New Cold Steel Rubber Training Pistols

Cold Steel recently debuted their new line of rubber training pistols for 2014. The new Cold Steel training pistols are made out of green Polypropylene, and ultra-durable thermoplastic rubber. They’re stiff enough for practicing drawing from a holster or disarming techniques, yet still soft and safe enough to be used in hand-to-hand striking situations. They retail for $31.99 and are available in three configurations. Their “#17” training pistol is modeled after the popular Glock 17, without any logos or the word Glock anywhere to be found of course. They also have two 1911 training pistols with either the hammer down or cocked. Check out for more info.



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  • BillC

    Doesn’t Glock hold a trademark over the shape? Lawyers are going to be all over this.

    • kosherbacon

      ISSC was forced to change the appearance of their .22lr glock lookalikes. Cold Steel’s best chance would be to argue that they’re not trade competitors, since they’re not functional firearms.

      • BillC

        Yeah, I’m not a lawyer, and I usually don’t pretend to be one. They could be licensing the shape, I dont know though. I’ll keep my speculation, and thus my overt if ignorance, to a minimum.

    • BryanS

      I dont think any of the training replica guns out there are under the scrutiny of trade dress. Mainly because it is an industry that promotes the continued use of the real pistol.

    • xghhgksy

      Nope, no edges – all rounded.

      • gunslinger

        but…the angle.. yeah. Glocks are about the grip angle too!!!

  • Michael


  • RickH

    Everything on the page with the link is currently backordered. Wonder how long that’s been.

  • mechamaster

    …rubber-softgun ?

  • LCON

    Isn’t that a oxymoron, Cold Steel Rubber.