No More Ammunition From Russia? —A Hoax Gone Wild

Earlier we posted about the rumor of ammunition supplies from Russia drying up and there would be no more.

During our event today we had representatives from Wolf ammo present. Of course this was our first question. The short and sweet answer is no this won’t happen and it was simply a rumor started on the Internet. Wolf is still able to order a shipping container of ammunition from Russia without any difficulty at all.


The representatives also stated that even if it were true the supplies of the same ammunition from countries eastern European countries would more than makeup for any shortfall.There are just to many other former Soviet plants in these other countries to make it a non-issue if it did happen sometime in the future.

So readers it’s just another rumor than gained traction. There’s no need to run out and stock up on any Russian ammunition and those are the facts straight from the source.

Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • hydepark

    I’m still curious about the export of arms, however. It’s just a simple fact that the most affordable, decent quality AK variants are still the Saiga’s that can be customized to no end. I am under the assumption that these all come from Russia still. The Bulgarians and Veprs, which I believe are the best new-manufacture AK’s, are two to three times the price of Saigas. Is there any chance these will dry up?

    • None whatsoever. That came up also. We had about the best man on the planet for AK’s and that’s Mark Krebs. We asked and honestly he thought it was kinda funny. He’s still able to get most anything he wants.

      In fact he’s sending me a customized izhmash AK for review. From all the AK folks here that build,buy AK’s and they all say no not the least bit worried about it I have conclude it’s nothing to be concerned about.

      • javierjuanmanuel

        I knew it was fake based on numbers from the russian armories. We are something like 3/4 of their sales. They will fold the armories with out american, and then the rest is also mostly western civilian customers.

  • Foghorn_leghorn

    lol, wish I knew this before I panic-bought 2k rds of 223 and 3 tins of x54R.

    • Argh–yea that’s how people end up spending money they really didn’t want to. At least you have plenty of ammo now.

    • Maximus

      Oh, don’t fret. Just go shoot’n more! problem solved, no need to thank me.

    • pshhhhhh

      maybe you shouldnt panic buy like the rest of them and this wouldnt be a problem…..

  • FourString

    Why is it that a lot of American shooters are paranoid about this ammo thing, causing shortages themselves. Lol they don’t have this problem in Canada -.-

    • Eric S

      Does it require a license to buy ammo in the great northern wastes? Cause I may have to make a trip up to Vancouver.

      • JT

        Where the heck do you need a license to buy Ammo? I had thought maybe IL and MA. Other places it’s only for Pistol Ammo, but not acquainted with those outside of NY.

        • Callum King-Underwood

          probably wasnt your point but you must present your firearms certificates when purchasing ammo in the UK

        • Eric S

          I believe CT and CA were working on ammo licenses, and I know Canada requires a variety of firearm licenses, so it would make sense they would require proof of some sort in my mind.

      • Dave

        Yes, license required.

    • Larry

      Because here the government always comes up with a new regulation that cause the price to go up, like no lead, no surplus and soon tax on every round. If you want to keep 50 or 100 rounds of ammo that’s your choice.

  • The Hun

    All it takes is one stroke of BroncO Bama’a poison pen- Slik Willie did it with a ban on Chinese ammo because of “human rights violations”- which is ironic given that he authorized the Waco massacre.

  • Blake

    Thanks for setting the record straight by going directly to the source!

  • Bruce

    I wonder what it’s like to live in a country where there is enough manufacturing capacity to meet demand?

    • Eric S

      Probably like living in a country that restricts access to the general populace so demand is easy to meet.

  • Harrison Jones

    Tell them to import more I want to see sub $230 shipped cases of 223!

  • David

    It’s not all gullibility. The SGAmmo flyer dated March 11, 2014 was FULL of “Made in Ukraine” next to a bunch of their offerings, all complete with purchase limits.

    Coincidence? I think not.

    This is a phony, made up, fabricated shortage based on an internet meme that looks to have started with sipseystreetirregulars, then was amplified by Mr. Yeager on youtube.

