did not include a rear sight. Customer service promptly and nicely sent him a replacment sight for some other gun. It didn’t fit in the dovetail. Not even close. I will never buy a Taurus again and recommend to anyone thinking of one to reconsider. Cheap is cheap sometimes.

  • john

    on the plus side, this gun has no limp wrist issues

  • dp

    Luckily Taurus is not the only pistol maker in Brazil – Imbel makes 1911 pattern guns too. But, seeing this helps with understanding how CZUB managed to place themselves in that country, including production shop. Taurus needs sabbatical, badly.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      Excellent assessment, dp — thanks!

  • Sulaco

    I wonder why if it does this so easy why did it not fire when the slide is dropped on a live round in the chamber?

    • JoelM

      The striker safety holds the striker from dropping till the slide is in battery. Once it’s in battery though, shaking it seems to walk the sear off the striker. What causes that is hard to say without looking at that exact gun.

  • Zapp Brannigan

    It’s not a flaw, it’s a feature.

    My only experience with a Taurus was about twenty years ago. I own a Beretta 92F and was at the range with it when a person who owned a Taurus knockoff of that pistol was there nearby. He noticed I could get a fair amount of my rounds in the black so he asked me to try to do the same with his Taurus as he was having trouble shooting it with any accuracy. I couldn’t do any better than he could with it; it was hitting everywhere but where it was pointed. At least that pistol didn’t fire at random times.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    Taurus firearms seem to offer mixed results, depending on the model, the year of manufacture and sometimes even individual batches from the same production run. Some work very well and are of a high quality, while others barely scrape by. As with any firearm manufacturer, it behooves the end user to know his / her firearms, and to do some research before trying and buying.

    The QA / QC issue is a real pity, because many of the designs are clearly sound and the potential for consistently good quality is there. Taurus really needs to get its collective act together to turn its products into what they should be and not keep focusing on the bottom line alone ( $ ). Until then, this ridiculous hit-and-miss charade ( no pun intended ) will probably continue to plague users to no end. Taurus must be made to understand in no uncertain terms that this state of affairs is unacceptable, plain and simple.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    Steve, thanks very much for this follow-up to the original article — it is good to be able to track and assess an issue over time rather than simply reading about it one day and not ever seeing any additional information on the subject later.

    Please keep track, if you will, of this issue, as you have diligently done so with others. It will be interesting to see the final outcome ( hopefully something positive for manufacturer, distributor and end user alike ).

    The hard work and long hours that you , Phil, Richard, Nicholas, et al ( you know who you are, sincerest apologies for having left any names out ), put in to make TFB what it is deserve the full support of the readership of this web site. It is very much appreciated, to say the least.

  • justme

    I owned a Taurus PT945 way back when. It was my first pistol and it was actually not too bad. I still sold it and have progressed to better manufacturers. Now I see this and have the urge to call my buddy who owns one of these and show him this video. He was having problems with it anyways…geez time to get rid of the thing.

  • strongarm

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    • kimbiwa

      I have no earthly idea what you just said, but it sounds great, so I give it a thumbs up!:-)

      • Yellow Devil

        Basically manufacturers need to spend more time putting out better quality products.

  • Al

    That’s simply the most awesome pistol evar! Shake fire even on safe! Please take my money Taurus!

    • gunslinger

      tactical feature!

    • Ripley

      Could’ve been the prototype in this scene from the movie Kopps (at 1:05)

  • schizuki

    Life is too short to buy Taurus products. And apt to be shorter if you do.

  • Victor

    Taurus Brazil is known to be a supplier of shitty firearms, no Quality Assurance at all.

  • R

    It seems like this could make running and jumping with a holstered pistol pretty sporting.

  • HKGuns

    Well, it is a 24/7….I suppose that means it will fire 24/7 and under ANY conditions.

  • Ripley

    So, anyway, why doesn’t it cycle correctly every time?

  • Vaughan

    This is a very strange situation indeed. I have had only very good experience with Taurus firearms.

  • Will

    Buy Glocks.
    Problem solved.

  • Leigh Rich

    Old news..

  • Leigh Rich

    O bama should give they some money..

    • WaltherJJR

      Are you THAT stupid….

      • Leigh Rich

        WALT I know you are but what am I.

  • WaltherJJR

    One of the most corrupt nations on Earth produces a gun and it doesn’t work properly. Why are we shocked?

  • G-Dog

    Unfortunate situation. I’ve owned 2 Taurus products over the years. A model 85 and PT145. Never had a problem with either. Well, the trigger assembly pin started backing out of the PT145 after about 75 rounds. But, I backed it the test of the way out, added a little Loctite and haven’t had a problem since.

  • JoelM

    Brazil is just trying to one-up our bump firing trend with this shake firing stuff.