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  • Lance

    Its a awesome AAA weapon and is also a short range SAM as well it supplemented the ZSU-23/4 in Russian service.

  • Aaron E

    I don’t speak Russian, but I think it’s pretty obvious the gunner’s comment was “WTF” after the gun stopped!

    • bbmg

      If it was what Russians usually say in these situations, it was “F*** your mom!”

    • Steve Truffer

      The first thing he said was along the lines of “stop it!” or “kill i t!”, then he said “holy sh*t!”

    • bsnighteye

      I watched the video, he said: “That takes the cake!”…
      In description it was said that automatic system got jammed and AA continued to shoot after locking was off and turret turned away.

      One of comments:
      Early model ZSU-23 cannons (especially ones on Shilkas like this) had overheating problems where, due to the fire rate, the receiver and barrel would get hot enough that the rounds would cook off in the barrel, causing an unstoppable cascading burn of fire. Also could have been failure of the trigger system due to poor maintenance.

      • NikonMikon

        According to my friend Artem who is a Russian fellow, the camera man didn’t say any of the things neither you or Steve said. Artem says in the 2nd video (the youtube one) that what the guy said was pretty much along the lines of: “wow, that is some serious shit!”

        • bsnighteye

          He said: “Вот это да!” expression, that means: “Wow!”, “Sakes alive!” or “That takes the cake!”. With emotional value I took last one.

  • whodywei

    Could it be overheating related ? I remember reading ZSU-23-4 has problem with runaway guns.

    • Jay

      Tunguska has different guns. 30mm not 23mm.

    • dp

      ZSU-23-4 with radar on board is not the same as Tunguska. This was earlier development from 1960s, quite obsolete by today’s standard. However, I spoke with a man who was ex-South-African military pilot. He told me that during operations over Angola they were very concerned with these weapons (manned by Cubans). He confide, that he lost one of his friends to this thing.

  • bbmg

    Lucky no one was hurt. When this happened in South Africa with a similar caliber weapon, 9 people were killed and 14 injured:

    • n0truscotsman

      The oerlikon is one of the finest anti-aircraft artillery systems in the world too. Stuff just happens with a mix of bad luck and unusual circumstances.

      I’m shocked, i mean really shocked, that nobody has been killed by the American York SPAAG with the colorful history that thing has of problems.

  • SP mclaughlin

    Good thing they didn’t roll that particular one into Crimea, otherwise WW3 might be happening right about now.

  • Paul Hacker

    I have a book, “Ploesti Under the Bomb Site’ and the author wrote about his last mission and how the bombers tested their .50 cal guns. One upper turret went haywire and shot up his B-24s outboard engine (he was flying above that upper turret that went full auto and could not stop.)

    It happens!

  • n0truscotsman

    Its a good think the gunner had the sense to elevate the gun before it traversed around.

    It could have been a lot worse.

  • Pete Sheppard

    On another site, the explanation was given that one trigger jammed and the asymmetric recoil caused the turret to slew around.

  • j

    I don’t see the fail.

  • Suburban

    One disaster named after another?