    Some of our own are doing this to us. We have some in our vendor community, some in the distributor community who fall into various levels of sellers.

    1) honest brokers who want/need to make a profit.
    2) profiteers who see opportunities like this one in the news and just roll with it. They’re not starting the chaos, but they are ready to capitalize.
    3) Speculators. These sellers don’t wait for the situation, they will actually start or foment the internet meme, simultaneously jacking up prices. You may have heard a “hard sell” making a phone order, or read a red & bold text warning on their website with a dire caution like “no more imports of this…”
    4) price gougers. These vendors not only exhibit profiteer & speculator behavior, when caught flat footed, they cancel orders on in stock items, and sell them a few days later at a grossly inflated price – remember the $120 AR15 magazines?

    I don’t begrudge a business their honest profits, but when they outright lie to me in order to separate me from my money, or exploit some tragedy or political situation to enhance their profits, I shun them.

    We need to be smarter consumers as a community.

    • ColaBox

      Remember when Cheaper Than Dirt sold (I shit you not) a 30rd STANAG for $1000?
      Immediately they lost my business.
      Same kind of thing happened at a local shop in my town, went in to look for some ammo because Dicks was fresh out, the owner tried to sell me a 20rd box of TULA for $25.00. This was pre-sandy hook. Never went back.

      • javierjuanmanuel

        Apple makes almost $2,000 per day per employee in net profit. Does that bother you? They average 400k per year per employee in net profit.

        So dont buy it. Its not like they told you $50 then charged you $1000.

        • tts

          Everyone was overcharging, just because they could.

          When stuff that was once cheap is suddenly too expensive for artificial reasons then that is a pretty good reason to get PO’d.

      • Lee

        Dick’s is no better than Cheaper than Dirt they pulled the same crap and also screwed allot of people on Colt AR 15 orders right after Sandy Hook.
        And its not the first time for them to pull that crap either i will never spend a dime at either store.

    • javierjuanmanuel

      If demand fluctuates radically, expect prices to mirror that. If houses were selling in your neighborhood in 2 days for over asking price, and it was triple what people paid a few years earlier, would you sell for the price you paid for the home?

      What about your collector car?

      How about you pic a tech stock that goes up 100 times in 2 years?

      Do not expect more from a gun shop. They do not owe you, unless you already paid and just have not picked it up.

      There is no such thing as gouging. Any company has the legal responsibility to increase shareholder value. We can discuss this more if you want, but you are not just wrong because you would not do it yourself, you are asking any company with shareholder to break the law.

      Wise up!

      • David

        Absolutely they don’t owe me or anyone else, generally. However there are several states that make gouging a crime, generally applying to supplies necessary in the wake of a disaster, such as a hurricane.

        That’s an extreme example and not applicable here, but you can search for yourself on the internet, or by phone – ammo supply is still flowing. These made up runs on the market don’t just hurt the wallet of the hoarders, it dries up supply for all us.

        I have not seen publicly traded companies exhibit this type of behavior, so what shareholder duty does say, CTD or SG ammo have and what law would they be breaking by hypothetically not trying to mislead consumers on where a commodity originated from, how much supply might be coming, or might not, imposing purchase limits & charging more ?

        You suggest wising up. Do you disagree with my shunning businesses who are at best being misleading in their advertising, but more accurately are being untruthful? Or my suggesting that as a community we need to be better consumers?

      • tts

        Actually there is and there are laws against it in most states (37 IIRC) though I don’t know if they’d apply here since IANAL.

  • David

    here’s a link – look at all the occurrences of “Ukraine”×39

  • dp

    My take? Do not give to it; it’s probably just smoke screen. Business is important for both (or more) sides and will continue.

  • ProdigalSon

    Honestly, I don’t see why Russia even would try to cut off ammo or AK sales. Putin may be something of a power-hungry prick, but he’s also smart enough to know that the US military isn’t going to use his exports; the only people in the US buying Russian arms and ammo is the citizenry, and that’s not likely to concern him. If anything, he might increase exports just for kicks to piss off our current administration.

