BREAKING: Russian Ammunition Being Held Up In Port (Update)

UPDATED at 9:25 PM eastern time.This is a fluid ongoing situation. This is what we have been told so far …

Phil White is in Florida attending the Big3 industry shoot. Wolf is one of the main sponsors and the provider of all ammunition used at the event.

Yesterday Phil spoke to a ammunition representatives. They told us that the Ukrainian situation would probably not affect ammunition supply.

The situation suddenly changed this morning. An industry spokesman informed Big3 organizers that shipments of ammunition from Russia are on hold.

Ships carrying ammunition from a Russian port (we don’t know which port, but I assume it is Novorossiysk) should have arrived in a Crimean port to pick up additional ammunition from Ukraine before sailing West. These ships have not arrived in the Crimea or the United States. It is not known why they have not arrived (or if they have arrived, why they are not reporting in). The lines of normal communication with the shipping companies have either chosen not to cooperate or provide information as to the status of the shipments.

According to spokesperson from the ammunition industry, Putin may be responding to threats of sanctions from the European Union and the Obama Administration by holding ammunition shipments. Russia considers their need for ammunition to be greater than Russian ammunition makers need to earn export dollars. This may be an accurate assessment, or it may be incorrect. Right now nobody knows for sure what is going on.

We have also been told by industry insiders that Ukraine factories are not shipping ammunition either. Likely because the Ukrainian Military is also stockpiling in advance of a potential conflict.

A few days ago a TFB representative spoke to Tula (one of Wolf’s Russian competitors). They told us supply would not be a problem even without Ukrainian factories, but the political situation was what they feared most. I was planning on reporting this on TFB today. Turns out their fears may have been justified.

We will endeavor to keep you up to date as the situation continues to develop. I want to stress that this is a very fluid situation. It may change at any moment.Only time will eventually answer our questions.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Ken

    And the panic buying starts.

    • I hope not because right now we simply don’t have all the answers to what’s going on. Just the changes in the last 24 hours surprised me a great deal.
      The ships may turn up and may not.

      • Ross

        Maybe the plane will too…

      • Guest

        update plz

    • Anonymoose

      Heh. I had already stocked up on 54R before the riots even started.

    • Gwolf

      I bought some up when the Ukraine situation first started to flare up. Feels great knowing I have cases of cheap Ukrainian and Russian x39 and 54R to churn through. Then when it’s gone, I’ll cry a little.

      I’m gloating a bit, and I’m a dick for it, yes thanks, but I did the same thing the day after I heard about Sandy Hook, I loaded up on .22 and 5.56.

      I like to go shooting a lot and I buy bulk to save when I can. I realize that dome will say I’m part of the “problem” and drying up supply for everyone else or causing prices to rise.

      To that I say, ehh, this is capitalism. You snooze you lose. All markets are based on speculation. If you have information at your fingertips that causes you to believe that something might effect a market for a product you want, act on it before someone else does. Then salt your feast of victory with the tears of the haters.

      Or something like that.

      • Ken

        So did I, but I sold all of my 7.62×39 along with my SKS during the panic and the majority of my 7.62x54R. I got $410 for my SKS and $0.45 a round for my 7.62×39. My only regret is that I didn’t get more, haha.

      • Cameraman

        I missed the Curve at the Sandy Hoax FF and I learned my lesson, as soon as I realized that there was Trouble Brewing in the Ukraine, I got on Line and Ordered what I could Afford, My brother Ordered all his Preps, two days after SH and got everything in 7 days…Stay Frosty….

        • Caribou “PAYCUT” Barbie™

          I kind of doubt that.
          You are a traitor to your own country.

          • Chrome Dragon

            Strictly speaking, he just deprived the Russian army of ammunition at what, in hindsight, was a sub-market price – I’m not sure this is as bad as you think it is.

    • gunslinger

      wait. you mean it stopped?

  • Zugunder

    There we go…

  • Quach

    Like I thought along with what Yeager said, ammo was gonna be at least slowed down coming up, if not stopped.

    • Except when he posted nothing had happened yet.
      It’s just one of those use your head before you spend the house payment on ammo and keep track of the news.
      We intend to keep track of the situation and report the good and bad. Hopefully good news.

