New Safariland GLS (Grip Locking System) Concealment Holsters

Safariland has released their latest locking system, the GLS (Grip Locking System). The GLS was specifically designed to provide locking in a system that can be used for deep concealment.

Safariland describes the system and draw:

Similar to the proven ALS® design, the GLS automatically locks the weapon in place once holstered. When drawing with a proper shooting grip, the middle finger is placed in the exact location of the locking mechanism, allowing it to sweep over the GLS releasing the firearm with a simple, straight-up draw out of the holster. GLS models also feature low-cut sides, aiding in concealment, speed and re-holstering.

The GLS system will be available in paddle/belt/loop comgination (model 5378) and as an belt clip (5379). For those with existing Safariland holsters, the QLS models are compatible with previous 3-hole mounting platforms.



The GLS will originally be launched in 7 fits for common pistols:  Glock 17/22, 19/23, 26/27, Smith & Wesson M&P 9/.40, M&P 9/40C, M&P SHIELD, and the Springfield XD-S.

MSRP will be between $46.50 and $53.00. An inside the waistband model will be released later this year.

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • matthew_carberry

    Nathan, How far off the belt does it stand?

    • The original releases are meant to have no offset or drop.

      But, they are compatible with all other Safariland adapters, so you can customize anyway you like it.

  • david

    Looks like that if the bad guy gets a grip on the gun, whether from the front or rear, he can release it also

    • Nicks87

      This is a concealment holster not a duty holster. The retention device is mainly so the gun doesnt fall out of the holster. Safariland also makes some great duty holsters that are more better suited for retention. Like the ALS holster, which is what I use at work (model 6390). It has an internal device that locks into the ejection port and is released by a thumb lever.

      • PARAMEDIC70002

        Unless you carry a Taurus or some other brand deemed unworthy of a good factory locking holster. Taurus may not be “cool” but there are a lot of folks out there who own and carry them. My 3rd Generation PT145 has never let me down.

      • David

        So the holster is so poorly made that it can’t retain the gun that is was designed for? Is that what YOU are saying?

        • Nicks87

          Obviously the holster is made to retain the weapon but it only has ONE retention device, like most CONCEALMENT holsters. Some concealment holsters have ZERO retention devices other than the holster itself. The reason they have less retention ability is because they are meant to be concealed. DUTY holsters have two or three retention devices. They are NOT meant to be concealed hence the additional levels(devices) of retention. These are mainly used by on-duty police officers where the risk of having their weapon taken from them is much higher. I’m not sure where you got that the holster was poorly designed (ignorance?) it looks like it will work just fine for its intended purpose. If you are worried about “bad guys” removing the weapon from its holster then you need a holster with a higher level of retention. I’m not sure how to make this anymore clear.

  • MattInTheCouv

    I carry my m&p compact often, and most often in a serpa. the only negative thing i have to say about the serpa is that it sticks out. the way it mounts to the paddle makes it that way. i’m excited about the prospect of having a lower profile holster for my carry gun. the possible negatives as i see them are:

    -serpa seems more instinctual (at 22 seconds, when he first draws, he misdraws 1st attempt)
    -i own a DeSantis chek-mate with a thumb release, and i don’t like it at all, so i don’t know how i feel about the middle finger release (love DeSantis in general, though)

    -the serpa works with my full size and my compact m&p, the GLS doesn’t seem like it would (without either hacksawing an opening for the full size on the compact, or having an inch of wasted space and material if i put the compact in the full size holster)

    as a possible upside, the most common problem i have with my draw under pressure (USPSA competition) is that i grip the grip lower than i should, having to apply that pressure upward or forward, depending on your perspective, may help me achieve a better grip upon drawing.

    i checked for reviews online, and there weren’t many. i think i’ll pick one up, and maybe post back with my thoughts.

    • Please do. We would be happy to have a guest review.

    • Marmatt

      At 00:22 the slide is locked back when he first draws the weapon. I believe it catches on the open space of the ejection port.