GWACS Armory CAV-15 MKII Abuse Test

In this video the guys at SinistralRifleman subject an AR-15 with a GWACS Armory CAV-15 polymer lower to a number of abuse tests, including breaking 2×1 lumber, driving a truck over it and even shooting it (as in shooting a bullet into the lower). The lower continued to function despite the abuse.

Steve Johnson

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  • Seth Hill

    I wanted to buy a couple of these after CAV Arms had halted production and they were being clearanced by a dealer on the web. I am still thinking about getting one. Would love to do the match if they were closer to me.

    • Russell Phagan

      The receivers are now in production by GWACS Armory and available for sale.

  • sdelcegno

    I have a couple. Fit an finish is a bit rough but they work fine. Mine dont like 22lr uppers though.

    • Russell Phagan

      Try a lighter hammer spring. I’ve used mine with Tac Sol .22 uppers and CMMG uppers extensively.

      TACCOM has also used their .22 uppers with CAV-15 MKIIs

      • sdelcegno

        I get failures to feed. Haven’t really attempted to fix it yet to be honest. I don’t think failure to feed would be a hammer spring issue? It might just be my upper have to test it on my other lowers.

        • Russell Phagan

          The little bolt in a .22 cycles with much less force than a .223 bolt group. It can encounter too much resistance on a hammer spring that can cause issues. Try a JP reduced power hammer spring, this often solves this issue. If that doesnt help it could simply be a timing issue with your magazines and bolt cycling in sync.

          • sdelcegno

            Thank you I will give it a shot.

  • Gary from Michigan

    I have three different colors of the original Cav 15 lowers. They make a very nice lightweight rifle/carbine.

  • chen

    Looks more like subjected to idiocy.