  • Aaron E

    I had to figure there would at least be a slow down. Russia is rattling sabers and though a shooting war would likely not last too long you dont want any shortages. And Putin definitely wants to stick it to Obama as much as he can

    • My opinion is this is a sort of subtle way to show Obama we need them more than they need us. Just speculation but it makes sense to me.

      • Stephen

        I see what you are saying. But on the other hand, and given Obama’s eager desire to hinder firearm enthusiasts (ie, 2nd amendment advocates) it seems like this is sort of a bonus. Less ammo availability is a good thing in O’s view, I assume.

        • DougE

          It is a bonus on the part that Obama can stick it to us, but ammo sales are a source of taxations and jobs. Even though the foreign manufacturers probably make the most money in the deal, there’s still plenty of money flowing domestically that bolsters the economy. Politicians can ignore and alienate the gun industry all they want, but when it comes down to it, they need gun culture. Otherwise they are going to have to explain why they can’t only “create” jobs, but why they’ve CUT jobs because of political BS.

        • tts

          Except he hasn’t actually tried to do all that much to hinder firearm enthusiasts. What little he did try to do was elicited by public shooting incidents a while back and the laws he wanted passed never made it through Congress.

          Nearly all if not all the claims of the conspiracy theorists/fear mongers have proven to be false on this issue for YEARS (remember, they’ve been circulating the “Obama wants your guns/ammo” rumors since late 2007). Anyone or group that has been that wrong consistently isn’t worth listening to. Especially when you consider the effect all the fear mongering has had on gun/ammo pricing.

          I have no proof but I’m personally half convinced the people who keep spreading the fear mongering are paid shills at this point. Nothing else makes sense at this point.

          • hydepark

            Is this guy serious? Yeah because the executive orders last year to halt the importation of surplus M1 Garands, 1903 Springfields, and M1 Carbines just happened in a bad dream I had one night. Oh and going after NFA Trusts. And that’s just a fraction of what he’s officially done. If you’re foolish enough to believe that he hasn’t tried to do much, much more on the sideline then you should probably find another amendment and blog to devote your time to.

            I’m new here so can someone tell me if this guy is really this stupid or is this a rare exception?

            And prices of everything go up and down. I can go to my local FFL and buy all kinds of lowers, uppers, parts, ammo etc. at “almost” back to normal prices.

          • tts

            Those are pretty minor hinderances to say the least. At best irritations that don’t even come close in effect to Clinton’s anti ‘assault weapon’ laws or Regan’s closing of the full auto gun registry.

            Both of which were also ‘security theater’ laws/actions passed for mostly political purposes which did little to nothing to protect the public. They also had less vitriolic comments (though Clinton’s law came close IIRC) directed at them than Obama’s, quite limp and mostly political in comparison, anti gun actions have drawn so far.

            I guess what I’m trying to get at is: stop making mountains out of molehills and keep the unsubtle insults to yourself. You’re not helping anyone much less yourself with that sort of posting.

            Also good on you if you can get parts/guns/ammo for cheap or affordable prices where you’re at RIGHT NOW, but the rest of us are still feeling the effects of the ‘Obama scare of 2012’ parts/guns/ammo prices. We still also remember the ‘Obama scare of 2008’. Plus the near constant environment of fear maintained by a never ending stream of rumors from who knows where about gun/ammo seizure.

            The situation became ridiculous long ago and I, and many others, are fed up with this baseless scare mongering.

          • hydepark

            There you have it folks. Everyone return to your home and forget about that rifle / pistol / parts / ammo / magazine purchase you were going to make because all of that will be available to infinity and beyond at reasonable prices everywhere across the country.

            I guess people like me living in Colorado shouldn’t have bought / had no need to buy standard capacity magazines before they were banned (yeah I realize everything was grandfathered before the law’s effective date). Also, I guess everyone in my state should have waited to gift guns to their families and friends too? And all of those people in Connecticut who are now felons I’m sure would be at ease if only they could read your reassuring muses.

            I turned 18 in 2006 and didn’t even know what the AWB was until I began getting into firearms with seriousness, so while those comments of yours may be true, I keep getting the feeling you’re just saying everyone relax, this isn’t so bad, everything is over-hyped. That type of sentiment is nearly as dangerous to me as the daily occurrences of attempted and successful encroachments that I’ve listed above.