    • Phil Hsueh

      I don’t think it would be so much a matter of Russia wanting/willing to export ammo as much as it would be an import issue as in the US putting a ban on importing Russian made goods into the US.

      • JamesG3

        Right. And that’s why I don’t think this should have been classified “rumor” so much as “legitimate concern that may not pan out”. Were the west to slap embargoes on Russia, this would be one of the ripple effects. So, not so much rumor or panic in this case as it was speculation of the possible.

        • javierjuanmanuel

          splitting hairs. To be a rumor is not a fact. It just means a few people in DC and a few people in import export see it could happen.

          It very well could happen. Putin is crazy, It will not really effect him. I have seen reports lately on Putins lifestyle. He has dozens of houses, dozens of yatchs, want to guess the total expenditure on his lifestyle in 1 year? Its in the tens of billions, maybe as much as 20 billion bucks per year.

          As a reference point broke ass north korea, kim jong ill managed to spend 700 million on himself according to the UN.

          He will do what ever he wants. It is not likely, but it is not crazy that he will do anything. He has FU money, and total control of everything.

          Lastly headlines are to get you to read, they are not to play down the story, so that when you read the story, it is less then satisfying at the end.

  • Viro

    Thankfully, with all of the panic buying that happened in 2013, most of us already have our caches fully stockpiled.

  • Kevin1911

    A lot of sheeps (who thought they were sheepdogs) got herded.

  • Ken
  • Quach

    Wolf has stated they have concerns and may be experiencing ammo/gun import problems. This information can be checked.

  • floppyscience

    And yet MAC is on Facebook playing a comment made by Wolf (“current shipments from Russia may be delayed for now, we don’t know”) to further stir the pot and make people believe there will be a shortage. He forgot to mention the part about their being a dozen other places Wolf could get their ammo and that the supply to the US wouldn’t be affected. What a jackass.

    • javierjuanmanuel

      Get and delayed are very different things. Stuff gets tied up in russia if you do not grease the right palms. Depending on what port is open, what is blocked, who is saying what etc, you do not take off to the palms are greased. So delayed, that is perfectly reasonable.

      Russia is such a crap hole, it is not unlikely whole shipments just disappear.

  • John Dalton

    I was at the store the other day and a guy bought FIVE BOXES of ammo!!! I heard him talking outside and I swear he sounded RUSSIAN!!! I truly believe that they are now trying to create a shortage by buying OUR ammo and shipping it back to Russia. Then they wait until we order more and say “No comrade, we have no bullets for you” (must be spoken in fiendish Russian accent).

    Am I just being paranoid??

    Or am I being paranoid enough??????

  • pshhhhh

    what? another false alarm, too bad the russians don’t make .22lr for us

  • bigMike

    I watched Cheaper than dirt CHANGE their prices 3 TIMES within 2 hours on December 27th of December 2012 on their ar-15 rifles during this same nonsense they are trying to pull now. I for one will NEVEr shop there ever again for their GOUGING of the people.

    • gunslinger

      did people still buy from CtD? I think they did. so obviouly their market thought the price was fair. Funny how it works.

      gouging is an emotional feeling, not market.

      was CtD right? well they lost you as a customer, so they lost out on that, but i think CtD will still be hanging around for a while.

  • MasterCinder

    This is the democratic/capitalist way. Supply, real or imagined, drives prices. But the whole gun-ammo hysteria is a self inflicted creature, which thanks to our president, has opened a grand opportunity for the greedy.

    Problem is there may well be good reason to stockpile ammo. We are one more Sandy Hook away from some sort of odious response from our “public servants”.

  • BR

    Really? I can’t find 7.62 x 54R anywhere and I was told by cabela’s that it was due to the embargo. They had plenty of 39 in stock, but not so of 54. I think you have this one wrong.