            Canadians would most likely also disagree with you about seizure. Just look at the changes that happened to their registry last week.

            With everything that’s happened since 1994 it’s pretty shocking to see that some people have so easily lulled themselves into wishful thinking.

          • tts

            Beating on strawmen also isn’t helpful or interesting.

            Blame + vote out the respective state legislators for in state stupid anti gun laws instead of vague ‘THX OBAMA’ + ‘CANADAINS’ scare mongering. To do otherwise is to distract the conversation from very real issues.

            A lot has happened since 94′, both good and bad, the AWB did sunset after all. This doesn’t mean its all comin’ up roses for gun ownership but going full doomer ‘MAH GUNZ OOOOBAMA’ at this point is…silly too.

          • Random Person

            Just shut the hell up, you bootlicking toad.

          • Yellow Devil

            I know this is “nonpolitical” site, but unfortunately politics nowadays has permeated every facet of our society. Obama realized that he still needed support from Democrats who came in during the 2008 elections (some of them “blue dog”, others not) who were more supportive of 2A than their more liberal counterparts, and decided them losing their seats was not worth the political cost of pushing for more gun control after the bill’s defeat in the Senate. Unlike the 80’s and 90’s, the 2A crowd is more informative, more politically connected and thus more wary of government intrusion into anything restricting personal gun ownership, which is why there was much more counterpunch to the calls for restrictions by the politicians after Sandy Hook. However, it doesn’t bode well when the president continually says he will use executive action on anything that doesn’t pass Congress. And given the president’s pass statements and disdain for the 2A (Which I believe advocate John Lott chronicles in his book based on his conversations meeting with Obama from his time as a “professor”), I won’t give the president the benefit of the doubt any further. Scare mongering? Maybe, but far from being baseless.

          • Diamondback

            Yup. all the stuff going on in Connecticut and soon in Maryland, NY and NJ is just rumors and they haven’t passed unconstitutional laws which they’re now threatening to enforce with force.

            Sooooooooo ridiculous.

          • Random Person

            Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

            Most of us didn’t have our heads jammed up our asses when Obama was stonewalling investigation of Fast and Furious, trying to twist Senators’ arms into passing a new Assault Weapons ban and set up a national universal background check system.

            You sound like either a piece of shit liberal Democrat still trying to sell us the “Obama respects the Second Amendment” nonsense that he pitched in 2008 and 2012, or a “beaten-spouse” apologist for abuse: “Sure he threw me down the stairs last night, but he really loves me.”

          • Cameraman

            Well said…This tts does not Understand or he”s a Shill for the POS Prez…Since 08, the Second Ad has been attacked 24/7 by Democrats at the Fed level and all the Liberal States, have gone whole Hog on Bans and Restrictions, the Gun Community is awake and on Guard, there is Nothing these Traitors will not do to stop Partriots from getting Prepped…Obama and the Democrats are trying to disarm us and its Not working, That”s why the Fed Gov and all the ABC agents are Arming up. and buying all the Ammo, they are the Brown God”s Army..get real tts….

      • tts

        I doubt the President cares about a possible ammo shortage, certainly not enough to change a foreign political stance, so if that is Putin’s goal then he isn’t too smart.

        Anything less than cutting oil/gas supplies to EU will probably only be regarded as saber rattling which just earns the diplomatic equivalent of an eye roll these days.

    • Cymond

      “And Putin definitely wants to stick it to Obama as much as he can”
      I don’t see how restricting civilian ammunition hurts the government. It’s not like the US military is using Wolf ammo.

  • Mystick

    “Rumor”, huh?

    • At that time, as I said, it was a rumor or unfounded speculation whatever you want to call it. The facts and actual events have happened over the past 36 hours.

      • Gwolf

        Don’t sweat it. You have to report the facts as you find them at the time. We appreciate the updates. Things change. Sometimes fast.

      • panopticonisi

        please update this article. it’s been two weeks.

  • The Hun

    I said it here last night- all it takes is the stroke of BroncO Bama’s pen to shut it all down

    • Cymond

      Please explain how an American politician has anything to do with a Russian shipment failing to reach a Crimean port. No, I take it back, please don’t. Go post it somewhere else. Our slogan is “Firearms not Politics”.

      • Cameraman

        Well my slogan is ..Without Ammo you have a very expensive Club….

        • Cymond

          I agree that guns are useless without ammo, but I was refuting “The Hun’s” implication that Obama is responsible for a problem between Russia and Crimea. If he is then it’s purely through some kind of secret, unofficial dealing. Either way, it probably doesn’t belong on TFB. This is the place where I come to enjoy reading about firearms without hearing ranting arguments about “BroncO Bama” or “Obummer” or any other ‘clever’ slur of the week. Others may disagree, but I suspect that political rhetoric commentary from “The Hun” is generally not welcome here. If I want to read about the latest gun control crisis or political outrage, there are hundreds of blogs about those subjects. TFB is the only politics-free zone I know of.

  • Lance

    This si more to do with Crimean ports being closed to military occupation not Obama for now banning sale of Russian ammo. Think its not a permanent ban for now. Just a delay.

  • tnt88

    Great just Great! we need ammo also dang’git lol!! lol how much do you all think it would cost to start our own wolf or tula factory? 20 million? and yes i know last lead plant closed down (major bummer)!

  • PatrickHenry1789

    I’m sure Dear Leader is going to be all tore up about this. He probably won’t sleep tonight because of it.

  • Pete Sheppard

    All this really stings those of us who are financially limited and can ONLY buy a box of ammo here and there…The ‘upside’ is that we can’t just hose ammo off in lotsashots games, but have to take time to make each shot COUNT!

  • n0truscotsman

    A punishment for marking your walmart (0700 in the morning wait line or camping) ammo up 50% on the local ads should be caning at the bottoms of the feet.

  • shotz90s

    Off to buy 200 boxes on the way home.

  • Yellow Devil

    That’s why we have to send troops in now! Screw democracy, liberate the ammunition! Vive la munitions!

    • guest

      Yeah, you’ll get munitions then all right. Thermonuclear munitions.

  • Tom

    Its not anything Putin or Obama have directly said so much as the uncertainty about what they might do in the way of a trade war that is causing the problems. The owners/P&I club will want to wait and see what happens rather than take a risk berthing in a potential hostile port or traveling across the Atlantic with a cargo that could potentially be banned once they reach the US (assuming this is a charter vessel/tramp steamer). Even if a regular liner service having several containers of banned ammo on board could cause an issue or two.

    Of course it might be nothing more than a delay cause by anyone of a hundred mundane things such as bad weather, labour shortages or technical issues which might involve a delay whilst the ship awaits repairs or replacement parts. Of course if this were the case the carrier would issue some sort of statement. But who is to say they have not and its been lost in translation or that someone isnt trying to encourage a little panic buying.

  • Lone Eagle

    For those with short memories, Clinton axed the cheap Chicom imports in 1994. One stroke of a pen, and no more $79/1K Chinese ammo for our Norincos. I still remember buying a 5K “pallet”(5 boxes strapped to a small pallet) for $150 shipped.

    Even if Russia axes their exports, many other nations still produce/use the x39 round. The latest is Red Army Standard, imported by Century from Romania. Fiochhi comes from Hungary. Sellier&Bellot is from the Czech Republic. Arsenal is from Bulgaria. Hornady gets it’s steel cases from whoever is cheapest. Federal is currently experimenting with making steel cases(could be a rumor, but all over the gun forums for about a year now). Yes, price may go to that of the notorious 5.56/.223 rounds, but domestic manufacturers know we are out here. Personally, I just buy range brass and roll my own. 🙂

  • J.T.

    Any updates?

  • buzzman1

    The Ukrainians have billions of rounds of ammo from the soviet days but questionable as to where its useable because of poor storage. The soviets used to store ammo by stacking it on the ground uncovered because they couldnt build ammo bunkers as fast as it was being delivovered. So I can see why they want new fresh ammo.

  • Jamie Clemons

    They should still be able to get ammo from other eastern European countries.

  • walter12

    Well there is it goes again. Typical, there are always side effects and undesired consequences. Except in this case, the American Communists and the Obama scum love this situation.

  • Leigh Rich

    If you were stupid enough to not buy ammo when you can find it you deserve paying higher prices. LOL

  • panopticonisi

    update update update.